Black & White Sunday

This will be the last post for November... time flies tomorrow we are moving to December, the month that full of celebrations, parties, presents and holidays. So i decided to wear black and white for the weekend because next week onward I will be wearing more colourful clothes. Its Christmas! Let's be Merry!

Peripera Disney Frozen Makeup Collection

Peripera Disney Frozen Makeup Collection, Peripera, Disney Frozen, Peripera Frozen, Queen Elsa, Princess Anna

My 3 years old niece clad in her light blue sparking dress told me this... “When I grow up I want to be Elsa” she showed me her new dress, turned around, smiled and looked at me shyly then ran to her mummy. At that moment I want to kiss and hug her so tight, she always melt my heart… always! Oh yes talked about Elsa reminds me of the Peripera Disney Frozen makeup collection that I tried few weeks ago. Not only I was fascinated by their packaging but also the choice of colours that they have.

What do you care about?

i care, happiness, love, human behaviors, all about malaysians, malaysia lifestyle blogger, malaysia beauty blogger, malaysia fashion blogger

Someone asked me...What do you care about? Well, there are a lot of things a care about actually. Of course the priority is my family that could be on everyone’s list. Hey! it’s your family if you don’t care for them, who will care for you. Next would be my wellbeing… I definitely care for myself. Learn to love myself, protect myself and be happy with myself. That is the key! I Care about Happiness and Love.

Korean Drama Series: Pinocchio

Korean Drama Series: Pinocchio, Korean Drama Series, Pinocchio, Korean Drama,  Park Shin Hye, The Inheritors, Lee Jong Suk, Doctor Stranger, Kim Young Kwang, Birth Secret, Lee Yu Bi

Hey this is another Korean Drama blockbuster, Pinocchio. Well, hmm… another sad or tragic love story? Not really this time we look into the world of young adults that coming out to face the real world. Sometimes the truth about our society is not as good as it look. You know what I mean, when people are nice to you it doesn’t mean they are good for you. So beware… Pinocchio narrates a coming-of-age story that revolves around four rookie reporters, who come together in their first real world social battleground.

Novexpert Booster Serum with Hyaluronic Acid

Novexpert Booster Serum with Hyaluronic Acid, Novexpert, Booster Serum, Hyaluronic Acid, French Skincare

Few weeks ago I attended the launch of Novexpert Booster Serum with Hyaluronic Acid (HA). Well there are many types of skincare products that claimed it contain HA but how many percent and what is the efficiency? what about this booster serum? Back in Kuala Lumpur for the launch of the Novexpert Booster Serum with Hyaluronic Acid was the brand’s Founder and CEO, Monsieur Cyrille Telinge all the way from Paris, France.

Cellnique Reversal Venom Essence Review

Cellnique Reversal Venom Essence Review, Cellnique, Reversal Venom Essence, Beauty Review, venom essence

Well, the moment I saw the word Venom straight away though of snake, slimy, poisonous and all sort of disgusting stuff. Hmm… actually I am wrong it is safe to use and not disgusting at all. The Cellnique Reversal Venom Essence is one of the anti-aging essences that contains Syn-Ake; a type of synthetic tri-peptide derivative that mimics the activity of Waglerin 1 a polypeptide found in the venom of the Temple Viper.

itsColl with Hyaluronic Acid Review

itsColl with Hyaluronic Acid Review, Suntory Healtcare Resouces, itsColl, Hyaluronic Acid, Collage drink review, marine collagen

Are you still taking your collagen drink or supplement daily? For me yes and two months ago, I tried a new collagen drink, itsColl with Hyaluronic Acid. With so much pollutions, stress and chemicals contact on our body or intake in our daily life make our skin aged faster. We need to maintain our skin youth using internal and external skinacre care and beauty products.

NARS Holiday 2014 Collection Review

NARS Holiday 2014 Collection, Beauty Review, NARS Cosmetics, NARS Malaysia, NARS Makeup

Oh Yes! It’s time to put those makeups into good use and get ready for Christmas. Festive mood kicking in and I can’t for my holiday (screaming inside my heart). It’s the season to be happy and merry plus don’t forget to be grateful with all the blessing. Muacksss… love my Nars Holiday 2014 Collection. Continue to read on and checkout my #fotd (face of the day) using this set.

Le Marché de Noël @ Carcosa Seri Negara & Giveaway

Le Marché de Noël @ Carcosa Seri Negara, Le Marché de Noël, Christmas shopping, carcosa seri negara, Giveaway

Christmas is Coming! I can’t wait to meet my friends and family especially those coming back from overseas, miss them so much. The festive mood is kicking in la la la… peeping at my shopping list while writing this post. Well, should I make a date with Le Marché de Noël on 4 December 2014 at Carcosa Seri Negara for some Christmas shopping. Yes! and at the same time we will be filling not only the Christmas stockings with stylish gifts but also warming the hearts of Malaysian children in need during this season of joy.

Zhou Xun & Archie Kao for H&M’s Chinese New Year 2015 Collection

Zhou Xun & Archie Kao for H&M, Chinese New Year 2015, Zhou Xun, Archie Kao, H&M’s Chinese New Year 2015 collection

Renowned Chinese actress Zhou Xun and Hollywood actor Archie Kao are the faces for H&M’s Chinese New Year 2015 collection. The collection will be available from 29 January 2015, this will be H&M’s second collection since 2014 and it will launch exclusively in four markets in Asia such as China, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore.

Novexpert L’exfolliant Expert Review

Novexpert L’exfolliant Expert Review, Novexpert, L’exfolliant Expert, Beauty Review, Mask & Scrub, France Skincare

Only weekend I have more time for myself, usually I will try to have my DIY mini facial at home. When I think of it makes me smile by myself. Well, I tried the new Novexpert L’exfolliant Expert, or also called the 2 in 1 Expert Exfoliator & Mask. This is part of the Novexpert radiance program. We need to scrub our face and remove the dead skin cell regularly to boost new skin growth and also radiance.

Moschino Jeremy Scott Biker Bag & Fall Winter Collection 14/15 @ Pavilion KL

Moschino Jeremy Scott Biker Bag & Fall Winter Collection 14/15 Pavilion KL, Moschino Jeremy Scott Biker Bags, Moschino Fall Winter Collection 2014/15, Moschino Pavilion KL

Well, does this Moschino Biker Bag look cool and chic… I think the red one look more stunning or perhaps red is my favourite colour. Again, the black handbag is always the most versatile and classic, easy to match and blends in with any outfit from day to nite. I was at Moschino Pavilion KL for their Biker Bags and Fall Winter 14/15 collection show.

Strongbow Apple Ciders - Real Finds Real

Strongbow Apple Ciders, Real Finds Real, Strongbow, golden moments, Apple Ciders, Strongbow Honey, Strongbow Gold, Strongbold Original, Strongbow Elderflower

Life is more enjoyable and unpretentious when we chill and chat with friends over some apple ciders and light food. Yeah! Last Wednesday was a chill-out and catch-up day for me and friends while we were sampling the Strongbow Apple Ciders new variants - Strongbow Apple Ciders Gold, Strongbow Apple Ciders Honey and Strongbow Apple Ciders Elderflower at the 31 Sqaure at Sunway Damansara. 

Review: Regen Cosmetic 2 Step Synergy Effect Mask - Nutrition

Beauty Review, Regen Cosmetic 2 Step Synergy Effect Mask Nutrition, regen Cosmetic, 2 step Synergy Effect Mask, nutrition, whitening, anti aging, pore care, moisturizing, mask review, hermo malaysia, beauty online store

How often you apply mask at home? Try to do it least 3 times a week, I know some girls apply mask every day. As for me I do it more than 3 times a week. Well, after a long and hot day outside I need a good rest and my skin need to restore back its nutrients. feel very relaxing and pampered when I had my mask on and lying on my sofa or bed with soft music on the background. It’s so soothing… and recently I tried the Regen Cosmetic 2 Step Synergy Effect Mask – Nutrition.

The Apartment Downtown KLCC New Menu & New Look

The Apartment Downtown KLCC New Menu & New Look, The Apartment Downtown, The Apartment KLCC, The Apartment, KLCC, Fine Dining in KL Malaysia

When was your last visit to The Apartment? Recently, The Apartment Downtown at Suria KLCC just unveiled its exciting new look. More contemporary, homely, spacious and of course we all love the spectacular million dollar view facing the KLCC water fountain. 

KITSCHEN Hello Kitty Collection Showcase

KITSCHEN Hello Kitty Collection, Kitchen, Sanrio Hello Kitty Town Nusajaya, World’s Most Famous Kitty Cat, Sanrio Hello Kitty, Sanrio, Hello Kitty

KITSCHEN Hello Kitty Collection showcase makes the girls go gaga, especially the Hello Kitty lovers and collectors. This year KITSCHEN celebrates the 40th Anniversary of the World’s Most Famous Kitty Cat by their exclusive Hello Kitty themed collection with inspiration from the wild that gives a whole lot of fun to play mix and match. Oh yes! Sanrio Hello Kitty also made an appearance at during the launch and showcase at Farenheit88, Kuala Lumpur.

Salute Artistry Boho Fashion Showcase

Salute Artistry Boho Fashion Showcase, Boho Chic Party, Boho Party, Lingerie Party, Lingerie Fashion Show, Wacoal Malaysia, Wacoal, Lingerie

Attended a Boho Chic party and Salute Artistry Boho Fashion Showcase organized my Wacoal Malaysia at Parkson Pavilion KL. During the party we had the first preview of the latest collection of its exquisite Salute lingerie line. 

1,600 Pandas World Tour in Malaysia

1,600 Pandas World Tour in Malaysia, 1600 Pandas MY, 1600 Pandas, 1600 Pandas World Tour, Pandas in Malaysia, Pandas, Initiating the Culture of Creative Conservation, Paulo Grangeon, French sculptor, papier mache pandas, papier mache,

Super excited when I knew that 1,600 Pandas World Tour in Malaysia is happening soon… They are on their journey around the world to promote the message of panda conservation and sustainable development, the 1,600 Pandas will be visiting more than 15 iconic landmarks across the country for the ‘1,600 Pandas Malaysia Tour’. With the theme of ‘Initiating the Culture of Creative Conservation’, the tour will be held for the first and only time in Malaysia from 21 December 2014 to 25 January 2015.

Urban Decay Naked on The Run

Urban Decay Naked on The Run, Urban Decay, Naked on the Run, Urban Decay Naked palette, Urban Decay Naked, Urban Decay Makeup, Urban Decay Bronzer

The moment I set my eyes on this Urban Decay Naked on The Run during L’Oreal Luxe Beauty at The Beast party, I'm finished & sold… so tempted to run away with this palette hehehe. This is a must have, want to have and need to have for this Christmas and Holiday muahahah! Hey, even I’m on the run, I still want to look good. I am sure you too, right? Look, this Naked on the Run is the all-in-one palette makes any situation easy and foolproof from trips, post-gym sessions, to last-minute invites to stay the night.

OLDTOWN White Curry

OLDTOWN White Curry, oldtown white coffee, oldtown, white curry, MyKuali White Curry Instant Noodle, MyKuali White Curry, white curry mee, mee hoon, pan mee, hor fun, macaroni, white curry fish balls, Peanut White Freezy

Heyo! Do you want to join me for a bowl of OLDTOWN White Curry noodles? Finally I can savour and satisfy my cravings for Penang White Curry noodles in OLDTOWN White Coffee café; plus it is available in 5 types of noodles such as pan mee, macaroni, mee, mee hoon and hor fun. This is the latest OLDTOWN White Curry Series promotion partnership with MyKuali from 17th November till January 2015.

From Office Lady To Tai Tai Look - Corshacomo Zebra Dress & Fedora Hat

ootd, Corshacomo, Zebra Dress, Fedora Hat, forever 21, hat, black white stripe dress, office lady look, tai tai look

That day I was wearing the Zebra Ops Dress from Corshacomo to work and out of sudden I received a call from my tai tai friend for hi tea with her friends to discuss some work and etc. So what so I do to make myself look glam for her so called impromptu tea party hmmm… Here the tips, simply by adding some accessories to what we wear, we can transform from one look to another. Let me show you how?

Review: Baci Italian Café @ Citta Mall

Piccolo, Lemon Meringue Pie, Baci Italian Cafe, Citta Mall, Italian Cafe, Coffee, Cafe Food, Italian Food

Hey! Found another cozy Italian café that serves good coffee and cafe / deli food in quiet neighborhood. The cafe decor is quite European style but in a simpler, homely and relax way. Well, I have visited Baci Italian Café at Citta Mall a few times for their coffee and cakes before my movie at MBO Cinemas or catch up with my friends. This is my first time having dinner at that café, to my surprise their pasta is good and most of my friends said their oxtail stew is awesome.

Kerastase 50th Anniversary Celebrating The Art of Perfect Hair

Kerastase 50th Anniversary, Celebrating The Art of Perfect Hair, Kerastase Malaysia, Kerastase 50th Anniversary, Passport to paris

Here is my passport for my Paris Street experience to celebrate Kerastase 50th Anniversary - The Art of Perfect Hair in Parisian chic style. The afternoon was so fashionable, chic and classy. Kerastase Paris was launched in 1964 on rue Royale by François Dalle, the CEO of L’Oréal Group and founder of Kérastase.

Facial Review: Dr Sebagh Advanced Anti-Ageing Facial

Facial Review, Dr Sebagh Advanced Anti-Ageing Facial, Dr Sebagh, Anti Ageing Facial, Anti Aging Skincare, Bangsar Village II

When was the last time you had facial? I mean a real full pampering facial by well-trained therapist, those express facial is not counted okay... Well, using skincare at home on daily basis is important but we also need some booster for our skin, body and mind. That is when the real facial works wonder on our skin and also our well-being. So 2 weeks ago I tried Dr Sebagh Advanced Anti-Ageing Facial at Dr Sebagh boutique in Bangsar Village II.

Sulwhasoo First Care Activating Serum ‘Mother-of-Pearl’ Limited Edition

Sulwhasoo First Care Activating Serum Mother-of-Pearl Limited Edition, Sulwhasoo First Care Rotary Candle Set.
Sulwhsoo First Care Activating Serum Rotary Candle Set

Awww! I want this special limited edition Sulwhasoo First Care Activating Serum Rotary Candle Set. It is so pretty, don’t you this so? Well, this year First Care Activating Serum ‘Mother-of-Pearl’ Limited Edition, of its signature First Care Activing Serum; there will be a sized-up bottle of 120ml in a ‘Mother-of-Pearl’ Limited Edition packaging and a special First Care Activating Serum Rotary Candle Set.

RMK Skintuner Treatment Moist / Extra Moist

RMK Skintuner Treatment Moist / Extra Moist, RMK skincare, RMK Japan, RMK Malaysia, RMK, RMK Skinturner

How many of you use the RMK SkinTuner Treatment before? This is a skin solution that we use after cleansing and toning. It helps to replenish the moisture back to our skin. The renewed formula of RMK Skintuner Treatment ensures that goodness of natural youth boosting ingredients are delivered to permeate, hydrate and veil multiple levels of the skin.

WA Café @ Pavilion KL

WA Café, Pavilion KL, Coffee, coffee art, Cakes, Cafe, Magic, Affogato, Latte Art, Caramel Nut Cheesecake, Banana Butterscotch Cheesecake, Chocolate  Mousse Cake, Uji Matcha Red Bean Mille Crepe

Hop into WA Café at Pavilion KL on Level 6 which is the same floor of Tokyo Street with some friends in Saturday morning. How can I say no to coffee… never! Oh well, confession of a coffeeholic. My first impression when I walked into WA Cafe; I like the casual and open Japanese café concept, it is spacious and I enjoyed the natural lights.

Korean Drama Series: Only My Love

Korean Drama Series, Only My Love, Lee Min Young, Jung Sung Hwan, Song Jae Hee, You’re Still The One, Han Da Min

We know that life is hard and rare from rag to riches. This is a story of a woman who loses everything after her husband commits a crime. Will she be able to start her life anew? Only My Love is rag to riches story of Go Eun Jung (Lee Min Young), the daughter of a poor widow who polishes shoes for a living. 

Girls Talk: Beat The Gush

Girls Talk, Beat The Gush, Girls Event, Diana Danielle, Abby Latif

Beat the Gush! Do you understand what is gush or gushes? Have you ever find yourself in the situation whereby you have this so called “sudden gushes”. It’s an unpleasant and unexpected dollop of stuff just came out like waterfall during periods. Oppsss… that time you really need to rush to the toilet to check if there is any leakage or you need to clean and change your pad. And if you found out that it leaked out and stained your pants or skirt OMG it's disaster. If this situation happen what should you do?

SK-II Festive Haute Couture Fashion Show by Hatta Dolmat

SK-II Festive Haute Couture Fashion Show by Hatta Dolmat, Hatta Dolmat Wedding Dress, Hatta Dolmat for SK-II, SK-II Hatta Dolmat Fashion Show, Change Destiny, SK-II Limited Edition Facial Treatment Essence, SK-II

Every year end SK-II introduces some surprises and limited edition Facial Treatment Essence to its users. So what is in for this year? For 2014, the inspiration is the vibrant colours of Tulip, Hydrangea, Freesia and Green Cypress, the flowers used by Taiwanese artist, Poh Chih Huang in his designs for the SK-II  Limited Edition Festive Collection. Hatta Dolmat unveiled a stunning Festive Collection of his haute 10 signature couture gowns including a breath-taking bridal that inspired by these flowers at the SK-II Festive Haute Fashion Show at #ChangeDestiny Garden in Suria KLCC.

L’OCCITANE Malaysia 10th Anniversary Celebration

l’occitane Malaysia, l’occitane Malaysia 10th Anniversary Celebration,

Last Saturday I was at L’OCCITANE Malaysia 10th Anniversary celebration tea party at 1 Utama Shopping Centre. It was a 3 days celebration from 7th till 9th Nov, 2014. I had a great time with some friends during the party and I lost count of how many macaroons I ate that day… opps! Alright anyway, I declared that day was my cheat day.

Celebrate Singles Day in Style

Celebrate Singles Day in Style

Heyo! Are you still single? Are you still available? Do I sound so busybody and kepoh. Mind my own business. Alright, you know that 11th Nov is single’s day. ZALORA also want to join in to celebrate singles’ day with exclusive discounts and promotions. So get ready to brace yourselves for the biggest online shopping day.

Konsert EH! Ke-15 by The Body Shop @ KL Live

A quick update about the EH! 15th Anniversary Concert presented by The Body Shop last Saturday or better known as Konsert EH! Ulang Tahun Ke-15. Wow EH! Malaysia magazine has been around for 15 years. That night the performing artist were DJ Nas-T, Misha Omar, Altimet, Alyah, Nur Fazura, Adira, Dayang Nurfaizah, Forteen, Hafiz Suip and also there will be EH! 15 Yang Anggun & Disenangi 2014.

Easy Saving Tips with Jimat Jimat McD

Easy Saving Tips with Jimat Jimat McD, Easy Saving Tips, Money Saving Tips, Jimat Jimat McD, Happy Meal, Buy 1 Free 1

Is almost year end, let me check if I have enough savings for my dream vacations and the things I wish to buy. Sigh… nowadays it’s quite hard to save money, don’t you think so? Well, with the petrol price keep increasing, I am sure our daily expenses shoot up substantially. Here, I have some simple and easy tips that help me to save money. 

Clarins Christmas Sets

Clarins Christmas set, Clarins gift set, Clarins, Clarins malaysia, Gift Sets, Christmas Gift, Clarins Brightening Basics Set,

Oh Well! Time to jingle bell… jingle bell… jingle all the way! Christmas is a beautiful moment to be joyous and to celebrate with your loved ones and friends.  This is also the perfect time to pamper ourselves, family and friends with lovely Christmas gifts. Hmmm… if you thinking of what to get as Christmas gifts can be challenging and that’s why Clarins is here to offer you a wide variety of gift choices which will fulfill every woman’s beauty needs from head to toe.

Here are some Christmaa Sets from Clarins

Clarins Extra-Firming Duo Set, Clarins Christmas set, Clarins gift set, Clarins, Clarins malaysia, Gift Sets, Christmas Gift,
Clarins Extra-Firming Duo Set, RM550

Clarins Extra-Firming Duo Set, RM550 (worth RM735)
• Extra-Firming Day Cream 50ml
• Extra-Firming Night Cream 50ml
• Extra-Comfort Cleansing Cream 30ml
• Extra-Firming Body Cream 30ml
• Extra-Firming Eye Cream 3ml new!

Clarins No 1 Serums Set, Clarins Christmas set, Clarins gift set, Clarins, Clarins malaysia, Gift Sets, Christmas Gift,
Clarins No 1 Serums Set, RM485

Clarins No 1 Serums Set, RM485 (worth RM760)
• Double Serum 30ml
• Shaping Facial Lift 50ml
• Extra-Firming Day Cream 15ml
• Defining Eye Lift 8ml
• 4 Shades UV Sachet

Clarins Hydration Gel Essentials Set, Clarins Christmas set, Clarins gift set, Clarins, Clarins malaysia, Gift Sets, Christmas Gift,
Clarins Hydration Gel Essentials Set, RM360

Clarins Hydration Gel Essentials Set, RM360 (worth RM535)
• HydraQuench Intensive BI-Serum 30ml
• HydraQuench Cream-Gel 50ml
• One Step Exfoliating Cleanser 30ml
• Body Lift Cellulite Control 30ml
• SFL 3-pc Sample
• 4 Shades UV Sachet

Clarins V Shape Essentials Set, Clarins Christmas set, Clarins gift set, Clarins, Clarins malaysia, Gift Sets, Christmas Gift,
Clarins V Shape Essentials Set, RM520

Clarins V Shape Essentials Set, RM520 (worth RM640)
• Shaping Facial Lift 50ml
• Defining Eye Lift 20ml
• Shaping Facial Lift Wrap 75ml

Clarins Body Shaping Experts Set, Clarins Christmas set, Clarins gift set, Clarins, Clarins malaysia, Gift Sets, Christmas Gift,
Clarins Body Shaping Experts Set, RM370

Clarins Body Shaping Experts Set, RM370 (worth RM545)
• Body Shaping Cream 200ml
• Contour Body Treatment Oil 100ml
• Body Lift Cellulite Control 30ml
• Tonic Bath & Shower Concentrate 30ml
• SFL 3-Day Supply Kit
• 4 Shades UV Sachet

Clarins Brightening Basics Set, Clarins Christmas set, Clarins gift set, Clarins, Clarins malaysia, Gift Sets, Christmas Gift,
Clarins Brightening Basics Set, RM360

Clarins Brightening Basics Set, RM360 (worth RM560)
• WPTL Intensive Brightening Serum 30ml
• WPTL Pearl-to-Cream Brightening Cleanser 125ml
• WPTL Bright Pure Aqua Milk 50ml
• WPTL Smoothing Brightening Night Cream 15ml
• SFL 3-Day Supply Kit

Clarins Body Must-Haves Set, Clarins Christmas set, Clarins gift set, Clarins, Clarins malaysia, Gift Sets, Christmas Gift,
Clarins Body Must-Haves Set, RM369 

Clarins Body Must-Haves Set, RM369 (worth RM540)
• Stretch Mark Control 200ml
• Tonic Body Treatment Oil 100ml
• Exfoliating Body Scrub For Smooth Skin 30ml
• Energizing Emulsion For Tired Legs 125ml
• SFL 3-Day Supply Kit
• 4 Shades UV Sachet

For more information and updates about Clarins Christmas Sets, please visit Clarins Malaysia

New! Sorabee Skincare In Malaysia

Sorabee Skincare In Malaysia, Sorabee Malaysia, Sorabee Skincare, Sorabee, Korean Skinacre, Sea Star Collagen, Amaranth Cosmetics

Wootz! Another new Korean skincare brand arrived in Malaysia. The premier Korean beauty brand called Sorabee Skin Care by Amaranth Cosmetics was launched last week at Sheraton Imperial Hotel Kuala Lumpur. Sorabee Skin Care series, which uses the world’s first marine collagen extract from sea star that enhance our skin’s moisture balance; the secret of Korean pop star luminous skin.

Kodowari Menya Udon & Tempura Review & Launch

Kodowari Menya, Udon & Tempura, Kodowari Menya Udon & Tempura Review, Kodowari Menya Udon & Tempura Launch, Japanese Noodle, Japanese Food, Sanuki Udon, Kagawa, Japan, 1 Mont Kiara 
Slurp! Nothing beats a hearty bowl hot soupy udon on a raining day. Well, as we know udon is one of the popular noodles in Japan. It’s thick, chewy, smooth and satisfying plus its healthier choice. Recently, I tried the Kodowari Menya Udon & Tempura at 1 Mont Kiara with my friends. This is one of the the latest Udon & Tempura restaurants in Kuala Lumpur. It’s like the authentic Sanuki Udon from Kagawa, Japan.

Pink Jacket from Corshacomo - Dong JK

Pink Jacket from Corshacomo, Pink Jacket from Corshacomo, pink jacket, Corshacomo, Dong JK, OOTD, Corshacomo, korean fashion trend, korean style, ulzzang style, corshacomo, Dong JK, OOTD, Corshacomo, korean fashion trend, korean style, ulzzang style

Hey! do you like Pink? It is one of my favourite color, I bet many girls also like this sweet color. As we know pink represents friendship, affection, harmony, feminine, inner peace & approachability. Do you like this pink jacket from Corshacomo - Dong JK.

RMK Cream Foundation N

RMK Cream Foundation N, RMK, RMK Makeup, RMK Foundation, RMK Makeup Base

Back to my beauty talk, as we know RMK is well known for their makeup base gives an immaculate coverage with peerless bright finish. I love RMK liquid foundation that is so light weight, smooth and sheer like second skin. Recently I tried RMK’s latest base make-up development and star product this season is the RMK Creamy Foundation N.

The Season To Be Sparkly

The Season To Be Sparkly, Laneige, Laneige Skincare, Laneige Makeup, Laneige Holiday Sets, Laneige Christmas Sets, Laneige Malaysia

You have golden eye makeup and you look dazzling with sparkling lights all around you, your lips are a moist, pinkish colour and your sparkling fingertips are elegantly grasping a champagne glass. You are having a sparkling good time because the end of the year is near and Laneige is throwing a fabulous sparkling party. It’s The Season To Be Sparkly and let’s party to celebrate the end of 2014 and welcome the new 2015.

A Journey Through Time VIII @ Starhill Gallery

A Journey Through Time VIII @ Starhill Gallery, A Journey Through Time VIII, AJTTVIII, Starhill Gallery, Gala Dinner, Ministry of Tourism and Culture, Malaysia, Luxury Watches, Luxury Jewelry, Baselworld 2015

A Journey Through Time VIII is back with a stellar line-up of luxury watch brands and exquisite jewellery from 21st to 28th November, 2014 presented by Starhill Gallery and endorsed by the Ministry of Tourism and Culture, Malaysia. It is destined to be a powerful prelude to Baselworld 2015 with rare private collections, first-in-market editions and exquisite pieces from over 125 luxury brands.

T.G.I Friday’s 20th Anniversary Awesomeness

T.G.I Friday’s 20th Anniversary Awesomeness, T.G.I Friday’s 20th Anniversary, TGIF, T.G.I Friday’s Malaysia, T.G.I Friday’s DIY Party Hat, Selfie with party hat

Yeehaa! It’s Friday! I jumped out of bed this morning feeling energetic because finally the weekend is coming. But there is one place that can make me feel that every day is Friday. Of course it’s none other than T.G.I. Fridays, right? This year they are celebrating their 20th Anniversary and there will be lots of fun and promotions going on such as the 20% discount for dine-in last month and receive RM20 voucher this month.

People On The Move By Guardian Kappa

People On The Move By Guardian Kappa, Guardian Kappa People On The Move, People On The Move, Guardian Kappa

Hey! If you are a regular traveler or could be always on the move I am sure things like your bags, backpacks and luggage are one of the essential items in your life. You want be able to carry all the stuff that you required or need at the same time have the comfort, light and look stylish. With this Guardian Malaysia and Kappa, a renowned premium Italian brand, launched a loyalty redemption programme.