Realistic Ways to Live a Less Hectic Life

Modern society is complex, fast moving, and can add stress to anyone's life. What can you do when the time comes to stop the hectic pace and figure out a better way to live from day-to-day? The good news is that you don't have to sell all your worldly belongings and move to a remote mountain cabin. It's actually possible to stay put while simultaneously making a few adjustments to give yourself breathing room, simplify routines, declutter living space, minimize the amount of technology in your life, take time for rejuvenating meditation, and create a lifestyle that is more enjoyable and peaceful.

Realistic Ways to Live a Less Hectic Life
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Can it really be done? Sure, it can. Many working adults make the change whenever they feel the need, when the nonstop digital age becomes too fast paced and stressful. Here are a few concrete actions you can take to do the same.

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Focus On What You Enjoy

In addition to clutter in attics, basements, and garages, it's possible to have a lot of extra stuff floating around in our brains. The busy, digital, quick paced culture we live in often makes it tough to identify the two or three things we truly enjoy doing. Take time to ponder what you like to do, but try to keep the list short. Eliminate extraneous classes, lessons, and other time eating obligations. Make the weekly schedule less congested by honing in on what brings the most joy to your life.

Step Back, Slow Down, and Plan

A three-day weekend is an ideal time to simply step back from your current to-do lists and come up with a written plan of how to build a simpler way of living. Some people like to make a master plan of day-to-day activities based on work hours, free time, and daily routines. Also consider developing monthly and annual schedules with fixed time slots for basic self-care, vacations, days off, and do-nothing weekends.

Relax Body and Mind Daily

Even if your work schedule is demanding, it's always possible to put a few downtime sessions into the daily routine. Many working adults have luck with a three-break system in which they take 10 or 15 minutes, three times per day, to just sit and close their eyes. You can also use these periods to do a few stretching or yoga exercises, meditate, pray, listen to relaxing music, or just do absolutely nothing but sit and breathe deeply. 

If you do not have much privacy inside your home, then consider ways to create an oasis in your bedroom or bathroom. Even if you share these spaces with a partner, they are arguably less congested than your main living areas and can be easily transformed into spaces that offer the tranquility you need to relax and reset your body and mind.

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