A Complete Guide on Buying an Electric Shaver

Electric shavers are not only expensive, but also difficult to maintain. While some of them can cost around $60, others can even have a price tag of around $150. However, there is no need to lament too long after purchasing the shaver because of the innovative features offered by it.

7 Ways to Keep Yourself Occupied During the Winter Months

Winter is coming soon and, in fact, many states have already gotten snow. While the first snowfall is always a bit of a novelty, everyone in the cold winter areas knows this is going to get real old, real fast. So what do we do with ourselves now that the days of lingering at the beach long after sunset are in the rearview mirror? We have some ideas and are willing to share. Read on for seven ways to keep yourself occupied during the cold months.

Synergy Marine Unveiled Malaysia’s first LNG-Powered Vessel Shipbuilding

We were thrilled with another proactive step towards a more sustainable environment in Malaysia Maritime industry. Recently Synergy Marine (M) Sdn Bhd joined forces with MTCMS Design Sdn Bhd and Shin Yang Shipping Corporation Berhad (through their subsidiary Shin Yang Shipyards Sdn Bhd) to design, build and deliver Malaysia’s first LNG-Powered Vessel Shipbuilding; set to revolutionize the Malaysian maritime sector and pioneer Green Technology Vessel. Not only is the vessel the first in Malaysia and across Asia, but also be the first to be built on Malaysian shores too.

Synergy Marine Unveiled Malaysia’s first LNG-Powered Vessel Shipbuilding, Synergy Marine (M) Sdn Bhd, MTCMS Design Sdn Bhd, Shin Yang Shipping Corporation Berhad, Shin Yang Shipyards Sdn Bhd, Malaysia’s first LNG-Powered Vessel Shipbuilding, Tuan. Hj. Ir. Ahmad Khairuddin Bin Ismail, Deputy Director General 2 (Operations) of Marine Department Malaysia, Abdul Razak Ismail, Managing Director CEO of MTCMS Design Sdn. Bhd, Yang Berbahagia Dato’ Roslan Ahmad, Managing Director of Synergy Marine (M) Sdn. Bhd, Captain Ting Hien Liong, CEO of Shin Yang Shipyard Sdn. Bhd, Vincent Ling Lu Yew, Executive Director of Shin Yang Shipping Corporation Berhad,
Synergy Marine Unveiled Malaysia’s first LNG-Powered Vessel Shipbuilding

Taking Care of Your Kids Ears

One of the ear concerns you will hear from parents is the presence of wax in their kid’s ears and how they can clean them. Although the ear wax is not something pleasant to keep looking at, it is good and at the same time harmless to the ears. You all aware that ears are the organs responsible for hearing in all human beings. At the same time, the most inner part of the ear helps to maintain balance.  Therefore ears serve a very key function in the body of a kid, and it is very crucial to take good care of them. This article guides you through to some of the mystery ear care.

Which Indoor Spin Bike Is the One?

We’re in the midst of cuffing season. If you haven’t found “the one” this season, you might not need to be looking for another human partner to cure your holiday woes. What’s better than coming back from the carb load, that is the holidays, not just looking the same as you did pre-Turkey, but better? Get in wave shape while you can.