The 6 Types of Mattresses for Your Bedroom: Which is Right for You?

Having a good and comfortable night’s sleep is crucial as it makes us healthy and happy. However, choosing the right type of mattress for your bedroom has never been an easy task, because if you end up with the wrong one it may possibly result in achy mornings and sleepless nights.

So, to help you in choosing the right type that’s best for you we have compiled the 6 most common types of mattresses for your bedroom.

6 Types of Mattresses for Your Bedroom

1. Latex Mattress
This type of mattress is packed with latex foam that is considered a breathable material, thus you will not burn while you’re sleeping. Latex mattresses are also durable and long-lasting. Further, this mattress can be a good option for people with either asthma or allergies. And at first, it feels solid making it ideal for those who want the best firm mattress.

2. Air foam mattresses

Air foam mattresses aligns with all types of mattress needs, If you are looking for a good support , or a cooling mattress with long durability. Invest in a top rated 12 inch foam mattress for a well-rounded sleep routine. Find more information on best flippable mattress here.

3. Memory Foam Mattress
As the name implies, this type of mattress for the bedroom is made of memory foam – a moldable material that responds to weight and temperature. Moreover, memory foam mattresses have hypoallergenic properties.

This mattress has a sinking motion, however, not everybody likes it and it may possibly get hot. But it is ideal for people who suffer from a bad back and need some support since it maintains posture as well as horizontally align the spine when you’re sleeping on your side.

4. Pocket Spring Mattress
Pocket spring mattresses are more luxurious compared to other types. In fact, they are made from small and individual springs kept in their individual pocket of fabric. Meaning to say, every spring will move independently giving more support as compared to an open spring mattress.

Depending on your own preference, you can purchase a firm, soft, or medium version of pocket spring mattress. Compared to latex or memory foam mattresses, this type is more breathable thus it can be a great option if you are always getting hot in the middle of your sleep. Though, they are weighty to turn and can be packed with natural materials like that might agitate allergies.

A pocket spring mattress is ideal for those who are looking for a bed that can comfortably accommodate two people. What’s more, this mattress also minimizes the possibility of you rolling near your partner during your sleep.

5. Portable Mattress
This type of mattress is compact and lightweight. It can be utilized as an extra sleeping area especially if you have guests. Portable mattresses, on the other hand, can offer an instant yet comfortable sleeping area.

Further, it comes in inflatable or folding option which feature unified pumps for accomplishing the ideal balance of durability for outdoor as well as indoor environments. Today, there are now lots of portable mattresses where you can choose from.

6. Innerspring Mattress
This type of mattress utilizes a support system known as steel coil. Actually, there are various kinds of spring systems, comprising those units that have separately wrapped pocketed coils and springs attached to one unit. However, the number of coils, coil gauge, designs, and spring shapes may possibly differ. The innerspring, however, is covered with upholstery materials or padding.

7. Waterbed
Waterbeds utilize water chambers as their support system. Typically, waterbeds have two different types: the soft-sided and hard-sided beds.

Soft-sided beds feature a water compartment inside a four-sided frame of firm foam that is zipped in a fabric covering. Whereas the hard-sided units have a water compartment inside a four-sided wood frame. 

Usually, both types rest on top of a platform and they’re designed to appear like conventional beds.

There you have it, the six types of mattresses for your bedroom to choose from. Keep in mind that choosing a mattress is extremely subjective. Thus identifying what type of mattress feels great to your body before making a purchase is essential.

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