Island Tours: A Romantic Getaway

Whether you're celebrating an anniversary, on a honeymoon, or taking your relationship to the next level, an island tour is the perfect romantic getaway. You’ll be surrounded by cool breezes, fresh air, and the sounds of gentle waves lapping against the beach. What could be more romantic than that? At night, you can whine and dine and dance the night away.

During the day, you can spend quality time together doing fun and exciting activities. Walking on the beach and hiking in a beautiful tropical setting is a wonderful way to reset your relationship and get to know each other.

Going snorkeling, kayaking, or taking stand up paddle boarding lessons are great ways to work off excess energy, have a lot of fun, and be relieved from normal day-to-day stress. If you're more daring, surfing lessons aren't only exciting; they are usually good for a laugh or two.

The advantage of an island excursion is that you'll never be bored, because you have so many fun activities that will aid in bringing you and your partner closer together. If you’re old-fashioned, you can even spend some quality time lying on the beach.

Probably one of the toughest decisions about planning your romantic island getaway is deciding where to go. A great option is a Phi Phi Island Tour.

The Phi Phi islands are an island group in Thailand. The largest island is Phi Phi Don. Enjoy snorkeling through crystal blue waters while observing breathtaking underwater scenery. Spend your time lounging on some of the most pristine beaches you've ever seen.

Take a boat tour and don't forget your camera as you observe natural wonders in this protected National Park. Let your tour guide provide the snorkeling equipment, so that you can have the time of your life exploring a new and mysterious underwater world. Get a firsthand look at colorful fish and natural corals.

Try to fit in a trip to the Pileh Lagoon. This emerald green lagoon is one of the world’s most gorgeous natural swimming pools. High limestone cliffs surround it. This is a great place to enjoy a morning swim before breakfast.

Wildlife lovers will enjoy viewing the monkeys that live on one of the local beaches. Non-wildlife lovers will enjoy safely seeing them from the boat. These monkeys are called long-tailed macaques.

They are sometimes referred to as crab-eating macaques. They will eat almost anything, from fruits, seeds, leaves, roots, bark, flowers, birds, frogs, and crabs. They can even dive for some food sources.

On this tour, there are multiple beaches and places to snorkel that all have their unique beauty.

You won’t want to miss the beauty of the secret tropical island Rang Yai. This is a beautiful place to unwind and have a drink or two, while recovering from your busy morning. 

There are so many exciting and romantic things to do in Thailand. A Phi Phi tour is just a part of a wonderful experience and getaway that your partner won't forget soon. 

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