The Important Rules to Use the Extension Ladder Properly

Ladders are used in several home tasks; it might be reaching high places in the house during cleaning or picking up something, however, in most cases ladders are necessary for construction projects. Unfortunately, many fatal accidents have happened due to the laxity of safety rules but some were unavoidable accidents. However, we can avoid some of the accidents by following the safety rules and having knowledge on essential things to look out for before buying ladders to ensure they are in good working condition.

The Importance of Family Hygiene ft Kleenex Ultra Soft Cottony Clean Tissues

Well as you know a healthy family is a happy family, no doubt about that right. I am very particular when it comes to family hygiene purposes, simply because we can prevent many illnesses just by practicing good hygiene habits. As you know, we use tissue every day therefore I definitely choose the best product quality for my family. Well with Kleenex Ultra Soft cottony clean tissues, not only it keeps us clean and fresh but provides comfort too.

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NULNU Lifestyle Mall @ 3 Damansara Malaysia Luxurious One-Stop Beauty Lifestyle Centre

If you are planning to find a place that is lavish and luxury with top notch beauty services to pamper yourself or have time out with your girlfriends then this is the right place for you. NULNU Lifestyle Mall, Malaysia Luxurious One-Stop Beauty Lifestyle Centre located at 3 Damansara, Level 2 (previously known as Tropicana City Mall) provides head-to-toe services. Which includes wellness, hairstyling, manicure and pedicure, facial, eyebrow embroidery, grooming, weight management, body, foot massage and more.

NULNU Lifestyle Mall, Malaysia Luxurious One-Stop Beauty Lifestyle Centre

True Taiwan Tea Culture, Journey and Appreciation

Be grateful, slow down and enjoy the moments… shall we? To be able to sip and enjoy a cup of exquisite tea with the people we love is priceless. It’s the memory and moments we cherish together. Today I am going to share about TRUE TAIWAN Tea Culture, Journey and Appreciation plus it’s evolution through time. Are you a tea lover? Do you want to know Taiwanese tea culture has been more than a hundred years old. Tea is already an indispensable part of their life; from adulthood to wedding banquet, from life to business. Are you curious why Taiwanese drink tea in life, use life tea, and tea is there in every life moment? Let’s find out the answer…

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True Taiwan Tea Culture Journey and Appreciation  

Atelier Cologne Iris Rebelle

A new expression of Iris, one of the most precious raw material in the perfume world. The iris and orange flower from Morocco, plus Gaiac wood from Central America. The formula of this Atelier Cologne Iris Rebelle is made from 90% renewable natural origin ingredients of the highest quality.

Atelier Cologne Iris Rebelle