Business Lunch Buffet @ SKY 360, e-City Hotel, OneCity

With more than 120 items to choose from, the Business Lunch Buffet @ SKY 360is a celebration of flavours and offers a great alternative to the lunchtime routine. Located at the rooftop of e-City Hotel at OneCity, the hotels SKY 360 takes dining to greater heights with a stunning view of the Southern Klang Valley.

Business Lunch Buffet @ SKY 360 Restaurant, e-City Hotel at OneCity

Three Reasons to Use Cell Phone Spying App

According to the research by PEW Research Center, which centered on the usage of Smartphones in the US in 2015, there is sufficient evidence that suggests that 19% of both adults and teenagers rely on their Smartphones to access online information and services. Moreover, 10% of the American population who own Smartphone do not use broadband internet, which is why they use alternatives to get online. This proves that the use of Cell Phone Spying apps is on the rise.

Three Reasons to Use Cell Phone Spying App

Neffos C5 & C5L by TP-LINK

For the very first time today TP-LINK, the global provider of Wi-Fi networking products entered the mobile device market in Malaysia with the introduction of the new Neffos C5 and Neffos C5L smartphones. The smartphones that resonates on capturing the moments, instant-uploads and contemporary technology.

Neffos C5 & Neffos C5L by TP-LINK 

A Night Made Right

It’s time to chill, unwind and have a good time after a hard day’s work. Are you ready for A Night Made Right? Connor’s Stout Porter, a premium draught by Carlsberg Malaysia will be launching A Night Made Right and it’s happening this Thursday, 31st March at La Bodega and O’Galito at Pavilion KL from 5.30pm till late with many fun activities going on plus you stand a chance to win terrific prizes. There will be no fluff, no drama, no pretence – Just Made Right.

A Night Made Right with Connor's Stout Porter

How Positivity Helps Us in Difficult Circumstances

We all know that being positive is a starting point from which to live our lives. It’s so much easier to live life with a smile on your face and feeling good about those around you than when you’re carrying resentment or pessimism with you.

How Positivity Helps Us in Difficult Circumstances

Jasmine Rice & Thai Dishes @ Erawan Classic Thai & Fusion Restaurant

Sawadee ka! Do you love Thai food as much as I do? Tom yam soup is a must whenever I dine at any Thai restaurant. Beside the tasty and spicy Thai dishes, the type of rice that they served is very important also. For Asian, rice is the source life - a staple, comfort food and its our main meal. Rice can influenced our appetite, enhanced pairing the dishes and our overall dining experience. Recently, we just had the perfect combo of Jasmine Sunwhite Fragrant Rice and Exquisite Thai Dishes @ Erawan Classic Thai & Fusion Restaurant.

Perfect combo! Jasmine Sunwhite Fragrant Rice and Exquisite Thai Dishes 
@ Erawan Classic Thai & Fusion Restaurant

Etude House Berry Delicious Strawberry Collection

Are you ready for Strawberry Dessert Buffet? Enjoy desserts made of strawberry is a cultural trend heralds the beginning of spring. Etude House celebrate Spring 2016 with Berry Delicious Strawberry Collection. Do you love the sweet and sour flavor, aroma and color of strawberry?

Etude House Berry Delicious Strawberry Collection

My Personalized Cushions, Mini Tees & Gifts

Yay! Received my order from Printcious few days ago and they are all personalized. I specially designed it for my bffs and myself too. When we received gifts or souvenirs that are personalized or custom made, I’m sure we will be more delighted than the usual ones. Personalized gifts are unique and holds a special meaning, it’s the thoughts and efforts that count.

Personalized Gifts, Cushions, Mini Tees, Mugs, Mousepad, Mini Tees, Printcious, Personalize print
Personalized Cushions, Mini Tees & Gifts at Printcious

Confidence Creation: Guardian Makeover 2016 @ IOI City Mall

Here for Confidence Creation at Guardian Makeover Fair 2016 at IOI City Mall on Saturday morning. For the first time, Guardian’s annual health and beauty fair is reaching out to women in Peninsular Malaysia over three consecutive weekends at Putrajaya, Johor Bahru and Penang. The event not only gives women a chance to have a makeover and take self-portrait but also empower women with tips and tools to look good and stay healthy.

Confidence Creation, Guardian Makeover 2016, IOI City Mall, makeup, hair styling, makeover photo shoot
Confidence Creation: Guardian Makeover Fair 2016 @ IOI City Mall

Green Ambassadors 2016 @ Tropicana City Mall

Here is a quick update of Green Ambassadors 2016 in conjunction of Earth Hour Campaign to Change Climate Change at Tropicana City Mall. 12 finalists will be chosen to Grand Final and here are the top 5 finalists.

Green Ambassadors 2016, Tropicana City Mall, miss malaysia kebaya, miss kebaya, earth hour 2016, change climate change, beauty pageant
Green Ambassadors 2016 @ Tropicana City Mall

Giving Back to Someone Who Has Been a Great Help at Home

We often read and heard that many employers encounter all sort of problems and issues with their domestic helper or maid. For some families both husband and wife are working plus they have elderly and children at home, so they really need the maid to help them with their daily chores. It’s a gamble of luck, some families get good and caring maid but some had a disaster time. Yay or Nay to have a domestic helper or maid at home?

Giving Back to Someone Who Has Been a Great Help at Home

Be Your Own Accountant with Easy Count Apps

Nowadays even small businesses and freelancers - fulltime or part-time like us have to submit our financial reports and accounts. As you know many of us prefer to be our own boss or an entrepreneur; such as online sellers, blogshop owners, freelancers, small retailers like stall or bazaar, bloggers and etc. For those who don’t have accounting knowledge, how can they afford an accountant? So here is an app that can lessen your burden and stress. Be Your Own Accountant with Easy Count Apps, let me show you how…

Apps Review: Be Your Own Accountant with Easy Count Apps

How to Boost Your Skin Luster While You Sleep?

Hey you know that you're supposed to have at least 8 hours of sleep a day and why aren’t you? Tell me about it… Well most of the urbanites rarely have enough sleep, including myself. And that causes our skin to look dull, uneven tone and dehydrated plus dark circles and puffy eyes. So recently I tried 2 new products that can help to boost our skin luster while we sleep. 

sisley SUPREMŸA Baume & Phytobuste + Décolleté Review

A suitable and excellent anti-aging night cream is what we need to nourish our skin after a long day. The night is the best time to repair damage inflicted on our skin during the day and prepare it to fight the stresses it will be confronted with again the following day. Here are the sisley SUPREMŸA Baume At Night cream for the face and sisley Phytobuste + décolleté for the body. 

sisley SUPREMŸA Baume, sisley Phytobuste Décolleté, sisley, beauty Review, luxury anti aging skincare
Review: sisley SUPREMŸA Baume & sisley Phytobuste + Décolleté

Review: Mary Kay Into The Garden Collection for Spring 2016

Here is the Spring 2016 looks created using Mary Kay Into The Garden Collection for Spring 2016. As you know, Spring is always full of beautiful blooms, warm sunshine, lush greens, fresh flowers and femininity. The hues of pink, violet and subtle pastel is in again for this season.

Review: Mary Kay Into The Garden Spring 2016 Collection 

Own & Sell Your Luxury Goods At Your Fingertip

Oh girls… I know some of you have been eyeing on that luxury handbag and wish that you could own it but you can’t afford it now. Arghhh so frustrated… I know how you feel. Hey cheer up! You don’t have to give up just yet because Reebonz is having their 7th Anniversary Sale from now till 25th March. More good news, Reebonz has taken a step further. Now they have a selling platform for luxury lovers to buy and sell luxury among luxury-lovers alike. List your pre-loved designer items on the Reebonz Closets app for free and its 100% hassle-free.

Own & Sell Your Luxury Goods At Your Fingertip at Reebonz

Never Miss A Sale

We all love Sale, don’t we? And most of us will only shop during the sale or promo period. Sometimes we spotted some items that we want but will not but it right away because we are waiting for right moment when the sale and promo start; we will buy it at a better deal. Hmm… well might overlook and miss the sale due to our hectic schedule. Recently, Off The Rack launched the price drop notifications with Sale Alerts. It’s a website feature that monitors any item in your free alerts list and sends an email notification to us when the price drops. So now you will Never Miss A Sale!

ck2 #the2ofus the Thrill of Friendship

Hey! Can you live alone and be happy? My answer is big no. Everything is better in 2 including friendship. Friends are important and they make my life more colourful. Here is the thrill of our 20 years friendship, me & my BFF ck2 #the2ofus

ck2 #the2ofus the Thrill of Friendship

Love for Nature & Skin

The hot weather and free radicals do contribute to our skin dehydration and aging. If you encounter skin conditions such as skin tightness, flaky, snakeskin, cracked and dryness, then you might need to put more effort to moisturize your skin especially hands. There is an old saying that no matter how young your face looks, your hands will always reveal your age. 

Love for Nature & Skin 

New AEON Mall Shah Alam

Yes! a more happening and new lifestyle shopping experience mall for the residents in Shah Alam. The New AEON Mall Shah Alam gets a royal touch during its grand opening ceremony. This latest and newest shopping mall in Klang Valley prides itself in their camera-worthy aesthetical features that lies in its fusion of Japanese and Islamic designs, and a one-of-a-kind four-season concept inspired by Japan’s seasonal changes: summer (natsu), autumn (aki), winter (fuyu) and spring (haru). 

New AEON Mall Shah Alam

3 Reasons To Watch Wayang: Malaysia Kita by MasaKini

Let's share something about Malaysia art and culture today. So have you experience the shadow theatre before? For those who have not I think you should take note about this. The Masakini Theatre Company presents Wayang: Malaysia Kita, their latest foray into the remarkable world of shadow theatreIt's a nostalgic journey of discovery through Malaysia using light, shadow, projections, music and narration; with the actors using their bodies as the medium for creating the characters and props. This is a show that will make you remember why you love Malaysia, with a few surprises along the way.

Wayang, Malaysia Kita, MasaKini, shadow theatre, malaysia art culture
3 Reasons To Watch Wayang: Malaysia Kita by MasaKini 

LOKA Malaysia, Home Grown Lifestyle Brands

LOKA Malaysia, the region’s first ever outlet offering exclusive home-grown Malaysian lifestyle brands at NU Sentral, Kuala Lumpur. It’s like the epicenter of local talent and influence in retail. LOKA offers a trendy, eclectic and individual style and fashion-sensed brands.

LOKA Malaysia, Home Grown Lifestyle Brands 

RedCap Pharmacy in Malaysia

A new chain pharmacy, RedCap Pharmacy was launched in Malaysia today. To date, the chain operates 25 stores, of which 8 are in the Klang Valley. The plan is for 70 pharmacies to be operating throughout the country by end 2016. They intend to expand and reach up to 300 stores over the next three years.

RedCap Pharmacy
RedCap Pharmacy in Malaysia

Healthy & Tasty Organic Vegetarian Meals

I have to constantly remind myself to lead a healthy lifestyle and diet until it becomes part of me. However, I do indulge once a while but after that have to get back to having ‘more green’ in my diet. Most of us assume that organic vegetarian meals are bland and less pleasure to the taste buds. That’s not true, it depends on how we prepare and cook it because eating healthy can be tasty too.

Healthy & Tasty Organic Vegetarian Meals 

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Who Will Win?

The heat is on! The battle is up! Batman v Superman, Who Will Win? I’m rooting for BATMAN! No matter what you say, you can’t change my mind. Look here! for the first time ever in Malaysia, stand face-to-face with a life-sized statue display of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman from the film. A life-sized replica display of the Batmobile from the film also makes its first appearance in Malaysia, which will you a chance to see up close why the iconic vehicle has earned its reputation as the apex predator on the mean streets of Gotham City. I want to ride in that Batmobile

Batman v Superman, Dawn of Justice, Who Will Win, Batman, Superman, Batmobile, Wonder Woman, DC Entertainment, Warner Bros, Pavilion KL, DC Comics Super Heroes, Prime 1 Studio, Hot Toys,
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Who Will Win?

Inspire & Empower Women To Go Beyond Their Limits

Recently Cate Blanchett shared her personal inspiring moments of change was drawn to in the character ‘Carol’s life’ in the film of the same name. And talked about her other moments where embracing change had leads her to the most pivotal and fulfilling moments in her life – both personally and professionally.

Inspire, Empower Women, go Beyond Their Limits, cate blanchett, Michelle Phan, anggun
Inspire & Empower Women to go Beyond Their Limits  

ck2 Laser Battle Thrill @ Berjaya Times Square, KL

Well, I usually go for laser tag games with my colleagues but this round was a little bit different with a group of bloggers. So have you play laser tag before? If not you might want to check it out. It was a fun Sunday at the ck2 Laser Battle Thrill in Berjaya Times Square, Kuala Lumpur. This was a blogger challenge for us to experience the thrill of life and the thrill of youth with Calvin Klein latest fragrance, ck2 a scent for #the2ofus.

ck2 Laser Battle Thrill, ck2, calvin klein, #the2ofus, the 2 of us, ck2 fragrance, ck2 edt, calvin klein fragrance, Berjaya Times Square, KL, laser battle, laser tag, laser tag game, the thrill of life, the thrill of youth,
ck2 Laser Battle Thrill @ Berjaya Times Square, KL

Travel: Last Minute Booking

You need a holiday badly but you are too busy to plan, what should you do? As you know, we need holiday to de-stress, re-charge and also enhanced our life experiences. However many of us with hectic lifestyle and busy schedule don’t have the time to plan until the very last minute. Then will be stressed again. Here comes the Last Minute Booking Apps that can help to sort out our travel plan, holidays and good deals.

Travel: Last Minute Booking Apps 

White Horse Tavern Ampang @ Amp Walk Mall

Recently we went to a new place in Ampang, White Horse Tavern Bar & Restaurant which located at the corner ground floor of Amp Walk Mall along Jalan Ampang and also the embassies. It’s a cozy English Tavern and family restaurant with spacious dining area, kids corner, complimentary kids menu, deli counter, ice cold beers, premium scotches and an extensive menu of delicious food prepared by Chef Yogi.

White Horse Tavern Ampang Bar & Restaurant @ Amp Walk Mall 

My Thermax Face Lifting Treatment Experience

Hey do still remember I blogged about my first Thermax Facial Treatment experience at IDO’S Clinic last year. So now I just completed my 4th treatments, can you spot the difference? This is a non-invasive treatment mainly to boost our skin collagen and also firming.

My Thermax Face Lifting Treatment Experience

Inner & Outer Beauty @ Mary Kay Dream Beautiful Contest

Congratulations to Corvina Chong from Malaysia who won the 3rd Annual Asia Pacific Grand Finale of the Mary Kay Dream Beautiful™ Contest held at Kai Tak Cruise Terminal in Hong Kong recently, celebrating the beauty of women inside and out.

Corvina Chong, Malaysia, winner of 3rd Annual Asia Pacific Grand Finale, Mary Kay, Dream Beautiful Contest
Corvina Chong from Malaysia, the winner of 3rd Annual Asia Pacific Grand Finale at 
Mary Kay Dream Beautiful Contest 

A Day Out With Po the Panda

Yay! We just watched Kung Fu Panda 3 yesterday together with the children from Yayasan Chow Kit (YCK) at a fun day out with Po the Panda. See... Po was with us, seriously if you don’t believe go check it out.

A Day Out With Po the Panda

Taste of Malaysia This Ramadan @ Sime Darby Convention Centre

Here for my first Ramadan 2016 Review, some of you might be wondering why so early. Well early bird get the worms, continue to read and you will know why. For those who loves to savour all the local and some international cuisines you can have A Taste of Malaysia This Ramadan @ Sime Darby Convention Centre (SDCC).

Taste of Malaysia This Ramadan @ Sime Darby Convention Centre

Richard Marx Solo Tour Live Concert in Kuala Lumpur

My heart skipped a beat when he sang Right Here Waiting at the end of his live concert. I wish he could sing that again and again. That evening most of Richard Marx fans sang along with him including myself. So now you probably can guess I am from which era huh, shhhh… Well, it was an pleasurable evening at Richard Marx The Solo Tour Live Concert in Kuala Lumpur held at Plenary Hall, Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre.

Richard Marx The Solo Tour Live Concert in Kuala Lumpur

Who Will Be Asia’s Next Top Model Season 4?

Hey! The region’s most prestigious model search returns. Who Will Be Asia’s Next Top Model for Season 4? 14 ambitious young models will be vying for the Asia’s Next Top Model (AsNTM) title in the upcoming season. Hailing from all over Asia, including Malaysia, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, and Singapore, this year also sees the first competitors from Mongolia and Myanmar. Check them out…

Who Will Be Asia’s Next Top Model Season 4? 

The Indulge In Treasured Treats Review

Hey have try out the JWEL, The Indulge In Treasured Treats ice cream. Why not visit their roadshow and get your complimentary ice-cream there, check out the JWEL, The Indulgence Collection Roadshow schedule here. These are the five variants Vanilla, Tiramisu, Double Chocolate, Caramel and Black Forest. Which one you like the most?

The Indulge In Treasured Treats Review

VIMA Music Awards 2016 Submission

Voice International Music Awards (VIMA), the music recognition platform is now open for submissions from Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei. The award has become a benchmark for many awards platform across the globe and often acts as a launch pad for music acts tipped to be the next big thing. Some of the past winners include Yuna, Altimet, The Great Spy Experiment (Singapore), Joe Flizzow, Project E.A.R (Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia), Prema Yin, K-Town Clan, Ze Rebelle, Sasi The Don, Alex Subryn, An Honest Mistake, Inch Chua (Singapore), Feez Madea (Brunei), Electrico (Singapore), Pop Shuvit, Melissa Indot and many more. 

VIMA Music Awards 2016 Submission

March Into More Savings with GEMFIVE

Hello March! So we are done with all the festive seasons and holidays; back to reality, shall we? Yikes… the current scorching hot weather, workload, back to back deadlines, traffic jam and stress. Be warned my temperature is rising inside and outside, before I explode I decided to chill and cheer up myself. So online shopping mode is on! I am hunting for gadgets and end up buying from GEMFIVE.

March Into More Savings with GEMFIVE

Eco-Camp & Picnic in the Dark @ The School Earth Hour 2016

Hello! What is your plan for next weekend? Why not head over to join the Eco-Camp & Picnic in the Dark at The School Earth Hour 2016 with your family and loved ones. There will be fun-filled activities and performances for everyone and also its part of the initiatives to raise the awareness on environmental issues and participate in the recycling program.

So Fresh 2016 - Win Artist Merchandise

Alright! Don’t say I don’t inform you about this win artist merchandise with So Fresh 2016 contest and giveaway. Get Music Asia is giving away mystery artist’s merchandise. What do you have to do to win the artist’s merchandise? It’s pretty easy. 

So Fresh 2016 - Win Artist Merchandise

The Infinity of Love for Mothers’ Day By THOMAS SABO

A mother’s love is instinctual, unconditional and forever. She thinks about her children day and night, even if they are not with her and will love them in a way they will never understand. For this Mother’s Day 2016, THOMAS SABO has a special edition of four new ‘The Infinity of Lovenecklaces inspired by symbols of love.

The Infinity of Love for Mothers’ Day by THOMAS SABO 

The Kid From The Big Apple Movie Review

Grandpa and grandma are like stars, not always seen but forever there… How does this relate to you? I lost my grandparents some years ago but I still think that they are watching and protecting me from above. I wish I can turn back the clock and spend more time with them. Watching the The Kid From The Big Apple movie brings back lots of good old memories when I was a kid and remind us about the importance family values, so much more to relate to till I can’t hold back my tears.

The Kid From The Big Apple

Audadi Ready To Wear 2016 Collection

Here for Audadi Ready To Wear 2016 Collection launch at Disenar Space, Kuala Lumpur. Their women apparel, shoes, bags and accessories are locally designed and make by Audadi Resources since 2014. Always dress well but keep it simple...

Audadi Ready To Wear 2016 Collection @ Disenar Space, Kuala Lumpur

The 8 Best Kept Home Buying Secrets

Becoming a new homeowner is no easy task for anyone, especially for young adults or those with no experience handling such purchases. If you rush through this multi-step, long-term purchase deciding on the actual value of the home you can afford, fixing up the building, and saving for the down payment can be a costly mistake. Long before you even think about hiring a real estate professional and beginning the home search process, you need to ensure you have all the right information at your fingertips.

The 8 Best Kept Home Buying Secrets