Bag of Love Make Me Happy Beauty Bag Review

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Bag of Love Make me happy! I love this theme so much. Yah! Happiness matters a lot. Here is another Bag of Love beauty bag review, this is the August 2013 edition. I know this October edition is already out in the market but anyway I will still like to share my happiness here.

Darlie Expert White

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Keep Smiling and I bet you one day life will get tired of upsetting you. That is why Sunshine Kelly is always smiling and optimistic. How about you? I know some are too shy to smile and show their teeth. Maybe they feel embarrassed with their teeth conditions or stains. Do you have perfect smile? If not really, are you looking for Professional Teeth Whitening? Well, now you can try Darlie Expert White toothpaste that can give 3 times whiter teeth compared to the regular fluoride toothpaste.

MIVVA Glow Gizmo Beauty Box Review

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Chasing deadline, lack of sleep, poor diet, pollution, stressed and etc. etc. etc. making me go mad. Sot jor! and my skin, hair and also mood also dull. Thanks to MIVVA for sending me this Glow Gizmo Beauty Box few weeks back to cheer me up and glowed my day. This is a quick review about what are the items that I received in my MIVVA Glow Gizmo Beauty Box. Do you like it? 

Celmonze Phenomenal Woman Body Contour System & Slim to Win Contest

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The key to a lasting and wholesome weight loss is through one’s health; not crash diet or consuming harmful slimming products. More than a slimming programme Celmonze’s Phenomenal Woman 3-Step Body Contour System is to elevate one’s health and body back to top form. The idea of healthy slimming is to achieve revitalized energy and vitality and a positive self-image by restoring the woman’s phenomenal curves.

Mitsubishi Electric Folio JX / BX Refrigerator Soft Launch

Mitsubishi Electric Folio JX / BX Refrigerator Soft Launch, Mitsubishi Electric, Folio JX refrigerator, folio BX Refrigerator, mitsubishi malaysia

Mitsubishi Electric introduces it’s latest and most advanced Folio LED technology home refrigerator. Last week, I attended the Mitsubishi Electric Folio JX / BX Refrigerator Soft Launch to discover the secret of keep food fresh and delicious at the same time energy efficiency and ECO-friendly refrigerator. 

French Organic Cooking - Melvita 30th Anniversary Celebration

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Yuhuuu!!! Last month I learned French Organic Cooking at Nathalie’s Gourmet Studion, Publika, Solaris Dutamas in conjunction with Melvita’s 30th Anniversary Celebration. It was a hands-on cooking class guided by Chef Natalie herself. We cooked our own organic lunch - main course and dessert. So what was our French Lunch menu of the day?

Polaroid Plus Sunglasses Collection

I have tried the Polaroid sunglasses but not the Polaroid Plus yet. The innovative Polaroid Plus sunglasses collection represents the perfect partnership between cutting-edge polarization technology and a “New Basic” design. The collection focuses on essential shapes and minimalist color schemes whilst providing maximum comfort, utmost eye protection and perfect vision.

Marks & Spencer Footwear: Insolia and Insolia Flex for Autumn Winter 2013

Marks & Spencer Footwear, Insolia, Insolia Flex,  Autumn Winter 2013, M&S footwear, stylist comfy, classy

After the success of the innovative Insoli technology in Autograph footwear, Marks & Spencer’s commitment to comfort and style sees the introduction of Insolia to all shoes for Autumn / Winter 2013Insolia will be built into to all footwear brands with a heel height over 40mm from September 2013 onwards ensuring that your favourite heels can be worn all day without compromising the comfort of your feet. 

Segmen Saya Mahu Ditegur

Hi! Kita ni jarang blog dalam Bahasa Malaysia tapi boleh lah cuba sebab ada juga ramai follower and kawan-kawan blogger yang sanggup singgah dan baca blog Sunshine Kelly (SK). Terima kasih kepada peminat dan pembaca sekalian. Sebab anda saya menyertai Segmen - Saya Mahu Ditegur di blog Eyriqazz

Levi’s Revel Shaping Jeans

Levi’s Revel Shaping Jeans, shaping jeans, levi's, levi's revel, jeans

All woman desires for comfortable pair of jeans that would enhance our shape and highlight our best features, including me. With that in mind so I decided to attend and check out what are the hype about the Levi’s Revel Shaping Jeans.  

Korean Drama Series: Welcome Rain to My Life

Korean Drama Series, welcome Rain to My Life,  Lee Da Hee, Shim Hyung Tak, Ryu Sang Wook, Shin Joo Ah, Kim Hae In, Astro

This is a drama story, really drama one lah about this daddy girl that everything happened to her on the same time thus she has to adapt to it. Welcome Rain To My Life revolves around the life of Han Danbi (Lee Da Hee), a spoilt and headstrong daughter of a former famous celebrity. Danbi’s carefree life took a drastic turn when her father suffered from cerebral haemorrhage due to an accident. At the same time, the sudden appearance of her birth mother and the disclosure of Danbi’s real identity complicate her predicament.

OPUS Bistro @ Bangkung Row KL Restaurant Week Food Tasting

KL Restaurant Week, OPUS Bistro @ Bangkung, bangsar, Food Review, Italian food, cuisine

I was invited to OPUS Bistro @ Bangkung Row KL Restaurant Week Food Tasting, Bangsar together with some bloggers on Monday evening. Well, KL Restaurant Week (KLRW) is a new concept that just introduced in Malaysia recently. It is not coupon, group buy or group sell. This KLRW is a weeklong gastronomic event will take place from 4th October to 11th October 2013 #KLFW #KLRestaurantWeek 

Sa Sa Shape Up Challenge with Collistar

SaSa Malaysia, Shape Up Challenge, Collistar, Biorevitalizing Anticellulite Concentrate, sasa collistar campaign,

So you want to fly to Italy? Sa Sa collaborate with Collistar and Celebrity Fitness in the search for 88 participants to join a holistic body program “Shape Up Challenge with Collistar” that only takes 90 days for an incredible result and what’s a little more motivation, the Grand Prize of a trip to Italy plus other fabulous prizes. Get ready for 90 days to Shape Up, Get Fit & Have Fun.

Tanahairku for Malaysia Day 2013

Tanah Air for Malaysia Day 2013, tanahairku, tanah air, malaysia day, suki low, Haslina Usman, Vaanavil, Alinda, Aizat

#tanahairku the music moved the crowd with its contemporary beat and melody, but the lyrics although over half a century old, were also very relevant to all Malaysians who heard the song as they went about their shopping and dining. “Tanah Air” with the lyrics from the poem written by Malaysian National Poet Laureate, Allahyarham Dato’ Dr. Usman Awang which has now been transformed into a song with the help of well-known composer Audi Mok.

adidas NEO Label: Selena Gomez Collection

adidas NEO Label, Selena Gomez Collection, Selena Gomez, adidas, teenage girls, rock chic, rock roll, edgy look

Introducing the fresh look and feel of adidas NEO Fall / Winter 2013 Season Collection with global style icon Selena Gomez launching her first ever fashion selection for the label. Selena has been working closely with the adidas NEO Label team on her 53-piece collection for teenage girls; comfortable yet stylish, with a rock and roll edgy side.

Die Fledermaus Revenge of the Bat Operetta by Johann Strauss @ Dorsett Grand Subang

Die Fledermaus, Revenge of the Bat, Operetta, opera, Johann Strauss, Dorsett Grand Subang

Revenge has never been so sweet until Johann Strauss’ Die Fledermaus or Revenge of the Bat comes to town on 4th October 2013. This gala charity operetta will be held at the Dorsett Grand Subang, Grand Selangor Ballroom. It is a comedy operetta in English with 3 acts. The stage will be glamorously decorated according to 1920’s Australian Art Decoration. This will be the first time the operetta is being staged in Malaysia, with its 11 cast members and 9 members creative team.   

Marks & Spencer Women’s Wear Autumn Winter 2013 Collection

Marks & Spencer, Women’s Wear, Autumn Winter 2013 Collection, fashion, style

On the same day that Marks & Spencer introduced it's M&S Brand New Look at Suria KLCC store, Marks & Spencer also unveiled its new M&S Women's Wear collections for the Autumn / Winter 2013 with a renewed focus on exceptional quality and confident style. Marks & Spencer’s standard setting ethics continue to inspire innovation and design whilst championing the heritage and core values of Marks & Spencer in perfectly edited collections.

Swiss Line Cell Shock Age Intelligence Youth Inducing System

Swiss Line, Cell Shock, Age Intelligence, Youth Inducing System, Super cream, pm repair booster, super anti aging product, anti aging, swiss line anti aging

Wootz! another new anti aging product in the market. Well we can’t stop aging but we can try to slow down the aging. Swiss Line Cell Shock Age Intelligence Youth Inducing System, I see something more powerful and complete that come in a system which will triggers a domino effect in knocking down signs of ageing. Swiss line recently launched their most advance anti aging solution. It is a new era of molecular skincare to knock down the Domino Effect Aging Signs.

Modbox Beauty Box Review Your Power To Decide

Modbox, Beauty box review, beauty box, modbox august, Your Power To Decide, choose your own sample

Sometimes when I opened up a beauty box and find that the items not suitable for my skin or hair type or the colors is just not for me arghhh…. It’s a waste and turn off. Since August 2013, Modbox started to empower us to select the products and samples that we want in our beauty box. Great! This is something that we want because Lady Knows Herself Best. With the new Modbox Beauty Box we have The Power To Decide and say what we want. Yeah!

Nike Tech Pack: Nike Tech Fleece Collection

nike, Nike Tech Pack, Nike Tech Fleece Collection, Maria Sharapova, Russian tennis player, Nike Tech Fleece Hoodie, sports, fitness

For Fall / Holiday 2013 Nike introduces Nike Tech Pack, Nike Tech Fleece Collection. It is lighter, warmer, more breathable than its predecessors, and looks as good as it performs. Nike updates classic styles with a revolutionary reinvention of the fabric of sport: fleece. Evolving the fit, feel, and function of Nike’s most iconic sportswear silhouettes, the Nike Tech Fleece Collection represents the next generation of classic sport apparel.

Movie: The Butler

the butler, lee daniels, white house butler, white house, american hero, african american, cecil gaines, forest whitaker, Academy Award

The Butler is an upcoming historical drama film directed by Academy Award nominated director Lee Daniels (PRECIOUS) and featuring an ensemble cast. It’s an epic drama tells the story of fictional Cecil Gaines (Forest Whitaker) an African-American who eyewitnesses notable events of the 20th century during his tenure as a White House butler. The film is based on the real-life account of Eugene Allen, who served as a White House butler during eight American presidencies from 1952 to 1986. John Lee Daniels’ The Butler is a story about the resilience of one man, the growth of a nation, and the power of family.

Crazy Rumors Review

Crazy Rumors, orange juice lip balm, lip balm, hibiskiss lip color, lip color, product review, hi shop

Begin my Monday with these Crazy Rumors. I am back from HK & China last week, straight to work because I can’t afford any down time. Everything scheduled back to back make me feel suffocated and that maybe one of the root caused for my dry skin and lips. Let’s begin with my Crazy Rumors Review. 

Bianco Mimosa Pret a Porter Collection

Bianco Mimosa Pret a Porter Collection, Bianco Mimosa, Fashion show, launch, royal chulan hotel, kuala lumpur, event, grand function

Bianco Mimosa launched their first release of its Pret a Porter Collection held at The Royale Chulan Kuala Lumpur on September 7, 2013 evening. A unique event where fashion show meets wedding ceremony held in one of the prestigious locations in Kuala Lumpur and attended by famous local celebrities like Fauziah Gous, Nurul Wahab, Zahida Rafik, Dafi, Kaka Azraff, Ainul Aishah and many more. Spectacular performances by Anuar Zain, Amy Search and Dayang Nurfaizah.

El Marino Blanc Review

El Marino Blanc Review, oral skincare, collagen supplement, anti againg skincare, elken, el marine blanc, fair young

The basis of beautiful-looking skin begins from within with a strong protection against external factors. But how can we regain our youthful skin? Well, El Marino Blanc claimed that it can help us to discover visibly younger & brighter skin in just 7 days. I tried it out so see if it works for my skin or not. I’m sad to admit that with all the free radicals, pollutions, stress and late nights that we go through in our daily life ages our skin and our health deteriorates.

Luminox Scott Cassell Deep Dive Automatic Watch

Luminox Save The Seas, scott Cassell, Luminox Scott Cassell Deep Dive Automatic Watch, Luminox, Scott Cassell, Deep Dive, Automatic Watch

Besides, the Luminox Save The Seas II programme, Scott Cassell also officially launch the new Luminox Scott Cassell Deep Dive Automatic Watch special edition – a watch which he created in collaboration with Luminox, with a unique dial design inspired by the suction cups of his principal research marine species, the Humboldt squid.

ESCAPE by Celcom – Your World of Entertainment

ESCAPE by Celcom, Your World of Entertainment, escape, entertainment apps, tech, telco, celcom

I need to ESCAPE because I don’t want to be alone. Yah! finally Celcom has something to keep us entertain whenever and wherever we are. You’ll never be alone when you have ESCAPE. Well, basically ESCAPE is an app where it allows you to carry the world’s entertainment on your hands at our convenience anytime and anywhere we go.

Marks & Spencer Brand New Look at Suria KLCC

Marks & Spencer, Suria KLCC, entrance, shopping mall, kuala lumpur

Last week I was at the Marks & Spencer (M&S) officially introduced its new concept store in Malaysia at Suria KLCC. Hey! now we can find Marks & Spencer Bakery in Malaysia. Marks & Spencer has completely transformed its flagship store with a brand new look. The newly designed 30,000 square feet store will provide customers with a bigger and better shopping experience, showcasing M&S’ most extensive range of quality fashions, accessories, food and wine in Malaysia. Let's check out what is new and exciting about Marks & Spencer Brand New Look at Suria KLCC.

Victoria Fragrance of Love by Victoria’s Secret

Victoria, Fragrance of Love, Victoria’s Secret, victoria's secret models, forever young glamour girl, sexiest lingerie, most covetable fragrance, love

Victoria is inspired by everything women love about Victoria’s Secret; forever young glamour, the sexiest lingerie and the most covetable fragrances. It’s a statement in pink and the iconic new fragrance of Love. The attention to detail extends to the bottle design: signature pink, jewel-inspired facets and metallic shine, all tied up in an iconic handcrafted bow.

Nokia Lumia 925 Review

Nokia Lumia 925 Review, window phone 8, smartphone review, lifestyle tech blogger, nokia smartphone, tech review by lifestyle blogger

Nokia Lumia 925 is a superb smartphone that take great pictures in low light conditions with fast response. Not only that it also allows flexibility for me to set the Live Tiles that I need and sync, safe & backup my photos, data and setting. With Nokia Lumia 925 on my palm I can be myself and express more with worriless. 

Elegantology AFC: New Elegantology Collection Launch @ Publika, Solaris Dutamas

Elegantology, Asian Food Channel, Fashion & Food, New Elegantory Collection Launch, Publika, Solaris Dutamas

It was an exquisite and stylish couture, cuisine & cognac night of gold elegance at the New Elegantology Collection Launch. I was privileged to attend the launch of Elegantology’s new menswear collection with a grand fashion showcase and followed by the 5 course dinner invitation at the Elegantology Gallery & Restaurant @ Publika, Solaris DutamasThat night Asian Food Channel (AFC) was also there shooting this fashion and food extravaganza event.   

XIXILI Pink Fantabulous Month – Pink October

I Love My Life that is why I take extra effort to learn and to take care of my health and well being. If we do not take care of ourselves, how to take care of our family. Education begins from home. I was at XIXILI Pink Fantabulous Month - Pink October event beginning of this month. XIXILI kick started her signature community project ‘Love My Life’ this year with a 3 series educational programme highlight the importance of ladies taking care of themselves and taking charge of their well-being especially breast cancer awareness & health. As early detection can save one’s life. 

America’s Next Top Model - Guys & Girls Edition

America’s Next Top Model, Guys & Girls Edition, tyra banks, Kelly Cutrone, Johnny Wujek, Rob Evans, Bryanboy, nylon magazine, guess, next model management

Cycle 20 of America’s Next Top Model hosted by Tyra Banks, returns with new prizes and new competition – men! The first-ever Guys and Girls edition, 8 men and 8 women will live under one roof and battle it out to earn the prestigious title of America’s Next Top Model. This cycle will explore the similarities and differences that male and female models face in the pursuit of their careers, bringing on experts and celebrities to mentor and challenge them each week. There will be more than a little opportunity for rivalry, flirtation and romance.

New Sloggi Zero: Comfort & Freedom at New Infinite Level

Sloggi Zero, comfort & Freedom, lingerie, ladies underwear, bra, panties  
No one loves fashion, comfort or freedom more than today’s young ladies. And no one makes it easier for fun-loving ladies on-the-go to move everywhere more freely than sloggi. The new sloggi ZERO collection, its super soft and infinitely comfortable, this is lingerie that is not only heaven on the skin but also practically invisible to eye. 

H & M Opening Soon in 1 Utama & Sunway Pyramid

H & M 1 Utama, H & M Sunway Pyramid, H & M Malaysia

H&M Malaysia continues its expansion with the opening of two new stores in the Klang Valley @ 1 Utama Shopping Centre & Sunway Pyramid. The stores are planned to open before year end. It will stock a wide variety of the latest, affordable fashion trends without compromising quality, design and style for men, women and children.

Hauterfly & Afficionado: Urban Modernism Pedro Autumn Winter 2013

Urban Modernism, Pedro Autumn Winter 2013, pedro, shoes, clothes, belts, handbag, men shoes, fashion, autumn winter fashion, trend

Encounter spectacular creations through the sartorial direction of the season with the Pedro Autumn Winter 2013 Collection. Culminations of an accomplished palette in rich essence are adapted to current pieces in urban modernism.

Maybelline New York The ROCKET Volum' Express Mascara

It’s an Explosive, No Clump, Fast & Flirty Lash Effect mascara finally unveiled. Maybelline New York The ROCKET Volum’ Express Mascara the latest mascara was launch recently at the Galatic Laser, Mid Valley Megamall on 27th August 2013. With The ROCKET Volum’ Express, women now have a one-step beauty product to give them the popular lash look this season – flirty lashes with zero clumps.

The event was hosted by Pink Fong, Maybelline New York Group Product Manager

Elfira Roy, Maybelline New York’s brand ambassador for Malaysia

Present at the launch was also Maybelline New York’s brand ambassador for Malaysia, actress Elfira Roy. The young actress was there to share with guests her testimonial on The ROCKET Volum’ Express. With The ROCKET Volum’ Express, Elfira is finally able to achieve her dream lashes. Her verdict? “Fabulous. The ROCKET Volum’ Express does exactly what it claims. It gives me that flirty lash look in rocket speed. I also like how it glides smoothly on my lashes, making application so easy.”

The reason why The ROCKET Volum’ Express is able to achieve the popular lash look with no clumps and in rocket speed? Thanks to it’s patented brush, a favourite feature of Elfira. The brush combines a rigid core and soft elastomer bristles that make it easier to apply pressure to lashes during application. This also makes it easier for us to deposit a big dose of mascara, coating each lash from root to tip in easy glides.

There is no need for the zigzag motion one would normally apply when using mascara. With its fast-glide gel formula, it is easy to coat every single lash in one smooth sweep for up to 8X more volume! You can apply more than one coat – each coat immediately following the other – for a more flirty effect minus the clumps in rocket speed.

The ROCKET Volum’ Express also contains film formers that give it a longer lasting smudge-proof and flake-resistant wear. Removal is fast and convenient. Just splash with warm water and the mascara will dissolve into ultra-fine film-like material. If you prefer, you can also use a makeup remover, which will work just as effectively as warm water.

Maybelline New York The ROCKET Volum’ Express is available in a rich Black nationwide now for a recommended retail price of RM39.90

Halloween Horror Nights 3 with Sisters of Evil @ Universal Studios Singapore

Halloween event will return this year with even more thrills and frights set amid original storylines. Three vengeful Sisters of Evil take centre stage at Halloween Horror Nights 3 – banished witches reincarnated and reunited as the Daughter of the Undead, the Maiden of the Opera and the Crone of the Forest – promising to unleash their reign of terror over 10 full nights of horror in October and November.

GO Show: Zo In Sung & Chun Jung Myung

GO Show, Zo In Sung, Chun Jung Myung, Yoon Jong Shin, Jung Hyung Don, Kim Young Chul

GO Show hosted by Korean actress Go Hyun Jung, join Zo In Sung, Chun Jung Myung and Leesang’s Gil in this special episode of the talk show, GO Show. The episode is also cohosted by veteran singer Yoon Jong Shin and comedians Jung Hyung Don and Kim Young Chul. Zo talks about his lucrative commercial work right after leaving the military service and shares about what he spends his money on.

All in For MyGirls

Hey girls it’s time to get up and get fit. Nothing beats getting things done together with our girlfriends & BFF; at the same time feel great and shape up. Yeah! i like it. This season all in for #mygirls is all about girls providing inspiration, support and motivation through the sharing of real stories of real women through multiple touch points, to encourage Southeast Asia girls to go all in for their sporting passions.

Avon You Make It Beautiful Tour & New Avon Makeup Collection

Avon, You Make Me Beautiful, beauty caravan, new Avon Makeup Collection, makeup, beauty

Every women wish to look and feel beautiful including myself, this is great when I know that Avon is bringing Beauty to our Doorsteps. Last Sunday, Avon Malaysia kicked off You Make It Beautiful Tour national campaign with Avon first ever Beauty Caravan at the entrance of Plaza Sungei Wang, Kuala Lumpur. 

Velvet Purification Makeup for Kanebo Lunasol Autumn 2013

This Autumn 2013 season we see a graceful and elegant luster with Kanebo Lunasol deep allure Purifying Makeup. Even in an autumn Lunasol Purifying makeup is sheer and velvety texture with a hint of purplish and wine colours that comes in a deep three-dimensionality. It’s suitable for everyday and elegant look that will enhance skin radiance.  

DOWNTOWN Calvin Klein

DOWNTOWN Calvin Klein, Calvin Klein, fragrance, eau de parfum, floral woody

Arghh... I am so tired of protocols and live the life that society expected of us. Hey society, who you think you are? Who set the rules of life? I need a little space for myself, just to be in my own world, no rules and just me. Can I? Well, few days ago I woke up in shocked, hit the alarm clock, took a cold shower, changed, did my 3 minutes makeup and beat the downtown traffic to catch a new scent. What is the scent of that day?

Milo Fuel for Champions Launch @ National Aquatic Centre Bukit Jalil National Sports Complex

Here we are on Thursday, 5th September morning looking sporty together with Nestle Milo Malaysia and the Olympic Council of Malaysia (OCM) gathered to launch Milo Fuel for Champions @ National Aquatic Centre Bukit Jalil National Sports Complex. YB Encik Khairy Jamaluddin, Minister of Youth and Sports officiated the launch and applauded Milo’s and the Olympic Council of Malaysia commitments in developing and driving nation’s young athletes to greater heights.

La Senza Body Kiss Invisibly Sexy

La Senza, Body Kiss, Invisibly Sexy, Lingerie, Bra, Panty, Sexy, Embellishments Bra, Sexy back, lace bra, level 2 push up, push up bra, tshirt bra

Hello! Sexilicious… La Senza Body Kiss awww… it’s all about feeling Invisible Sexy under clothes. Come on let’s Smooth it Over with the latest La Senza Body Kiss, the smooth fit that is invisibly sexy under clothes without compromising the Flirt Factor. Oh no! say no to those boring and plain t-shirt bra geeeezzz.

Boost Your Run with Vibrant adidas Energy BOOST

Heyo! Let’s Boost Your Run. Recently Adidas spreads Merdeka spirit in celebration of its Energy BOOST Launch at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur. The Merdeka weekend was filled with fun, energetic, vibrant and multitude colours flash mob dancers showcased a unique running themed #BoostYourRun #Boost #EnergyBoost #Adidas