Holographic & Arty PlayRooms @ 1 Utama Glistening Christmas

Omg! This is the season to be merry and take lots of photos as memories. By far this is one of the most futuristic Christmas decorations for 2018 that I came across. A Glitening Christmas @ 1 Utama takes us to a whole new dimension and transporting us to a multi-sensory world of interactive media art and installations. You must check out the extravaganza futuristic decorations, Holographic Giant Crystal Globes & arty insta-worthy playrooms.

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Holographic & Arty PlayRooms @ 1 Utama Glistening Christmas

5 Major Benefits of Joining a Gym

Are your clothes fitting a little bit too tight nowadays? Maybe stress has you down and out? How about people who are just looking for a new hobby? If you’ve been considering joining a gym for some time now, we are here to tell you that you should stop thinking about it and take action.

Importance of Drug Tests and How to Bypass Them

Drug tests have become nightmares to many people. Some go to great lengths just to make sure they pass the test despite being long-term users. The most common drug test is the urine drug test. However, some people have been known to conduct hair, blood, and saliva test.

Gingerbread Village @ Main Place Mall, USJ

Yuhuu! Well if you are a desserts lovers immersing yourself in ‘Gingerbread Village’ and sweet treats wonderland could be something that you are looking forward to since childhood. As I entered the Main Place Mall in USJ 21, I was greeted by these life-sized gingerbread house and many cane sticks, big lollipop, marshmallows, gigantic candies and life-sized gingerbread man. 

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Gingerbread Village @ Main Place Mall, USJ

Smooth as Silk: 8 Home Remedies for Softer Skin

Achieving smooth, touchable skin is a common beauty goal. Often, as we age, we notice the texture of our skin starts to change. This can be due to things like sun exposure, acne, weather exposure, or the natural loss of the collagen or elastin that helps keep our skin plump and youthful. You may notice more uneven texture on your face, or that the skin on your legs isn’t as pleasant to run your hands across. There are also many benign skin conditions that can change the feel of your skin, such as Keratosis pilaris. If its winter or you live in an arid climate, dryness can also cause your skin to feel rough and itchy. Even the way you sleep can affect your skin’s texture!