SCORE Marathon 2019: Ambassador Launch

Ready and Get Set! This year our running momentum is back and recently we are glad to attend the SCORE Marathon 2019: Ambassador Launch and this is SCORE's first ever full-length marathon! Well, SCORE returns to shake up the local running event landscape with their annual signature running event. Now that the event is half-a-decade old, Malaysia’s biggest one-stop sports and fitness event organiser is taking off its training wheels.

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SCORE Marathon 2019: Ambassador Launch

Online Shopping Tips: Easy, Affordable & Reliable International Shipping By BuyandShip

Hey! Online shopping kakis do you love to shop at international online stores across US, UK, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong or China? I love that too, you know many times I’m attracted to their latest or limited collection or sales but end up didn’t buy it because the shipping fees too expensive or sometimes it’s pricier than the product itself. Sigh… tired of expensive shipping for my international online shopping? Fret no more, today I'm going to share another online shopping tips with you all. So recently I was introduced to BuyandShip offers easy, affordable and reliable international shipping.

Online Shopping Tips, Easy Affordable & Reliable International Shipping, BuyandShip, international shipping, international online shopping tips, international online shopping
Online Shopping Tips: Easy Affordable & Reliable International Shipping By BuyandShip

5 Reasons to Set off on a Baltic Cruise

There is no  slowing down the ladder of popularity that the Baltic has been climbing over the last decade, especially as a cruising destination. Go on a Baltic Cruise just to experience a wholesome tourist experience, ranging from stunning architectural wonders to a rich heritage and culture. According to official numbers, more than 5 million passengers took a Baltic cruise in 2018 and the numbers are only expected to go up from there.

Tips & Advices to Overcome Financial Stress & Improve Finances

One of the primary factors contributory to people’s anxiety is financial stress. This kind of stress occurs due to the following such as a long line of expenses, bills, loans, and other expenditures that may not be matched with the current income. Thus, the main question is to how to manage financial stress and improving your money matters in the process. This blog discusses tips to do so. For more details please check

Susenji Drink Orange Mofa Review

Hey! I think I gained some weight after Chinese New Year, as you know during the festive season I tend to eat more and workout less. All the rich and fatty food feasting make my stomach bloated. Lucky I got this Susenji Drink Orange Mofa, and Ketoade to help me to ease my digestion, detox and also improve my well-being. So today I’m going to share with you my experience consuming Susenji Drink Orange Mofa, let’s check it out yo! 

Susenji Drink Orange Mofa Review

NEST 1st Revolutionary F&B + Coworking Fusion Concept

What is your ideal place to work? How to increase our productivity at work? Let's get things started and let me introduce you to a new fun place to work to work, meet, speak, eat, drink and chill. Whatever you do, do it here at NEST! It’s the 1st Revolutionary F&B + Coworking Fusion Concept. I love the vibes here work, dine, meet and connect with light minded people, cool ambience and also the F&B.

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NEST 1st Revolutionary F&B + Coworking Fusion Concept

HKTDC: DG Studio Showcasing Hong Kong Innovative Lifestyle Gifts & Premiums @ 1 Utama

Hey Friday! You got me feeling like this! I love artsy stuff and these Team Green JIGZLE 3D wooden puzzle is a fun way to assemble be it with family or friends, it’s a fun bonding time. Here at HKTDC showcase at 1 Utama Shopping Centre to check out the trendy lifestyle products from Hong Kong. Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) DC Studio pop-up exhibit is only from 20 Feb to 24 Feb, 2019 at 1 Utama Shopping Centre, New Wing LG Floor Highstreet. So don’t for get to check out their quirky, trendy and innovative lifestyle premiums and gifts.

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HKTDC: DG Studio Showcasing Hong Kong Innovative Lifestyle Gifts & Premiums @ 1 Utama

The Olive Tree First Package Free Store @ Sunway Nexis

Finally The Olive Tree opened it's first Package Free Store in Malaysia located at Level 2 of Sunway Nexis, Kota DamansaraThe new store concept draws its inspiration from the ZeroWaste Community in Malaysia. A conscious  effort was made in the design and fit-out of store to reuse existing fixtures we made for our pop up events and to source for wooden fixtures which both versatile and reusable.

The Olive Tree, Package Free Store, Sunway Nexis, Kota Damansara, ZeroWaste Community, reuse, refill, Natural Indigo, Hand-Dyed Cotton Bag, #PackageFree, lifestyle, beauty
The Olive Tree First Package Free Store in Malaysia

#SCKLM2019: Ballot Winners Selected

Well this will be my fifth year participating in Standard Chartered KL Marathon (SCKLM). Nowadays running has became a popular exercise for all ages. And this year, a new chapter has dawned on the increasingly popular SCKLM when for the first time in its history, public registrations were conducted using a ballot system. Successful applications were confirmed when Minister of Youth and Sports Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman officially activated the random computerised selection on 22nd Feb, 2019. 

#SCKLM2019, Ballot Winners, SCKLM, Standard Chartered KL Marathon, SCKLM 2019, running, fitness, Minister of Youth and Sports, Syed Saddiq
#SCKLM2019: Ballot Winners Selected: YB Syed Saddiq, Minister of Youth and Sports activates the SCKLM2019 ballot selection process with Rainer Biemans, Project Director of SCKLM and Director, Dirigo Events on the left and Abrar A. Anwar, MD and CEO of Standard Chartered Bank Malaysia on the right 

K for Koi Carp: Stephen Webster's Fish Tales Collection

K is my initial Kelly and according to Stephen Webster’s K is for Koi Carp. Every alphabet letter depicts a sea creature… so find out what’s yours? Drawing on a life-long fascination with marine life, Stephen Webster created ‘Fish Tales’ featuring 26 figurative charms in 18K yellow gold and diamonds. To accompany the collection, Stephen has written a short book inspired by his passion for the marine life and stories from the deep, which uncovers the mystery and magic of these aquatic creatures.

K for Koi Carp, Stephen Webster, Fish Tales Collection, Jewellery, Fashion, Marine Jewels
K for Koi Carp: Stephen Webster Fish Tales Collection 

Picture Perfect: 5 Secrets for Flawless Selfies in 2019

In today’s social media focused world, knowing how to take a good selfie is basically a prerequisite for life. It might seem like an easy task, but we all know that getting the right arm angle and avoiding multiple chins while looking natural takes some skill. So, where do you sit on the selfie scale? Are you a seasoned professional or still finding your best side? 

Photo by from Pexels

Culinary Class: 5 Simple & Affordable Ways to Revamp Your Kitchen

We spend so much of our lives in our kitchen, preparing what we hope are delicious, nutritious meals for our loved ones. It makes sense, therefore, that we want to enjoy a positive, beautiful place in which to create, feed and nourish. Unfortunately, the prohibitive cost of renovating our kitchens means that many moms are stuck working in dull, uninspiring environments. 

Photo by Ela Haney on Pexels

Best Foot Forward: 5 Simple Ways Your Small Business Can Make a Big First Impression

The quality of your work is the most crucial aspect of your business. It is not, however, the only thing a potential stakeholder, client, or customer will notice when getting acquainted with your company. Don’t allow being a smaller or new enterprise to affect how you present it to clients and customers. 

Photo by Helena Lopes on Unsplash

Young Talent: 5 Simple Steps for Giving Your Kids a Head Start in Education

Raising a child is a huge, daunting task. We all want the very best for our children, so how do you equip your child to be the best they can be? What can you do to give them a head start? There are thousands, if not millions of ideas and theories, and it can be overwhelming. 

Photo by Lina Kivaka from Pexels

The Most Instagrammed Places in the World That You Need to Visit

One of the biggest religious monuments in the world, the Angkor Wat is a temple complex in Cambodia. It deserves to be on the list as the front side of the complex sits by the Siem Reap river, which makes for a beautiful mirror effect for photos. Angkor Wat has become the symbol of Cambodia, even featured on the country's flag.

The Most Instagrammed Places in the World That You Need to Visit

OOTD: Stylish x Elegant Work Wear from Air Space Taiwan

Well, thinking and planning What to Wear to Work and After Office Hour Party, can be quite stressful too. As you know sometimes I have to attend events after work too, therefore I have to mix and match clothes that look decent at work and at the same time presentable at events. So recently I got myself a few pieces of work wear from AIR SPACE that are not only stylish but also elegant and comfy to work and after office party too.

OOTD, Stylish Elegant Work Wear, Air Space Taiwan, Air Space, Work Wear, Office Lady, OL Style, Fashion
OOTD: Stylish x Elegant Work Wear from Air Space Taiwan

How To Stop And Reduce Hair Fall

Hair fall is a modern problem for both men and women. It is both a matter that affects the physical appearance and mental state of people. Not being able to solve it can cause so much frustration. Everyone dreams of perfect, shiny hair that is also healthy. 

6 Reasons Why You Need Merchantrade Money Card

As a frequent traveler having a multi-currency card does make my travel experience a lot more convenient. Therefore, I signed up Merchantrade Money Multi-Currency Visa Prepaid Card. I’ve been using this card during my recent trip to US as well as now. So today I’m going to share with you my experience using this card, how to sign-up, top-up, use multi-currency e-wallet and plus 6 Reasons Why You Need Merchantrade Money Card!

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6 Reasons Why You Need Merchantrade Money Card

3 Runway Fashion Trends For Men And Women – Know Here!

Fashion industry undoubtedly has become the most versatile industry today, as it keeps on changing the trends. With an eclectic mix of runway collection and street-style trends, there is something for everyone this year. All the high-fashioned men and women basking in the art of being and looking extra stylish, there’s a glamorous feather in every form for them.

How to Improve your Personal Hygiene this New Year

We cannot disregard the fact that maintaining proper hygiene is rather incumbent than being just an option. We are expected to look fresh and clean whenever we are attending our classes in school, buying groceries, or performing our tasks at work. That is why we take a bath regularly, brush our teeth, and use different personal care products in the market to look good. The power of proper hygiene can bring you to a better position, as it gives you a lasting impression towards others and makes you look healthier. While you have your regular ways in keeping good hygiene and grooming, these are good tips that you may consider in improving your physical appearance in 2019.

Why You Should Start Taking CoQ10 for Neuropathy

Neuropathy is painful, and can hinder you from going about your everyday activities with ease. Most people with neuropathy usually try to manage it with painkillers. Unfortunately, this is not the best approach. That’s because, painkillers can be addictive, when used over a long period of time. The solution is to opt for natural methods that help in dealing with the pain that comes with neuropathy. One of the best ways to do this is to use coq10. 

Snow in Malaysia @ SnoWalk i-City

Hey! Winter Holiday! So recently we had lots fun feeling feeling winter holiday here at SnoWalk i-City Shah Alam, Malaysia. Well the weather is so hot these days so it was great to take a break to enjoy the freezing cold moments here. Don’t play play oh! this place is really cold temperature is below -8 degrees Celsius like in winter wonderland with snow, ice sculpture and slides.

SnoWalk, i-City, i-City Shah Alam, i-City Malaysia, Snow in Malaysia, Winter Wonderland
Snow in Malaysia @ SnoWalk i-City 

Chor 10: Lion Dance & Lou Sang @ Sogo Malaysia

Chor 10! Means the tenth day of Chinese New Year (CNY). I m back to KL and continue to Huat Ahh!!! It's an auspicious day for Lion Dance & Lou Sang at Sogo Malaysia. This yearly event at Sogo Malaysia, last year it was held on the fifth day of CNY. 

Chor 10, CNY 2019, Lifestyle, Lion Dance, lou sang, Sogo Malaysia, sogo, shopping mall
Chor 10: Lion Dance & Lou Sang @ Sogo Malaysia 

HKTDC DG Studio Showcase The Best of Trendy Lifestyle Products from Hong Kong

Hey! HKTDC showcase is Back! This round the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) DC Studio brings you the best of trendy lifestyle products from Hong Kong to shoppers in Malaysia in a pop-up exhibit at 1 Utama Shopping Centre and Da Men Mall.

Hong Kong Trade Development Council, HKTDC, DG Studio, Trendy Lifestyle Products, Hong Kong, 1 Utama Shopping Centre, Da Men Mall, Lifestyle
HKTDC DG Studio Showcase The Best of Trendy Lifestyle Products from Hong Kong 

Pretty Ballerinas x Princess Olympia of Greece Collection for Spring Summer 2019

Here come the Royal favourite handmade ballerinas & flats! This time Princess Olympia of Greece, firstborn of Pavlos and Marie-Chantal, is the new face of Pretty Ballerinas. Let’s check out Princess Olympia’s most-loved styles from her collection of 7 pairs in collaboration with Pretty Ballerinas for Spring Summer 2019. Pretty Ballerinas are all hand-made on the Mediterranean island of Menorca, Spain.

Pretty Ballerinas, Princess Olympia of Greece, Shoes Collection, Spring Summer 2019
Pretty Ballerinas x Princess Olympia of Greece Collection for Spring Summer 2019

Holiday Preparation Checklist: How to Prepare for Your Bali Vacation

People from all over the world come to Bali to enjoy the idyllic beaches and captivating cultural scene. Slowly but surely, this tropical island in Indonesia is seeing success. The glorious Bali was picked the world’s favorite destination more than once and it is not hard to understand why. Besides the sandy beaches and the fact that the island is a center for intellectual creativity, it is worth mentioning the great weather. 

Tips For Big Bust Women: The Right Bra is Your Best Ally?

Having back pain or the sagging breasts are just some of the consequences of using a bra incorrectly. This feminine piece so elementary must be chosen under certain criteria that are what will define or not its functionality. Big bust women are in more than one diatribe about their bra. They cannot stop using it, but many times they feel extremely uncomfortable about its use. A roll here, a little bust coming out from underneath, and a band curled up in the back because its straps do not give anymore, does it sound familiar?

THOMAS SABO Sparkling Surprises for Valentine’s Day

February is the month of Love! This year THOMAS SABO celebrates Valentine's Day with the motto “Show your Love” and presenting perfect gift ideas for a loved one. The handcrafted designs in 925 Sterling silver are inspired by traditional love symbols, sparkling anchors and maritime trend motifs. 

Thomas Sabo, Thomas Sabo Malaysia, Valentine’s Day, Valentine's Gift Ideas, 925 Sterling silver, Love Shop, Thomas Sabo Love Shop, Sparkling Surprises, Show your Love, Fashion
THOMAS SABO Sparkling Surprises for Valentine’s Day 

Pros & Cons: Moving Into A High-Rise Apartment

There are several living arrangements available to individuals today. If you’re eyeing to move anytime soon and hire moving companies NYC, you can opt to move to another house, bachelor’s pad, or condominium. But today, more and more people are choosing to move into a high-rise apartment similar to furnished apartments el paso. With the number of units available today, it’s easy to find one which suits your needs, budget, and lifestyle. 

7 Tips to Boost Your Chance of Loan Approval

Other than emergencies, a lot of people get a loan for their weddings, vacations, home repairs, and school expenses. Personal loans are usually multipurpose loans that you can easily acquire from credible and reputable lending companies.

Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Each Family Member

Who says Valentine's Day is just for lovers? This precious day of the hearts celebrates love in all forms -not just erotic love but also parental love, friendships, and love between grandparents and grandchildren, siblings, and everyone in between. This Valentine’s Day, show them how much you appreciate them. A simple gift that is well-thought-out will be enough to light up their day and remind them that they are loved. After all, love starts at home, doesn’t it?

Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Each Family Member, Valentine's Day, Valentine’s Gift Ideas, Gift Ideas, Lifestyle

Perfect Gifts For Your Boyfriend If Your Relationship Is New

If you are new in a relationship and feel the skipping of the heartbeats, the sweetness in the breeze and have sleepless nights, the love has definitely taken a toll in your heart.  It’s time to enjoy every phase of your relationship and make your boyfriend feel special in ways he never felt before. How about planning a birthday present for him and giving him a memory that forever brings a smile on his face? So, if it’s his first birthday with you, be assured he is as excited for sharing the special day with you as you are. Take the guide to 7 best birthday gifts for new boyfriend and have him swoon in your love. 

Perfect Gifts, Boyfriend, New Relationship, New Relationship, relationship, Lifestyle,
Perfect Gifts For Your Boyfriend If Your Relationship Is New

Market Mojo: 6 Old School Marketing Techniques That Still Work in 2019

It feels like every week there is a new digital tool or trick to get your head around and add to your marketing mix. While all this new stuff is exciting, there is something to said for traditional marketing tools that have been driving steady business for decades. So what old-school marketing techniques are still useful in 2019? These are explained by Galaxy Marketing as below:

2019 Valentine’s Day Dinner @ GASTRO Sentral, Le Méridien Kuala Lumpur

There is no better way to say ‘I Love You!’ than to treat your loved one to an elegant dining experience amid the beautiful and romantic surroundings. You and your loved one may take pleasure to savour the specially-crafted Adam & Eve’s 4-Course Valentine’s Day Dinner @ GASTRO Sentral, Le Méridien Kuala Lumpur.

2019 Valentine’s Day,  Valentine's Day Dinner, GASTRO Sentral, Le Méridien Kuala Lumpur, Review. Valentine's Day review, food
2019 Valentine’s Day Dinner @ GASTRO Sentral, Le Méridien Kuala Lumpur

6 Reasons Why I Like SEERS 3-Sec Hot Water Dispenser

Besides having our home cooked meals at home, my family also loves to enjoy Chinese tea together while chatting; especially after our meal or afternoon or whenever we have guests. Well as you know making Chinese tea is an art and hot water is a must besides the tea leaves and tea set. Recently I was introduced to SEERS 3-Sec Hot Water Dispenser, so today I will share with you my experience using it and 6 reasons why I like it.

SEERS, 3-Sec Hot Water Dispenser, kitchen appliances, household product review, electrical appliances review, lifestyle
6 Reasons Why I Like SEERS 3-Sec Hot Water Dispenser

CNY 2019: Share The Blessing of Health with BRAND’S

Usually during Chinese New Year (CNY) I will buy festive gift packs, hampers and baskets for my family, close friends or even business associates. It’s the yearly tradition that runs in my family and me, symbolizes prosperity and blessings. Well health is the greatest blessing so every year I will look out for Brand’s gift packs and I love their Essence of Chicken.

BRAND’S, Essence of Chicken , CNY Gift Packs, CNY Hampers, Hampers, Lifestyle, cny 2019
CNY 2019: Share The Blessing of Health with BRAND’S

Disney Tsum Tsum X Cathy Doll Make-Up @ Guardian

Hey! Any Tsum Tsum fans here? Today we are going to share with you the cutest make-up collection that was launched in Malaysia recently. Here you go… tadah the irresistible range of make-up, Disney Tsum Tsum X Cathy Doll is now available in Malaysia, exclusively at Guardian. Go check out the whole collection at their stores.

Disney Tsum Tsum, Cathy Doll, Make-Up, Guardian, Beauty, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Goofy, Donald Duck, Pooh, Piglet, Tigger and Eeyore, Winnie the Pooh, Elsa, Anna and Olaf, Froze
Disney Tsum Tsum X Cathy Doll Make-Up 

Splendiferous New Year @ 1 Utama

Hey! Recently I did my last minute Chinese New Year shopping at 1 Utama, do you still remember their Holographic & Arty PlayRooms during Christmas? And this festive season I was amazed by their one-of-a kind contemporary floral garden decorations at LG Oval concourse. 1 Utama is all geared up for a bountiful “Splendiferous New Year” with splendor, exciting festivities and a plethora or reunion F&B delicacies.

1 Utama, Splendiferous New Year, CNY 2019, Contemporary Garden Decorations, Malaysia Shopping Mall Decoration, Chinese New Year Shopping Mall Decoration, Malaysia Shopping Mall, lifestyle, shopping mall
Splendiferous New Year @ 1 Utama

Tips to Find the Best Hair Stylist That Suits You

The beauty industry has tremendously grown over the years. From puffed up hair to straight and slick hairstyles, the hair styling industry has taken up a considerable share in matters of beauty and aesthetic appeal. With thousands of hairstyles to pick out, it is a surprise that some women still have a hard time coming out with beautiful hairstyles. Perhaps the million dollar question to be addressed is, how do I find the perfect hairstylists for me?

How To Sneak Easy Body Positive Practices Into Your Daily Life

How To Sneak Easy Body Positive Practices Into Your Daily Life 

The phrase “body positivity” has become a bit of a buzzword in recent years as waves of previously insecure individuals took to social media to celebrate feelings of self-love and worth. No matter how buzzy the word is or how confident those posting say they currently feel, embracing body positivity is a constant journey. Making one post on Instagram that celebrates your unfiltered body is a great step, but it isn’t going to instantly transform your whole life into one of radical self-love.

Beauty Industry: Career Options You Need to Know Before You Start

Fashion is a sense that some are born with and some develop over time. Over the years your calibre might have permitted you to start a number of businesses, but the only thing that you were passionate about was ‘Beauty & Fashion’. You probably loved the power that comes with looking good or making people look great.

7 Accessories You Need for Spring in the City

It’s official, spring is right around the corner. And for fashionistas that means one thing— it’s time for a wardrobe refresh. With new colors, patterns, and trends to play with, spring is a style icon’s dream. Get ready to ditch your winter wear in favor of lighter materials and brighter hues for spring in the city. We’re exploring 7 of the hottest accessories to wear this spring whether you’re strutting your stuff in Times Square or giving your small town an education in style.

7 Accessories You Need for Spring in the City

What’s with Hiring an Emergency Plumber? The Benefits You Can Get

Hiring an emergency plumber offers a number of great benefits, and some of these will be discussed below, so read on! No one can ever tell when a plumbing accident could happen. However, there are only typical working hours for plumbers during weekdays. With that, what if an emergency occurs outside the said working hours of the plumbers? In such an unforeseen case, the importance of calling an emergency plumber in Seattle WA matters a lot.

CNY 2019: A Blossoming Day @ Alamanda Shopping Centre

Hey! do still remember last month I went to Alamanda Shopping Centre to do my last minute shopping? So this month, I dropby again because I have dinner gathering with my friends there. Wow! I was amazed that Alamanda Shopping Centre main concourse transformed to a garden with blooming flowers, mandarin orange trees, and red lanterns. If you are heading there do check out the intagramable spots that you can take selfies, and wefies with your family and friends.

CNY 2019, A Blossoming Day,  Alamanda Shopping Centre, Alamanda CNY Decor, shopping centre, mall decor, cny mall decor, malaysia shopping mall decor, lifestyle
CNY 2019: A Blossoming Day at Alamanda Shopping Centre

Azammoff Boutique: Exclusive, Elegant & Quality Ready-To-Wear and Custom-Made at Affordable Price

As working urbanites looking presentable I would say is a must besides our knowledge and skills. We can’t shy away from attending corporate functions, weddings, gala events and many more. Therefore what we wear represents our personality and also the message that we want tell others. I’m so glad that recently my friend introduced me to Azammoff Boutique that has a wide ranges of Exclusive, Elegant and Quality Ready-To-Wear (RTW) and Custom-Made at an Affordable Price.

Azammoff Boutique, Seksyen 7 Shah Alam, Shah Alam, Exclusive, Elegant & Quality Ready-To-Wear, Custom-Made, Affordable Price, Fashion
Azammoff Boutique: Exclusive, Elegant & Quality Ready-To-Wear and Custom-Made at Affordable Price

Know More about Men’s and Women’s Western Cowboy Boots

Cowboy boots are very important as part of any country lover’s outfit. Some people use them especially in the winter time because they have the functionality and the style that many are looking for. Not all boots apply to just countrymen and women. They are also great for people anywhere who want to look trendy and stylish. You can know more about boots in this link here.

Western Cowboy Boots, Cowboy Boots, Fashion
Know More about Men’s and Women’s Western Cowboy Boots