Accident Abroad. How do you Quickly Return to Your Country?

On any day, anything can happen and is best that we are prepared for it. Well as a frequent traveler, sometimes I do take things for granted. Recently someone asked me what if accident abroad, what should you do and how do you quickly return to your country? Geezz… that makes me think twice and goosebumps.

WIN iPhone XS with MC Classic

Hey! Here’s the good news for you all! Stand a chance WIN iPhone XS with MC Classic. Continue to read if you want to win your dream phone. Year end is coming soon so we’ll be expecting lots of celebrations, parties, dinners and etc. I am sure many of you are planning buy or stock up your liquor supplies. So here is the catch! Grab the chance to win great prizes by just purchasing MC Classic’s range of liquor and joined MC Classic Christmas & New Year “Grand Lucky Draw” from 15th Oct, 2018 to 1st Jan, 2019.

WIN iPhone XS by joining MC Classic Christmas & New Year “Grand Lucky Draw” from 15th Oct, 2018 to 1st Jan, 2019

Moonstruck by Norrela

If you have a dream go for it! and make your dream come true. Recently I was at Moonstruck by Norrela album launch at WOW KL. Congratulations on your album launch and yes we love it! Norrela Iznin Abd Ghan, is a multi-talent singer and author that decided to combine her writing and signing skills when she got tired of singing other people’s songs.

Moonstruck by Norrela Album Launch

What is the need of the Lactate Dehydrogenase test?

Before understanding when the test would be required, it is important to know the importance of the enzyme lactate dehydrogenase. LDH is required when sugar is being turned into energy in the cells. This enzyme can be found in lots of organs and tissues and throughout the body. It is quite common in the skeletal muscles, the kidneys, heart, pancreas, liver, blood cells and even the lymph tissues. 

Discover Jeju Exotic Taste @ Jasons Food Hall

Annyeong! We are here at Discover Jeju Exotic Taste at Jasons Food Hall happening now till 23rd November, 2018. By the way, do you know that you can also win 2-way flight ticket to Jeju for 2. For the first time ever during this festive season, Jasons Food Hall will be extending their product offering to feature gourmet food, groceries, as well as face masks, that are specially brought in from Jeju Island in South Korea. 

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Discover Jeju Exotic Taste @ Jasons Food Hall