Product Review: Charles Worthington Moisture Seal Shampoo and Conditioner

I color, perm and blow dry my hair often. That’s a lot of damaged done on my hair… Plus I hardly have time to really take good care of my hair. I found a new Shampoo and Conditioner that are suitable for my problematic hair. Have been using it for almost 2 weeks already and its time to share the good news... 

Charles Worthington Moisture Seal Shampoo and Conditioner

Charles Worthington  product was launched in Malaysia last month, only available in Watsons. For details about the launch click HERE

I don’t like my hair to look like this….its ugly. 
Look like lion head. Sad :( 

Dry, brittle, dull and definitely ugly hair

Moisture Seal Shampoo

Thirst-Quencher for my dry and damaged hair
Give dry and dehydrated locks a powerful moisturising hit with Moisture Seal, specially formulated shampoo for dry hair. Part of the Salon Results collection, this unique moisturising shampoo is designed to leave your hair exquisitely nourished from root to tip. The formula contains a special blend of moisturising ingredients, including Argan Oil, to wash away impurities and provide an all over moisture boost at the same time.

Review: This shampoo not much lather and not that soapy but cleanse thoroughly without drying the hair. My hair feels soft, smooth and moisture. I need exquisitely nourish my hair from root to tip. The most important is that no dandruff after using it because I have tried a few types of moisturizing shampoo but they caused dandruff after a while using them. 
Moisture Seal Shampoo Ingredients

Texture: Clear color
Scent: The scent is mild and lasting. Like the fresh, fruity and floral mild scent.
Result: This moisture enhancing shampoo, with a special blend of moisturizing ingredients including Argan Oil, provides and overall moisture boost and helps seal in the moisture longer.
Recommendation: Home care shampoo with good moisturizing result.
Directions: Massage into wet hair, lather and rinse thoroughly to reveal your deeply nourished end result. For optimum results use Moisture Seal Conditioner after shampoo. 
Content: 250ml
Price: RM 29.90
Moisture Seal Conditioner

Hydrate Therapy for my hair
We need to use Conditioner every time after Shampoo. This is Conditioner helps to lock in the moisture and nourish my hair. Result smooth and silky hair. It also untangled my hair. My hair roots not so brittle and dry anymore. This conditioner does not caused oily scalp. Its will not cause greasy or oily. Its nourishing formula with Argan oil and specially blended ingredients, transform brittle and styling damaged hair in one delicious application. Helping to seal in moisture for longer, leaving hair replenished and revitalised.

Moisture Seal Conditioner Ingredients

Texture: Cream off white color
Results: Dry and lacklustre hair is left replenished and revisited with soft, smooth, glossy finish.
Recommendation: Home care conditioner with good moisturizing result. Not greasy.
Need: This moisture enhancing conditioner, with a special blend of moisturizing ingredients including Argan Oil, provides and overall moisture boost and helps seal in the moisture longer whilst infusing hair with all the nourishing nutrients it needs.
Direction: After shampooing, squeeze out excess water before smoothing conditioner liberally through your hair with your finger or comb. Leave it for at least 2 minutes. Rinse thoroughly to reveal deeply nourish end result.
Content: 250ml
Price: RM 29.90
Results Before and After Using 
Charles Worthington Shampoo & Conditioner for 2 weeks

Charles Worthington Moisture Seal Range

Developed and tested by Charles himself, Moisture Seal has been designed to nourish lacklustre, brittle hair and actively seal in moisture. Every product in the Moisture Seal range contains Argan Oil. The allure of this ancient Moroccan oil comes from its high levels of natural antioxidants including vitamin E, which is rich in phenols, carotenes and essential fatty acids. Moisture Seal Shampoo and Conditioner, Mineral Hair Rescue and Hair Healer, form a superior dry hair care range that replenishes and revitalises for an intensive moisturising experience, miraculously injecting hair with a lustrous sheen.


Charles’ Tips: Dry, lacklustre hair requires regular nourishment. For an additional moisture boost, use Mineral Hair Rescue Intensive conditioner once a week alongside with Moisture Seal regime to replenish hair to its full potential.

Want to know more?? Stay tune for more upcoming Charles Worthington products reviews… Mineral Hair Rescue Rejuvenating Masque, Time Defy Style Reviving Mousse, Shine All Over Gloss Spray, Shine Finishing Touch Polish

All Charles Worthington products are available at Watsons

For more information visit Charles Worthington  and Watsons 

An Awakening of Five Senses at Starhill KL


Exclusively at Starhill Gallery. Indulge in a special pampering experience of the 5 senses in collaboration with Asianel Reflexology Spa, BMIC, Nail Salon, Donna Spa, and SRM Mix-toMatch Skincare. Hi join us to celebrate LOHAS or Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability Dates of promotions @ Feast Village for Lohas. bmic Nail Spa Salon will be giving free consultations & who knows, discounts and freebies might be in-store for you. Hope to see you there.

Date : 21st - 22nd May & 28th – 29th May
Time : 12.00noon till 3.00pm & 6.00pm – 9.00pm

On 27th May was a hectic day for me. Its friday you know lah the traffic in KL will kill me plus the heat lately making me lethargic. I had work meeting in Midvalley, bumped into some friends which I didn't see for quite some time on the way out from Midvalley. 

Then drove to KLCC for short events and work meetings again. After all these running around I need to sit down and take a breather, if possible pamper myself for a while. Ok, I decided to go to Starhill, KL for a brief pampering session.

So here we go... I went to bmic Nail Spa Salon for Hand Care Paraffin Treatment. 

This cozy nail spa was located on Pamper floor in Starhill Gallery, KL. Bmic Nail Spa Salon is founded in 2007 by Michelle Hee an experienced well-trained and friendly in beauty industry. It is a one-stop beauty centre that offers a complete services. Their personalized one on one services are delivered to you by our highly qualified & well-trained beauticians, manicurists & hair-stylists who have won over our loyal and prestigious customers to-date. 

Comfortable and Hygiene Pedicure Station 

Hand Care Paraffin Treatment Wax 
test first before you dip in.. it is hot  

Wait for 30mins... 
Managed to chat with Michelle Hee, the founder of bmic Nail Spa Salon
Plus also short time for me to relax and enjoy my cup of coffee while watching CNN news 

Time to remove the wax
Tada! Its done and my hand feels moist and baby skin
no more dry cuticles

bmic Nail Spa Salon
S18, Pamper Floor Starhill Gallery Shopping Centre
181 Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel : (603) 2148 1818
Fax : (603) 2141 0188
Email :

For more information about bmic Nail Spa Salon please visit their Facebook & Website 

1st Avenue at Berjaya Times Square

1st Avenue
The Big Apple Splendour...

1st Avenue launched on Tuesday, 10 May 2011 at Berjaya Times Square 1st Floor East. Highlight of the event will be a fashion show peppered with pleasant surprises and celebrity appearances for its guest. 

Be inspired. Be bold. 
1st Avenue – your door to the latest in fashion and so much more, under one roof

Kuala Lumpur new shopping district appx. 25,000 sq ft in Berjaya Times Square at its very own 1st Avenue located on 1st Floor East.  Opened since April this year, 1st Avenue is the fashion haven and combined with exciting array of young and fresh names in fashion apparels and F&B.

The crowd waiting for the fashion show to begin 

Celebrities: Amber Chia, Deanna Yusof, Hannah Tan, Jojo Struys, Siti Saleha, William San, Xandria Ooi, Yuri Wong and others

Be captivated with the numerous brand and products available under clear blue skies as you experience the outdoors, indoor.

Fashion show begins...

Fashion show participated by Tamiko Fashion, Silver Trend, I.Co Boutique, Bebe Island, Elda, Shizzu and Dazzle Fashion House 

Finished feasting out eyes with the pretty, cute and handsome models. 
Lets check out the shops... 

 Smooshie variety of fresh fruits juice 

 Shimino Japanese Crepes serves unique crepes

Bebe Island Children Clothing

Magic Club has variety of impressive magic accessories, products, tutorial videos and magic courses ranging from beginner to professional levels

Offline Blogshop showcases a collection of fashion wear and products from online designers and entrepreneurs 

Miss Sunshine checked in 1st Avenue station at Berjaya Times Square

Take a break, relax and enjoy my favorite beverage with the reopening of Starbucks Coffee at 1st Avenue.

Caudalie Vinosource at Sasa

Without water, beauty fades…
Two weeks ago Sasa Malaysia organized an afternoon tea session for blogger at Haagen-Dazs to experience the new water rescue for sensitive skin with Caudalie Vinosource product range.

Caudalie product specialists from Hong Kong and France also share with us the insights about the company overview and products. All of us got to try out Caudalie Vinosource products.

Caudalie is an oenological French term that quantifies the duration of a wine's flavor in your mouth. One second of time equals one Caudalie. The finer the wine, the longer its flavor lingers on the palate - thus meriting more Caudalies!

Mathilde and Bertrand Thomas are the founder of Caudalie. According to Mathilde Thomas she created Caudalie because she believe that it is possible to formulate ultra effective and Natural beauty products with refined, luxurious textures inspired by the vine.

Fifteen years ago, Caudalie and Professor Joseph Vercauteren established an exclusive worldwide patent for extracting and stabilizing grape seed polyphenols. These polyphenols are the best anti-oxidants in the plant kingdom and can only be found in the vine, protecting against external damage and enabling this plant to exist for centuries.

Today, Caudalie’s Research Laboratories have unveiled the extraordinary ability of the vine to regulate its water reserves in the depths of its shoots to resist climatic variations. Once the season arrives, it can gorge its grapes on a water rich in minerals and trace elements.

Taking its inspiration from these subtle mechanisms, the Caudalie Laboratories have sought to ally the protecting force of the vine with its ability to conserve its water resources. This discovery has given rise to an ultra-natural formula with an allergen-free fragrance especially dedicated to sensitive skin: Vinosource Quenching Sorbet-Crème, soothing and anti-oxidant.

Three key active ingredients from the vine.
These 3 key ingredients: Grape Water, Vinolevure, and Grape-Seed Polyphenols, work together to help skin regulate its water reserves and reduce sensitivity.

1- Grape Water, an intense water-patch

Inspired by this intelligent water management system of the vine, Grape Water® is extracted from organic grapes during harvesting. It is rich in polysaccharides that have the ability to capture water and conserve the quantity it needs within its cells. Clinical tests have shown a 127%* increase in the hydration of the superficial skin layers immediately after application. Grape Water® is rich in trace elements such as potassium and calcium that soothe the skin. Clinical tests have shown that it reduces the sensation of discomfort and dryness by 62%**.

2-Vinolevure, to reduce skin’s sensitivity.
Vinolevure (exclusive to Caudalie) is a molecule extracted from the walls of wine yeast. This extraordinary property prevents dehydration of the epidermis. Vinolevure® hydrates and diminishes cutaneous sensitivity gradually with every application, strengthening skin against external aggression.

3-Grape-seed Polyphenols, provide an anti-oxidant shield.
The polyphenols in grape seeds are the most powerful antioxidants.They protect skin from external aggression by acting as a shield, helping skin maintain its hyaluronic acid content (and therefore its hydration) thanks to their antihyaluronidase action. They also protect the skin’s elastin and collagen fibers, preventing the destruction of basic support elements in the skin. Finally, they act on the radiance and freshness of the complexion by stimulating the skin’s microcirculatory system.

Quenching Sorbet-Crème Vinosource.
A sensory treasure, absorbed in the blink of an eye.

Like a sorbet, its texture combines the freshness of a gel with the richness of a cream, giving an immediate refreshing, hydrating sensation. Ultra-creamy, it is rapidly absorbed by the skin, without leaving any residue.

1 A water-regulating complex, for balanced and long-lasting hydration. The effect of this water-regulating complex is to teach the cells once again to hold onto or release the volume and quantity of water they need.
2 A next generation active ingredient for hyper-sensitive skins
This next generation of active ingredients enables:
1. A preservation of optimal moisture content in cells
2. A balance of the skin’s hydric flow and its stabilization
3. Surface and deep skin hydration
+37.8%* hydration on the surface of the skin
+31.8%* hydration in the epidermis
+11.5%* hydration at the heart of the skin, that already contains 80% of its reserve in water

3 A Camomile extract provides an instant softening and soothing effect. It is particularly recommended for delicate or fragile skin to protect against external aggression.

4 A cocktail of complementary ingredients. Moisturizing hyaluronic acid, shea butter from fair trade, plant glycerine, natural emulsifier, long-lasting hydrating biosaccharide, hypoallergenic fragrance.

Proven effectiveness.
Vinosource Quenching Sorbet-Crème has been subject to clinical tests conducted by Essex testing clinic, an independent American Institute, controlled by the “Good Clinical Practice Program” (Europe, USAJapan) and DERMSCAN, a French independent laboratory controlled by the Ministry of Health. Those tests conducted on 93 volunteers demonstrated exceptional effective results.

A natural formula, 100% Caudalie.
Hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, natural emulsifier, allergen-free fragrance.

Instructions for use:
Morning and evening to face and neck. Can be used alongside the Vinosource Moisturizing Cream-Mask (used twice a week).

40 ml pump dispenser . RM120

Caudalie Vinosource Product Range

Price: RM150

Price: RM125

Price: RM120

(Dry skin)
Price: RM155

(For Dry to very dry skin) 
Price: RM165
 Yummy Haagen Dazs Ice Cream & Fluffy Waffle

Bloggers Group Photos

Caudalie products are available at Sa Sa and Selecti’ve by Sa Sa stores

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