A Blossoming Day at Suria KLCC Mandarin Orange Garden

Hey! I’m waiting for you under this mandarin orange tree, when are you coming ya? Seriously… Chinese New Year vibes going strong here! Few days ago, I had A Blossoming Day at Suria KLCC Mall’s Mandarin Orange Garden. Can you imagine, the mall has been transformed into a magnificent Mandarin orange garden with the theme “Abundance of Prosperity”. There are lots of fun activities to explore and I have spotted many instagramable corner that we could take pictures. Let’s check out yo!

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A Blossoming Day at Suria KLCC Mandarin Orange Garden

5 Tips for Being a Healthier Woman

Your body is the one and only vehicle that you’ve been given for life, so it makes sense that you would want to take care of it. There are several things you can do each day to make sure you're getting the best care, even if you don't realize you are.

Perfect Gifts for the Businessmen and Women in Your Life

Your partner, friend, or colleague might be regularly jetting off to another business conference, or is constantly working hard on spreadsheets and the next budget report. From backpacks to water bottles, we've put together this list of some great gift ideas for the traveling business person.

Top Mobile Apps to Meet Someone Online in 2019

It's estimated that over 25% of all relationships start online in 2019, which also means this is an excellent choice for anyone looking to meet someone for a casual or committed relationship. Apps aren't just for young millennials either, and are now used by people of all ages, genders, and races. As you have your smartphone with you at all times, this is a great opportunity to casually chat to new people as you go through your day, rather than having to go out of your way to try to meet new people all the time. Also, the people that are looking to meet someone online are in the same position as you. They're single and looking for some sort of relationship, unlike many people that you may try to speak to in your day-to-day that may be taken.

Ryo x Watsons, Korea Top Herbal Hair Care is Now in Malaysia

Annyeong! Here are Ryo x Watsons exclusive launch at RuMa Hotel and Residences in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. Finally, Ryo the leading shampoo brand from South Korea is now available at Watsons nationwide. Have you heard or tried this hair care brand before? You know for 9 consecutive years from 2009 to 2018, RYO has proven its track record for being Korea’s No.1 market share in herbal shampoo category, according to Kantar Worldpanel, a global expert in shopper’s behavior.

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Ryo x Watsons, Korea Top Herbal Hair Care is Now in Malaysia

Oriental Sanctuary in Spring @ Main Place Mall

Embracing Chinese New Year vibes with propitious and grace at Oriental Sanctuary in Spring @ Main Place Mall. It's one of a kind pagoda in mall that embodies luck and great fortune. With the cozy bamboos tunnel, pagoda décors inspired by traditional temple in eastern Asia. Not to forget the oriental wheel of fortune and decorative bridge, it all creates perfect photo opportunities for all. 

Oriental Sanctuary in Spring, Main Place Mall, CNY 2019, Chinese New Year, Shopping Mall decoration, Malaysia Shopping Mall, Malaysia Shopping Mall Decoration, Malaysia Shopping Mall Chinese New Year CMY Decoration, lifestyle
Oriental Sanctuary in Spring @ Main Place Mall

Share Your Love Expressions with Adorable Gifts on Valentine’s Days

In a relationship, every man wants to adore the girl or woman with some beautiful memories. He has some immense feelings that he conveys by showering with gifts and tokens of love. Valentine’s Day is a valuable time for lovers to show affection and gratitude for each other. So, it depends on your way of showing your love for her. You don’t need to worry about to make her feel special on this memorable occasion. Just think from the heart, and you will be able to get the right solution. You can find different suitable gifts through online or offline gifting stores.

5 Ways To Increase Emotional Intimacy with Your Boyfriend

Good looks, and a nice physique makes it easy to allure the man of your dreams in your life but even you know that physical intimacy is not enough in a relationship to form an emotional bond with the person you are attracted to. A strong emotional relationship requires efforts and compromises which could make him spend rest of his life with you or go out of his way to make you happy.

Tips to Save Money in 2019

Managing finances is a cumbersome task for a lot of people. Many don't know how best to handle their expenditures, as well as savings. Saving money is a simple process that can save you a huge chunk of money if done well. All you need is saving whatever little amounts you can spare and slowly build up on the savings. Here are a few ways to begin saving.

Malaysia Halal Expo 2019 themed Malaysia 2 Japan for 2020 Olympics

Well those days when I travelled with my Muslim colleagues and friends we do encountered some difficulties in finding Halal food. However, nowadays many countries started to take note that there are huge demands for Halal food not only for their tourism industry but also for local consumption and export. So when I saw many of my friends went to Malaysia Halal Expo 2019 themed Malaysia 2 Japan for 2020 Olympics at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, I decided to dropby the expo. Let’s check out what are the new and innovative Halal products that are available. Plus this expo also give the local entrepreneurs the chance to participate in the 2020 Olympics by promoting and supplying halal products in Japan. Jom!

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Malaysia Halal Expo 2019 themed Malaysia 2 Japan for 2020 Olympics

Ways on How to Get a Comfortable Place to Stay When Travelling

When traveling, especially long distance, accommodation is one factor that should always be at the top of the list of any traveler. After all, you deserve a nice place when you finally get to take a break from the long hours of traveling. It's, therefore, imperative that the place you decide to lay your head down is as comfortable as possible. It's also important that it meets your budget needs. Finding the ideal place for your accommodation may be overwhelming, especially when you’re very new to the travel destination and you probably don’t know anyone there. Additionally, for safety reasons, you just don’t want to go asking around strangers about the various places they know of that you can stay at. In other words, you want to be prepared.

8 Easy and Effective Ways to Bring in Some Colours to Your Bathroom

Most of us love white bathrooms because we relate the white color to a clean and sanitized bathroom. This is a complete misconception! They do sleek and elegant. But hey! Don’t you get bored when you look at the same ‘overpowering’ white? Or maybe you hate neutral colors because they do not motivate you enough? You do, right? So, why not add some colors which can brighten up your mood every morning and relax you as well at the end of the day? It will add a vibrant vibe to your house without you paying a hefty amount of money.

4 Essential Pet Products You Won't Know How You Lived Without

Have you ever wished that you had an easy way to carry all your pet’s essentials when you go for a walk or take a trip? Do you want some type of innovative technology that would make your life easier and your pet’s happier? Or give you the ability to check-in on them when you were at work or running errands?

How To Choose The Best Sized Handbag Suitable For Any Occasion

Choosing the correct handbag for all types of occasions is usually not that easy. Yet it is easier for the women that have a clear understanding about their lifestyles and styles and also know about the diverse range of different handbags currently available.

Warning Signs of a Heart Attack: Are You at Risk?

Not many individuals can sense a heart attack once it hits them, especially when they don’t have a clue about its warning signs and symptoms. A heart attack, which is medically referred to as myocardial infarction, occurs when the blood flow to the heart is blocked due to the buildup of substances such as cholesterol and fat in the coronary arteries.

OOTD: Retro 80's Chinese New Year Collection

Hey! Here are some of my OOTD wearing Retro 80's Chinese New Year Collection for 2019. Hope you have a great day ahead and don't let other put you down, be confident in who you are because you are unique. 

OOTD, Retro 80's, Chinese New Year Collection, Fashion, cny 2019, cny ootd
OOTD 1: Retro 80's Chinese New Year Collection
Maroon Cape Dress from Retro 80’s

Sunshine Kelly x Voir Gallery Lookbook: 8 Ways to Look Chic & Elegant this Chinese New Year

Hey! How’s your preparation for Chinese New Year? Have you complete your shopping and spring cleaning? Well for those who have not shop for your CNY clothes yet you still have time to do so. I would like to share Sunshine Kelly x Voir Gallery Lookbook: 8 Ways to Look Chic & Elegant this Chinese New Year

8 Ways to Look Chic & Elegant this Chinese New Year, Sunshine Kelly, Voir Gallery Lookbook, Look Chic & Elegant, Chinese New Year, cny 2019, OOTD, CNY OOTD, Fashion
Sunshine Kelly x Voir Gallery Lookbook: 8 Ways to Look Chic & Elegant this Chinese New Year

OGAWA Master Drive Plus Review Ultimate Head-To-Toe Relaxation

After a long day at work especially when I am on my heels all day, I wish that I have someone to massage my legs and body. That will be perfect! Recently I tried OGAWA Master Drive Plus, the state-of-the-art massage experience that combines the best of holistic therapy. For those who do not have a masseur at home or too busy to go for massage, now you can have OGAWA Master Drive Plus with technology you can see, innovations you can feel for an ultimate head-to-toe relaxation anytime.

OGAWA, Master Drive Plus, Master Drive Plus AI, Massage Chair, Ultimate Head-To-Toe Relaxation
OGAWA Master Drive Plus Ultimate Head-To-Toe Relaxation

Tanzini GTower Valentine’s Set Dinner 2019

Hey! Valentine’s Day is just round the corner, do you have any plan for that special day? Well, if you’re planning for a romantic dinner with delectable courses and perfect view, check out Tanzini GTower Valentine’s Set Dinner 2019.

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Tanzini GTower Valentine’s Set Dinner 2019

The Different Benefits to Using a Used Car Dealership

When choosing to buy a car. It is important to take various considerations into account - one being where to buy the vehicle.  While many people will opt for a new car dealership, there are others who will choose to go to a used car dealership. Used car dealerships are often associated with poor reputations and bad quality products, but this is not always the case.  When shopping at a used car dealership with a good reputation, you can purchase a high-quality vehicle at a reduced price. This article will provide you with more benefits to purchasing a car from Buy Here Pay Here dealership.

5 Travel Guide for Beginners

If you've decided to take on the world and start traveling, it's a bold and exciting move, especially when you're new at. There's so much to explore just going from state to state or from country to country. But if you don't plan well, that could easily put a damper on your traveling. So, here are some basics for you to ensure your traveling goes as much as possible according to plan so that you enjoy every minute of it.

3 Types of Popcorn Machines Available in the Market in 2019

Popcorn comes in handy when watching movies, be it at home or at the cinema. If you are the type that enjoys watching movies at home, it would be even more fun if you make the popcorn, instead of buying it. That’s when a popcorn machine comes in handy.  But with so many popcorn machines on the market, which ones are the best? To help you identify one that is good for your needs, here are 3 types of popcorn machines available in the market in 2019.

Toyota Creates Freedom of Mobility in Wheelchairs

The Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020 are less than two years away, and Toyota is ready for the event with a new mobility concept that is poised to be the foundation of these games. The focus of this concept will be mobility, environmental sustainability, and transportation of support staff.

Top 5 Tips for Winter Engagement Photography in Canada

Winter engagement photography is about love, and the birth of a long-lasting relationship. It must capture, with winter engagement photography, the essence of the love that exists with two people who are about to spend their entire lives together.

5 Habits That Will Actually Improve Your Stomach Fitness

Many obese people wish that they are blessed with a wizard’s wand, with magical properties, to improve their stomach fitness. There are no shortcuts to keep your stomach in an ideal condition. Keeping your stomach fit requires commitment, perseverance, and substantial efforts. When your abdominal fats are intoned condition, your digestive system works perfectly in sync with the other eleven important organ systems.

Teeth Whitening Kits - More Than Just Aesthetics

For so long some of us have had to swallow our thoughts about our teeth appearance, remembering to smile without flashing them every time someone busts out a camera. But now? Getting and maintaining white teeth is so easy, and can be done while you binge on Netflix. But teeth whitening is more than just aesthetics, and the benefits extend far past that moment when you see yourself in the mirror with white teeth smiling back at you, according to this Sarasota FL DentistHere’s what you can expect when you choose to whiten with teeth whitening kits.

Pantene Micellar Series Change The Way We Wash Our Hair

Bad Hair Day? Hmmm... nobody have time for that! Well living in this hot & humid climate, we wash our hair quite often but do you know that using the wrong shampoo can makes our hair dull and dry. So recently Pantene launched their first ever Micellar Series in partnership with Watsons Malaysia.

Pantene Micellar Series Change The Way We Wash Our Hair

New Year, New Youth! with Yehwadam Heaven Grade Ginseng Regenerating Line Upgraded Formulation

New Year, New Youth! with upgraded Yehwadam Heaven Grade Ginseng Regenerating / Rejuvenating line, one of THE FACE SHOP’s signature anti-ageing line. This is the latest and upgraded formulation that caters for women aged 35 and above, this luxurious skincare line targets skin’s loss of elasticity due to ageing. Do you want to know, what are the differences between this and the previous version?

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New Year, New Youth! with Yehwadam Heaven Grade Ginseng Regenerating Line Upgraded Formulation

New Year New Puppy? Here’s What You Need to Know

There is nothing cuter and sweeter than a new puppy. A sweet little fur ball who will grow up looking up to you being your best friend and giving you unconditional love. Having a puppy can be very rewarding, but it’s not all rainbows and unicorns. Puppies can be a lot of work. A puppy is like a baby and needs constant care and attention. They also are still learning and exploring the world. This means they aren’t trained, they don’t know what is and isn’t safe, and they will like to chew. It’s up to you to keep your puppy safe and to have the patience to treat your new puppy like the sweet fur baby that it is.

How to Choose a Brew-tiful Ground Coffee

When you are shopping for a ground coffee, the number of packages on the shelves can be absolutely overwhelming. The bright colors on the packaging can lead you to think that the coffee inside of it is just as bold and strong. Also, once you have chosen a coffee, another one sneaks up on you. These tips I am going to share with you will make choosing a ground coffee a latte easier.

CNY Shanghainese Cuisine @ Shanghai Restaurant, JW Marriot Kuala Lumpur

Omg! This could be the prettiest Yee Sang that I ever tossed and tasted. Recently we the classic award-winning Shanghainese Cuisine @ Shanghai Restaurant, JW Marriot Kuala Lumpur. The Chinese New Year Menu is crafted by Executive Chinese Chef Wong Wing Yuek, from Shanghai. Chef Wong is a man who is dedicated to serving only the best and most authentic dishes from his native city.

CNY Menu, Shanghainese Cuisine, Shanghai Restaurant, JW Marriot Kuala Lumpur, CNY 2019, CNY Food Review, Food Review,
CNY Shanghainese Cuisine @ Shanghai Restaurant, JW Marriot Kuala Lumpur

7 Uses of Handkerchiefs You Should Know

A common conversation between men might be about ‘the good old days.' Those were the time when things were simpler, technology didn't rule lives, and things were made to last rather than be used for a few years at most, and then be thrown away. One classic item that has been lost recently is the handkerchief. Only a generation or two ago, this would have been a staple in any man's everyday carry. 

Li Yen, Chinese New Year Menu @ The Ritz-Carlton, Kuala Lumpur

Recently we had the privileged to savour Li Yen, the award-winning Cantonese restaurant at The Ritz-Carlton, Kuala Lumpur Lunar Chinese New Year (CNY) feasts. The exquisite selection of menus with traditional delicacies and signature dishes are available for lunch and dinner, showcasing the best of Cantonese fine dining. Prosperity Yee Sang with an option to include salmon, tuna or abalone adds a ritzy twist to the traditional festive toss.

Li Yen, Chinese New Year Menu 2019, The Ritz-Carlton, Kuala Lumpur, CNY 2019 Menu, CNY Food, Food

How to Make Money While Cleaning Your Old Stuff

Do you have old, but functioning phones sitting somewhere and just gathering dust? Or a closet full of glamorous dresses that you won’t be wearing anymore? It can be surprising how fast these items accumulate, but cleaning them is usually on the bottom of a person’s to-do list. However, would you be willing to declutter dusty old items knowing that these can make you serious money? If yes, then continue reading this article to learn how you can make money out of your old stuff.

Electrical Safety Tips for Every Season

The use of electricity in a careful manner is essential. Since it is among the crucial ways to ensure that your family is safe in every season. Often, neglect of safe use of electricity ends up causing unwanted damages to your home or injuries to your loved ones. Hence, due to the unpredictable changes around your home, it’s important to take the following electrical safety tips to keep your family and home safe.

Julie’s Love Letters Win RM1K Reunion Dinner

Hello! Hello! Can you feel CNY Vibes here? They say good news must share and I say good food must ajak me! Don’t say sis bojio! By joining Julie’s “What’s Your Love Letter” contest from Jan 8 to Feb 3, 2019. There will be 15 winners will walk away with RM1000 worth of reunion dinner vouchers to treat themselves and their families to a sumptuous meal this Chinese New Year. I hope you will be one of the winners also! But first let’s check out how to win the prizes.

Julie’s Love Letters Win RM1K Reunion Dinner
Julie’s Love Letters Win RM1K Reunion Dinner

5 Tips Starting Your Own Apparel Company

The apparel business is big. So big that a number of billionaires in the top 100 richest people in the world are in the apparel business.  Lots of celebrities also tend to go into apparel after building their name as a brand. This goes to show that it is a lucrative business. But like all other businesses, before you engage in it, you need to have an understanding of its basics. To help you make a successful entry into this business, here are 5 tips to starting your own apparel company.

DR. GLAMOGENIC Enliven Brightening Cream Review

Hey! I have a bit of concerns about my elbow, underarm and also knee that appear darker than my other part of skin. Well I think some of you might have the same concern too. Have you stopped wearing sleeveless dresses and tops because of dark armpits? Recently I was introduced and tried DR. GLAMOGENIC Enliven Brightening Cream that helps to reduce the dark spots on our body such as elbow, underarm, knee and the areas on our body that appear to be darker than usual.

Dr. Glamogenic, Enliven Brightening Cream, Brightening Cream, Beauty Review, Beauty
DR. GLAMOGENIC Enliven Brightening Cream Review

Character Traits Men Look for in Women

There is a certain point in life where you may decide to start dating. This can be when one wants to settle down or even start a family. You should make sure during this period to try and find the best person for you. Settling down with someone who truly loves and understands you is one of the best things that can happen to you in your life.

Benefits That You Can Get From Owning an eBike

Unlike the standard bicycle, an electric one doesn’t require you to keep pedaling all the time. You can turn on the motor and give yourself a much-needed rest during your commute. This is one of the reasons why the heavy duty electric bike has become so popular for people who find riding the standard bike too strenuous.

Exquisite CNY Dining Experience @ Dynasty, Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel

Well recently we had Exquisite CNY Dining Experience @ Dynasty, Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel. Led by Executive Sous Chef Kok Chee Kin, the restaurant’s MasterChefs have specially crafted 10 decadent dine-in set menus and exclusive à la carte specials to welcome the Lunar New Year at Dynasty from 21st Jan to 19th Feb 2019.

CNY Dining Experience,  Dynasty, Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel, CNY Menu, Chinese New Year Menu, Food, Food Review
Exquisite CNY Dining Experience @ Dynasty, Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel

Island Tours: A Romantic Getaway

Whether you're celebrating an anniversary, on a honeymoon, or taking your relationship to the next level, an island tour is the perfect romantic getaway. You’ll be surrounded by cool breezes, fresh air, and the sounds of gentle waves lapping against the beach. What could be more romantic than that? At night, you can whine and dine and dance the night away.

The 6 Types of Mattresses for Your Bedroom: Which is Right for You?

Having a good and comfortable night’s sleep is crucial as it makes us healthy and happy. However, choosing the right type of mattress for your bedroom has never been an easy task, because if you end up with the wrong one it may possibly result in achy mornings and sleepless nights.

7 Interesting Self Storage Facts

Self-storage is a growing industry that enables families and individuals to store their belongings safely. Many people are finding it beneficial to free up space in their homes by renting storage units and spaces all around the United States. If you’re interested in learning more about self-storage, here are 7 facts that you should consider it.

MAGLifestyle SS19 RTW ‘Fascinating New Year’ & RSVP CNY Capsule Collection

Here for MAGLifestyle Publika Boutique Grand Opening. The renowned Malaysian fashion brand, MAGLifestyle also showcased their SS19 Ready-to-Wear ‘Fascinating New Year’ and also RSVP SS19 Capsule Collection themed Moonlight. The latest collection features an exceptional series of modern Qipao that is uniquely designed with a mixture of prints and statements.

MAGLifestyle, SS19 RTW Fascinating New Year Collection, RSVP CNY Capsule Collection moonlight, MAGLifestyle Boutique, MAGLifestyle Publika, Fashion, Fashion Show
MAGLifestyle SS19 RTW ‘Fascinating New Year’ & RSVP CNY Capsule Collection

Guitar or Bass Guitar: How to Determine the Better Instrument to Learn

Guitar or bass guitar? How do you decide which instrument to learn? Looking to start a band? Unless you have a fantastic voice, you're going to need to learn an instrument of some sort. It will take time and patience to make it happen, but if that's the dream, then go for it! Most rock bands have a vocalist, guitarist or two, bassist, and drummer, with some also featuring a keyboardist if that’s their vibe. Drums? Definitely not for everyone – they do take up kind of a lot of space at home. This is why you may decide that the guitar is the only way to go. After all, everyone wants to be the lead guitarist! But then, bass guitarists have skills, too…so how to decide which one to pick up?

Candour C.Formulae Revitalise Haircare Series Review

Hey! Have you ever wonder what is it like to have good hair day, everyday... err day! Do you have hair concerns such as split ends, dry and frizzy, dull and lifeless, oily scalp and unmanageable hair? If yes… you might want to check out my review about this newly launched CANDOUR’s C.Formulae Revitalise Haircare Series that consist of Intensive Revitalizing Shampoo and Intensive Hydro Treatment.

candour, c.formulae, C.Formulae Revitalise Haircare Series, c.formulae Intensive Revitalizing Shampoo, c.formulae Intensive Hydro Treatment, haircare review, haircare, beauty
CANDOUR C.Formulae Revitalise Haircare Series Review
consist of Intensive Revitalizing Shampoo and Intensive Hydro Treatment

Esquire Kitchen Prosperity Chinese New Year Menu Review

Hey! Let’s kick start the Chinese New Year vibes with Esquire Kitchen Prosperity Chinese New Year Menu. Recently we had a scrumptious lunch at Esquire Kitchen to savour their auspicious CNY dishes and one of my favourite is the Ong Lai Lai Fish! or pineapple fish is one of my favorite sweet and citrusy crispy deep fried fish. By the way, ‘ong lai lai’ is an auspicious word because it means ‘luck come come’. 

Esquire Kitchen, Prosperity Chinese New Year Menu, CNY 2019, Chinese New Year Dishes, Chinese Food, Food, food review
Esquire Kitchen Prosperity Chinese New Year Menu Review