The Hottest Fitness Trends for 2019

Remember your New Year’s Resolution last year? You don’t? Well, let me help you remember. I’m pretty sure it sounded like this: “This year, I’m going be better – in all aspects of my life. I’m going to eat healthier; I’m going to start running again. I’ll start caring and loving myself again. And I’ll begin this change by getting fit.”

So, how’s everything looking for you so far? If you’re healthy, happy, and fit, then you have my wholehearted congratulations. But if you’re still a sluggish slob 340 days into the year, YIKES. That’s really all I have to say – add a rather big, disappointing sigh near the end.

I really don’t blame you though. I have been in the exact same spot a couple years back. I wanted to change so much but I never knew where to begin. I wanted to be different but I didn’t have the discipline to keep myself consistent. 

You see, in order for you to achieve change, you have to put your heart (and back) into it. It’s not enough to want change. You have to crave it, embrace it, and pursue it as if you’re running out of time. Thinking that there will always be a next year or next time will be the death of you. If you want to change the course of your life, you have to act on it – right then and there.

Then again, strengthening your resolve is easier said than done. The alluring temptations of this world, after all, are very hard to resist. How can you control your diet if all affordable food items are either junk snacks or meals produced by unhealthy chain restaurants? 

How can you exercise when your overly comfortable recliner chair is desperately calling for you to sit down? There are so many things we want to do but there are also twice as many things that prevent us from doing what we have to do. Does that make sense? Read more about this here:

This is why if you really want to achieve a better version of yourself, you have to put in the work. You have to change your mentality; tattoo discipline, consistency, and determination at the back of your mind. It doesn’t take long to create a habit – some even say, it just takes 21 days – but it’s very difficult to break one.

Mind you, I said difficult not impossible. 

Three more weeks and it’s 2019. Why not start plotting your new year’s resolution now and begin training your mind? You can do everything and achieve anything you aspire for. As Paulo Coelho once said (and I quote), if you want something hard enough, the whole universe will conspire with you to get it.

And maybe the universe leads you to this article today. Allow us to introduce you to some of the hottest fitness trends bound for 2019. Maybe this can help you craft your new year’s resolution better. Read away!

Dancercises Will Still Be A Thing

When we say “dancercises” we’re referring to exercises that involve rhythmic movements or exercises done with music like belly dancing, Zumba, and even other Pilates’ inspired workout routines. Music is believed to encourage a person to put in more work and do more exercise. 

I believe we can all attest to the fact that it’s easier to break a sweat with some killer beats on rather than working yourself to the bone in silence. Music helps keep our mind off the momentary stress and fatigue our body feels while working out; it also keeps us from counting the time. You’d be surprised with how much you can do with some music on. Prepare upbeat and energetic music this coming year because Dancercises will still definitely be a hit!

Yoga Will Help You Both In Mind & Body

If you’re getting tired of the old cardio workout, then you may want to consider a more serene and quiet way of training your body. Yoga, for example, helps you keep in touch with the inner workings of your body while exercising (check out more facts about yoga here). It can help improve your body’s flexibility as well as muscle tone. 

People who think they can’t lose the baby fat through yoga are definitely in need of some workout pointers. Yoga may not be your typical workout grind but trust me; it does what needs to be done. Enjoy your own company or do yoga with your girlfriends in 2019!

Weight Training Is Taking the Spotlight

Strong is the new sexy, don’t you agree? Gone were the days of skinny frames and now comes the age of muscular ones. People used to think that exercising with weights will make them look like a hulk and although that sounds quite flattering to some, others just can’t seem to warm up to the idea. Not that it’s true, though. 

Weight training will not make you look bulky – if you know how to go about it. The key there is to focus on repetitions and not load increases. Luckily, a leading online personal trainer can help you out with creating your routine. For muscle toning, all you need are light to medium-heavy weights with lots of repetitions. For muscle building, you need heavy league weights with few repetitions. It really is matter of what you want to achieve – capeesh?    

Who Said Classic Jogs Are Out Of The Picture?

Yes, who did? Point them to me and I’ll show them how it’s done. Morning and afternoon jogs are classic cardio trainings that never go out of style. It incurs zero costs and you don’t need a lot of assistance doing it. You only need to wake up early, put on your trainers, and go for a run. 

A daily 30- to 45-minute jog, three times a week, is said to improve your health a great deal. When you go out for one, however, be sure to bring a bottle of lukewarm water and a cotton towel. Cardio workouts are sure to make you bleed water. It’s best to keep yourself hydrated!

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