OOTD: Stylish x Elegant Work Wear from Air Space Taiwan

Well, thinking and planning What to Wear to Work and After Office Hour Party, can be quite stressful too. As you know sometimes I have to attend events after work too, therefore I have to mix and match clothes that look decent at work and at the same time presentable at events. So recently I got myself a few pieces of work wear from AIR SPACE that are not only stylish but also elegant and comfy to work and after office party too.

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OOTD: Stylish x Elegant Work Wear from Air Space Taiwan

How To Stop And Reduce Hair Fall

Hair fall is a modern problem for both men and women. It is both a matter that affects the physical appearance and mental state of people. Not being able to solve it can cause so much frustration. Everyone dreams of perfect, shiny hair that is also healthy. 

6 Reasons Why You Need Merchantrade Money Card

As a frequent traveler having a multi-currency card does make my travel experience a lot more convenient. Therefore, I signed up Merchantrade Money Multi-Currency Visa Prepaid Card. I’ve been using this card during my recent trip to US as well as now. So today I’m going to share with you my experience using this card, how to sign-up, top-up, use multi-currency e-wallet and plus 6 Reasons Why You Need Merchantrade Money Card!

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6 Reasons Why You Need Merchantrade Money Card

3 Runway Fashion Trends For Men And Women – Know Here!

Fashion industry undoubtedly has become the most versatile industry today, as it keeps on changing the trends. With an eclectic mix of runway collection and street-style trends, there is something for everyone this year. All the high-fashioned men and women basking in the art of being and looking extra stylish, there’s a glamorous feather in every form for them.

How to Improve your Personal Hygiene this New Year

We cannot disregard the fact that maintaining proper hygiene is rather incumbent than being just an option. We are expected to look fresh and clean whenever we are attending our classes in school, buying groceries, or performing our tasks at work. That is why we take a bath regularly, brush our teeth, and use different personal care products in the market to look good. The power of proper hygiene can bring you to a better position, as it gives you a lasting impression towards others and makes you look healthier. While you have your regular ways in keeping good hygiene and grooming, these are good tips that you may consider in improving your physical appearance in 2019.