How To Choose The Best Sized Handbag Suitable For Any Occasion

Choosing the correct handbag for all types of occasions is usually not that easy. Yet it is easier for the women that have a clear understanding about their lifestyles and styles and also know about the diverse range of different handbags currently available.

Today the market is truly overcrowded with a diverse handbag range which includes authentic and real brands along with the fakes. As a consumer you need to take your time to examine and do your homework on the different options available so that you can choose the best size hand bag that you can carry to any type of occasion and the type that will match up to your personalized needs and your personality.

To assist you with this task, here are a few tips to help you get started:

The Occasion

Think about the upcoming occasion you are attending. For most women they think about an event before they choose the right outfit. This same rule applies to choosing a handbag. There are different handbag types that are suited to different events. An example of this includes the handbags that work for either informal or formal events. There are also different types for work-related events, evening events, long vacations, shopping,date nights and more. When you first consider the occasion, it becomes easier to choose a handbag that is the right size that will enhance your outfit.

The Design

Handbags also come in a variety of designs, which help them to match up to different occasions. For example, the size and design of a handbag that you carry to your next holiday party might not be the best choice for a night out with the girls. Certain handbag designs may be your guide to choosing the right choice for you. Some examples include a baguette, cosmetic bag, doctor’s bag, duffel bag, bowling bag or an athletic bag. However, if you need a handbag that is universal, it is suggested to choose one of the versatile designs.

The Use

Think about the items you wish to carry in your handbag. Certain handbags feature different types of storage spaces which will depend on their size, shape, and design. For example, an evening handbag are smaller in size which means you will only be able to carry a couple of items. It is always wise to consider the space you will need before you buy a handbag.

Think About The Way That You Dress

This is probably one of the more important factors when it comes to choosing the right size and design of the handbag to match up to any occasion. If you are looking for a statement-piece that reflects your style and your lifestyle, choose a quality handbag which will complement the outfits that you wear.

Considerations When Choosing Your Next Handbag

You probably change the shoes and the clothes that you wear on a daily basis, and for some women even more frequently. For this reason it makes a lot of sense for many women to own a variety of handbags. Every day or night will be different, which means finding the correct sized handbag to match up to the different events that you attend is important if you want to feel confident. Below is a list of 5 versatile handbags from to match up to 5 common occasions.

1. The Satchel - The Best Choice For Everyday Life

Every girl needs a go-to handbag for necessity items such as pens, planner, wallet, phone and a few makeup items. For every-day life it is advisable to choose a crossbody bag or laid-back satchel. Inside these spacious bags, you will find a few compartments to help you stay organized. 

The crossbody bags are great for attending events such as concerts or music festivals as they stay close to your body when you are in crowded spaces.

2. The Hobo - Ideal For Weekend Events

A slouchy Hobo is a great option if you require more space in a handbag. You can carry anything that you need in this bag which includes items you do need as well as the items that are not so important. This is the perfect handbag for weekends making sure you enjoy your time to the very fullest. This is the type of bag that allows you to throw in several shades of lipstick to match up to the mood that you are in on the day. This is the perfect bag to stock up on drinks and candy before you go to the movies or a visit to your favorite nephew or niece.

3. The Backpack - Best Handbag For Work

Today’s backpacks are not only for children anymore. A leather, soft backpack or the ones with funky details and designs are now suitable for grownups. If you need space this is the type of bag for work that allows you to carry numerous items to the office. This could include comfortable commuter shoes, packed lunches or even your laptop. Backpacks are also great for distributing weight which will take the strain off your shoulders and neck.

4. The Tote - Ideal For Women On The Go

Regardless of if you are going on a long excursion or a day trip, you should use the motto "be prepared"with care and this applies to your handbag too. The tote offers enough space to carry everything that you will need, and they come in a number of styles which includes casual, sporty or sleek.

5. The Clutch - The Best Handbag For Nights Out

When you go out at night it is best to leave that bulky bag behind. The clutch is perfect for a date night or a party or your favorite bar or anytime you feel like dressing up. However, the size of a clutch only allows enough space for things that you have to carry with you for the evening, offering you a lightweight option to enjoy your evening out. You may want to choose a design that features a wristlet, which means it will be harder to forget or lose, especially after you have had a few cocktails.

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