Adidas new Ultra Boost Fall Winter 2015

Adidas new Ultra Boost Fall Winter 2015, adidas ultra boost, adidas

Let’s get active and start running. A healthy body leads to a clearer mind and balance soul. More motivation to run further and faster with the new Ultra Boost. Well, adidas Malaysia recently launched its Fall / Winter 2015 collection of the adidas Ultra BOOST running shoes at the first anniversary celebration of The Marathon Shop, an adidas Preferred Running Partner.

The Spirit of Merdeka

Hey Malaysians, what does Merdeka mean to you? The Spirit of Merdeka to me is no matter what happen, we stay united. We live in harmony with the Malays, Chinese, Indians and other races because we love Malaysia. I am proud to be Anak Malaysia. This is my root, the place that I was born and raised here. I love my country, my family, my friends and my memories here. Nothing can replace that… Merdeka!

Healthy Hair Styling Tools Experience by Philips KeraShine

Healthy Hair Styling Tools Experience, Philips KeraShine Philips, Philips Hair Styling Tools, Philips Haircare, Philips KeraShine Straightener, Philips Hair Tools Heated Styler, Philips Hair Dryer, Philips Malaysia

Alright as you know I like to I keep my hair as simple as possible which is straight and black. But sometimes adding some curls can gives the sexier and glam look. By the way, straight hair also needs to touch-up to look smooth and silky. Well, after attending the Philips KeraShine Bloggers Workshop I was given the KeraShine Straightener, Heated Styler and Hair Dryer to try it at home. Let’s start to style my hair at home and experience these healthy hair styling tools by Philips KeraShine.

Kose Skin Tech 2015, The Future Skincare

Kose Skin Tech 2015, The Future Skincare, kojic acid, Infinity Kose, Cosme Decorte, Liposome Treatment Liquid, Whitelogist MX, Realizing White Stick XX, kose, Kose malaysia

Two unique innovations and one effective ingredient were unveiled at the recent Kose Skin Tech 2015 that was held in Majestic Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. Kojic Acid technology from gastronomic tradition to perfect skin clarity is also the active ingredient behind two new key products from the well-loved prestigious skincare the Infinity Kose and Cosme Decorte, defining the future skincare.

The Suave of Cityscape by Mary Kay

Hey Urbanites! Perhaps this is the fragrance that you are looking for all these while. Well, the new Cityscape by Mary Kay fragrance for men and women are inspired by the simple sophisticated in modern architecture and bustling city streets. That symbolizes the endless connections around us. The fragrance captures the essence of these connections we call life and celebrate the beauty with style of effortless elegance. I adore perfume that is suave and not so overpowering with a hint of floras. How about you?

Looking for Gadgets & Information at Malaysia IT Fair 2015

Malaysia IT Fair 2015, Techbiz @ MITF, Techbiz, It Fair, Mid Valley Convention Centre, MVEC, Malaysia IT Fair, Gadgets, IT Sales,

Yay to the long weekend plus Monday is a public holiday because it’s Merdeka Day. I guess it’s time for me to do some spring cleaning and data backup this weekend. So I need extra external hard disk and some other gadgets. Here I was at the Malaysia IT Fair 2015 (MITF 2015) with some blogger friends to check out what is new and great bargain at the fair plus the seminars too.

Change Destiny World Tour

Change Destiny World Tour, SK-II, Radical New Age,  SK-II R.N.A. Power, SK-II R.N.A. Power Essence, Suria KLCC, Pitera, Facial Treatment Essence, Change Destiny Journey, Radical New Age journey        
SK-II Change Destiny World is a movement to inspire and empower women to go beyond their limitations and take control of their own destinies. The multi-day experience also celebrated SK-II’s own #changedestiny story, walk us through the brand’s rich history of scientific breakthroughs with its signature Facial Treatment Essence and introducing SK-II’s latest anti-aging innovation, the new SK-II R.N.A. (Radical New Age) Power boutique, which features the R.N.A. Power and R.N.A. Power Essence.

Osaka Maido Fair Experience this Summer

Osaka Maido Fair Experience, Summer, osaka summer, Osaka Castle, Universal Studio Japan, Umeda Sky Building, Dōtonbori, Billiken doll, Rakugo performance

Are you going to OSAKA? err me maybe next year. This year I have other trips planned already. For those who is going to Japan it will be good to start to do bit of research. Here I was at Osaka Maido Fair at Tokyo Street. Formally known as Naniwa, Osaka is a designated city in Kansai region and Japan's second largest city after Tokyo.

Priceza Malaysia Online Shopping & Price Comparison

Priceza Malaysia, Online Shopping, Price Comparison, price online, online shopping experience

I’m a huge fan of shopping, especially online shopping. One of the main reasons why I shop online is because I can find pretty much anything online. Whether it is a new phone, home appliance, cosmetics, shoes, or even groceries, I can bet you that there’s a website specifically for it. One of the biggest questions for me is, What is the best online shopping website in Malaysia? and Where can I get the best deal?

Where to Eat in Klang Valley? My Experience Using OpenSnap the Photo Dining Guide

where to eat in klang valley, OpenSnap, photo dining guide, food guide, app, food app, opensnap app

Dah makan? Jom makan! That are the common words we hear very often. I can’t deny that we, Malaysians love to eat and proud our food, including myself. Every weekend we don’t mind driving a distance to hunt for the food that we desired. But sometimes I ran out of ideas what to eat and have difficulties finding the places or wanted to explore new area for food but not sure which restaurants are good. Do you face the same situation as well? Where to Eat in Klang Valley? My Experience Using OpenSnap the Photo Dining Guide.

Warm Winter Makeover for Home

A Warm Winter Makeover At Home, A Warm Winter Makeover, Home

It’s summer all year long but still we will be influenced by season especially for fashion, décor, food, travel and arts. If one says 'Winter is coming' what is the first thing that pops up your mind? This is not just a famous line that was said often by John Snow in the award winning Game of Thrones but it is the season that brings in the cold and sends most of us into a state of hibernation.

The Pirate Adventure @ Melaka Alive Experience

The Pirate Adventure, Melaka Alive, 5D Experience, Melaka, Road Trip, Pirates of Melaka

Ahoy! This was our road trip to Melaka for The Pirate Adventure @ Melaka Alive and Raya Open House over the weekend. I still remembered back in April I was here for the Panglima Awang 5D Experience on this Bahtera Merdeka ship. And now there is a new immersive indoor attraction that promises to engage all our five senses and suspense from the beginning till the end of our journey in there.

Visibility Equals Safety

Dogs don’t care if it is day or night. All they know is that they want to go outside for their walk. They will get very upset if they don’t get their daily walk. Everyone also knows that the only way to be safe at night is if you are seen. It is very difficult to see anything once it gets dark outside. Do you know that about 1.2 million dogs are killed annually while out for a walk. Most of these accidents occur after dark. You must take all the safety precautions you can to protect your four-legged friends. 

Trending, Informative & Inspiring Techbiz IT Seminars 2015

Trending, Informative, Inspiring Techbiz IT Seminars 2015, Techbiz IT Seminars 2015, Malaysia IT Fair, Techbiz, IT Seminars

Hello Monday! I’m looking forward for Friday. There are so many reasons to be happy beacuse we are going to have a long weekend, Merdeka holiday plus Malaysia IT Fair is starting 28th till 31st August at Mid Valley Convention Center. This year IT Fair has a new business platform, seminars and exhibitions combined. For those who would like to have a better understand and insight of IT world remember to register for the Trending, Informative & Inspiring Techbiz IT Seminars in advance online. Do check out the schedule.

MediFeet Medical Health & Wellness Footwear

Hey! How was your weekend? Mine was fully packed from morning till night, brunch with family, meet up friends, running errands, dinner, groceries and now I am online going through my facebook feed at the same time writing this post. Women are good in multi-tasking. By the way, many of you love shopping and on the go; if you walk or stand for long hours do you experience back pain? I feel the pain especially if I wear the wrong shoes or high heels. My feet will become numbed and I need to go for massage badly. I'm glad that two weeks ago my friends introduced me to MediFeet Medical Health and Wellness Footwear.

MediFeet, Medical Health, Wellness Footwear, Fairlady, Formal shoes, shoes, grey shoes

Buying Bedding Stuff

When it comes to purchasing products, you already know that Australian made goods received the ultimate tick of approval. That is because of their superior quality and the high standards that are required when bringing goods to the market. What makes these products superior?

The Ugly Truth About Asbestos

(photo credit Turner Freeman)

The ugly truth about asbestos is that many asbestos related illnesses and subsequent deaths were and will continue to be caused by another person’s failure to take reasonable care for the health and safety of others. It is therefore important to understand and to be informed of the legal avenues available should you or a loved one be affected by exposure.

Self Image is a Powerful & Inevitable Force

Self Image is a Powerful & Inevitable Force, Self Image

Have you ever seen some people shine so brightly that it seems like they are on cloud nine and that they simply shimmer radiance? This is what happens when the perception of your self-image is shifted from one of doubt to one of fearlessness. Living with anxiety is like living with the ghost inside our shell. Sad to say that the way the world works, perception is everything. Many people have a fear of being judged and not being socially accepted which leads to insecurities. If you don’t understand how perception works then how you can play it to your favour. Or you can continue with your old-self and suffer in silent.

Hydra Quench Treatment Review

I am thirsty! This is what my dry and dehydrated skin is telling me. I feel some tightness on my cheeks, dry line below my eyes and skin dullness. How about you? Do you have the same skin condition as mine? There are many reasons our skin become dehydrated perhaps due to aging, weather, sun exposure, stress, pollutions, lifestyles, smoking or could be the skincare or make-up that we use. So what can I do?

Simpli Dry Experience The Blow Dry Bar in Batai Village

Simpli Dry Experience, simpli dry, Blow Dry Bar, batai Village, beauty bar, jalan batai, express manicure pedicure, damansara heights

OMG woke up with bad hair day and I have a lunch meeting this afternoon. Wish I could dash to a salon and style my hair but I don’t have the luxury of time to sit there for a few hours. So what I can do is to tide it up my hair or wear a hat. But now we have Simpli Dry the express beauty bar that I can get my hair and nail fixed in less than an hour. Time is precious, we want everything to be fast and express right?

Journey of Taste, A Gastronomic Discovery

Journey of Taste, A Gastronomic Discovery, dining Loft

Before I start, I would like to know have you visit the Dining Loft at Level 7 in Pavilion KL before? Well, so far I have tried Rocku Yakiniku and Serai but there are still many more restaurants that I wish to try. This morning I was at Dining Loft again for the Journey of Taste that brings together over 10,000 delightful dining and food choices across 150 outlets at Pavilion KL. The food trails begins…

Givenchy Le Rouge A Porter Experience

Givenchy Le Rouge A Porter Experience, Givenchy Beauty, Givenchy, Le Rouge A Porter, Le Rouge, couture lipstick

Gosh!!! the feel of genuine leather on my fingers excites me before I start to apply it on my lips. A gentle swipe on the lips gives a moist, smooth and luminous colour. Here is my couture lipstick, Le Rouge Givenchy now comes in an easy-to-wear balm, the new Givenchy Le Rouge A Porter.

Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream Review

Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream Review, Cetaphil, Moisturizing Cream, beauty review

I always have a tube of hand cream in my handbag, on my work desk and by my bed because I have dry and dehydrated skin. So this tube of Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream is what my skin need. I like it because it is suitable for super dry, sensitive skin and fragrance free. My major concerns are my dry hands, rough ankles, elbows and knees. Even though I hardly do house chores but my hands feel so dry, sometimes I am a bit shy to shake hands with others.

Revolution of Leather Accessories by Sembonia

Revolution of Leather Accessories, Sembonia, wristlet, wallet, purse, clutch, The Detachable The Clutch, To The Nine, Double Accordian, The Decerptible Purse, Oversized Wristlet, Continental Wristlet

Do you carry your handbag when you go out for lunch? Usually I just carry my purse with some cash and my phone when I go out for lunch with my colleagues. It is safer, light and easy, the bulky handbag can stay in the office. Few weeks ago I was checking out some new and versatile wristlets, wallets, purses and clutches at the preview of Sembonia new Revolution of Leather Accessories Collection in Pavilion KL.

First TechBiz @ Malaysia IT Fair

First TechBiz @ Malaysia IT Fair, TechBiz, Malaysia IT Fair, largest it fair in malaysia

Remember last week I blogged about the largest IT Fair in Malaysia that is going to happen later this month. Here, I am going to share about the first TechBiz @ Malaysia IT Fair (MITF) in conjunction with the fair. This is the new platform where it's everything about business IT solutions and hardware.

Aura of Youth: Lancome Advanced Genifique Review

Aura of Youth, Lancome Advanced Genifique Review, Lancome, Advanced Genifique, youth activator, anti aging serum

Let's talk about the how to maintain youthful skin. Don't skip your daily skincare routine no matter how tired you are you have to remove your makeup before going to bed. By the way, have you try this serum before? Well, recently Lancôme introduces the New Advanced Génifique youth activating concentrate for smoother, radiant and more youthful skin that you can see and feel in just 7 days. It arrived at my door step with a bouquet of pretty white roses last week. So can I see the difference in 7 days?

shu uemura Haute Street Beauty Art Make Up Competition 2015

shu uemura Haute Street Beauty Art Make Up Competition 2015, shu uemura, Haute Street, Beauty Art Make Up Competition 2015, shu uemura, Vision of Beauty Collection Vol 02, makeup competition, haute street beauty art, haute street makeup 
The Top 10 finalists of shu uemura Haute Street Beauty Art Make Up Competition 2015 pulled out all the stops to impress judges with their individual make up design and techniques at the Grand Finals Competition held “live” at Mid Valley Centre Court.

Create My Own Sandwich @ O’Briens

Create My Own Sandwich, O’Briens, O’Briens Irish Sandwich Cafe, O’Briens Sandwich, Cafe, healthy meal, hearty meal

Finally I am back after 3 days of silence, well it has been a busy week for me with work and also KL Fashion Week. And the after work traffic is getting into my nerves arghhh... Anyway put that aside, so today I am going to kick start with some healthy, hearty and wholesome meal to cheer me up and keep me going. I need energy! What should I eat? Perhaps some sandwiches and salad… well last weekend I create my own sandwich at O’Briens Irish Sandwich Cafe, Publika Solaris Dutamas. 

Harman Kardon & JBL @ Mid Valley

Here to check out the cool audio system and gadgets at the grand opening of Harman Kardon & JBL @ Mid Valley last week. HARMAN brands including JBL, Harman Kardon, Infinity, AKG, Yurbuds, and Mark Levinson have won 144 awards for 84 different products.

Korean Film Festival 2015

Korean Film Festival 2015, Korean Film Festival, Korean Film, GSC,

Hey Korean movie fans, mark your calendars and catch some of the best Korean films for free at the Korean Film Festival 2015 from 20 August – 23 August. A total of 10 films will be shown in participating Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC) in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Penang, Sabah and Sarawak. Check out the movie list…

Ensogo Daily Essentials at Best Price

Ensogo Daily Essentials at Best Price, Ensogo malaysia, ensogo, Daily Essentials, Best Price, household cleaners, breakfast drinks, diapers, detergent, online shopping, cheapest diapers, ensogo mobile app,

Ensogo now has broadened its range of products with a wide offering of household and daily essentials; such as breakfast drinks, instant noodles, household cleaners and sundries at best price. To all my mummy readers, you can now buy the cheapest diapers in Malaysia by simply purchasing through Ensogo Website or their Mobile App.

Malaysia IT Fair is Back with New Business Platform

Malaysia IT Fair is Back, New Business Platform, Techbiz, Malaysia IT Fair, Gadget, IT Fair, Mid Valley Exhibition centre, MVEC

Hey I just got back from raya open house and can’t wait to share this news with you all. If you are planning to upgrade or buy new gadgets hold on first because you might want to grab the great deals later this month. As Malaysia IT Fair is back on this 28th to 31st August at Mid Valley Exhibition Centre (MVEC).

Forest Colour

Forest Colour Cosmetics, Forest Colour, Halal Cosmetics, Halal beauty, halal products, Makeup, Cosmetics, Forest Colour Malaysia,

Forest Colour, the latest beauty and cosmetics brand in Malaysia. They are the first to introduce a full range of Aloe Vera based cosmetic series one of the natural anti-ageing ingredients. It is Halal certified and formulations are inspired from nature and herbal to suit our skin and enhance our beauty.

An Afternoon Affair with Wishkey


Well towards the 3rd or 4th quarter of the year many of us have annual dinners, balls, formal events and weddings to attend, don’t you agree with me? As usual many couple chose to have their wedding reception towards the year end and Chinese will usually go for the auspicious 8th lunar month. On hand I have received wedding invitations and expect a few more invitation aka “saman” to arrive soon. 

5 Helpful Tips To Improve Your Posture

Poor posture is a not a habit that happens overnight, it is built over the course of time, when you continuously sit and stand the wrong way throughout the course of your day. If your poor posture is beginning to turn into second nature, the time has come to make an adjustment. The following list provides helpful tips for doing so.

3 Steps Quick Fix to Flawless Skin

3 Steps Quick Fix to Flawless Skin, L’OCCITANE

As working urbanites we don’t so much time to apply makeup every morning before heading to work but we have to look good, so how? Alright here is the quick fix to flawless skin. Recently I have tried some L’OCCITANE products that can help us to achieve the natural nude and flawless skin in just 3 steps. Do you want to know?

Diamond Coral Installation

Diamond Coral Installation

The Art of Refined is not about luxury nor lavish, it’s an exquisite lifestyle that we cultivate. We constantly strive to refine and improve our life and home. After asking around and check online finally I decided to upgrade and install a new refined water machine, Diamond Coral Gold few days ago. As you know water is vital to our life and health so I try to make it a habit for the the whole family to drink at least 8 glasses of water every day. And make sure that they drink purified water because contaminated water can jeopardize our health.

Stop Over @ MITSUI Outlet Park, KLIA Sepang

MITSUI Outlet Park, KLIA Sepang, factory outlet mall,

Alright here is the new factory outlet shopping mall in town, err actually it's not really new anymore because MITSUI Outlet Park KLIA Sepang (MOP) was opened to the public since May 30th 2015. Last week was my first quick stop over at MITSUI Outlet Park with friends for an event. It is located 60km from Kuala Lumpur and 6km from KLIA and klia2. 

adidas Destroy vs Control Game Day

adidas Destroy vs Control, adidas game day, adidas X15, adidas Game Day ACE15, adidas be the difference

Here you go! I felt the heat at adidas Destroy vs Control Game Day last saturday at Art Printing, Bangsar. Well, adidas has defined two types of players on the field those who cause chaos and those who control everything. Come meet the game changers and the playmakers

Shiseido Professional Fuente Forte Carbonated Head Spa & Scalp Treatment

Shiseido Professional, Fuente Forte, Carbonated Head Spa, Scalp Treatment, Circulist Cleanser, Power Beauty Drop, Circulist Soda, Circulist Treatment, 76 style mont kiara, hair spa, hair salon

A luscious hair begins with healthy scalp. Therefore was at 76Style Salon at Plaza Mont Kiara last week to try out the latest Shiseido Professional The Hair Care Fuente Forte Carbonated Head Spa Treatment. It helps to promote blood circulation and fosters a healthy scalp condition for beautiful hair growth.

Jurlique Limited Edition Precious Rose Hand Cream

Jurlique Limited Edition Precious Rose Hand Cream, Jurlique Precious Rose Hand Cream, Jurlique, Jurlique 30 Anniversary

Jurlique celebrates it’s 30th Anniversary long-standing love affair with roses with the new Limited Edition Precious Rose Hand Cream. The luxurious texture and aromatic fragrance extracted the liquid life force of the pure Alchemist Roses through an expert dehumidifying process.

NARS Mid Valley Celebration Party

NARS Mid Valley Celebration Party, NARS Malaysia, NARS Mid Valley, NARS Private Screening Fall 2015 Color Collection, NARS Fall 2015, NARS AW15, NARS Party

Party On!!! rocking Thursday evening in black at NARS Mid Valley Celebration Party. The event was held at the Centre Court in conjunction with NARS roadshow and also to celebrate NARS second boutique in Malaysia.