Product Review: Shills Bubble Body Scrub

Shills Bubble Body Scrub is of a ultra-soft body moisturizing bubble mousse that effectively removes dead skin cells and dull looking skin. It is 1 to 3 minutes quick clean regime, using massage motion, dissolve old skin cells and surface them for easy removal. It also adds whitening ingredients, to further enhance the brightening effect on skin. It promotes clear skin, refined skin texture, smooth skin just like a newborn. Unique skin softening ingredients softens and removes hard skin cuticles. It’s suitable for all skin types. Extra whitening repair ingredients help reinforce whitening effects after removal of horny skin. This helps prevent dull skin. The exfoliating foam is suitable for use on knees, elbows and other rough skin areas.

Review: Shills Bubble Body Scrub is convenient and easy to use. Just spray on the targeted areas. Gently massage and rub for 3 minutes. After that can see the dead skin cell. After the scrub, my skin feels smoother, softer and slightly brighter. The rough skin and edges especially on my elbows and heels are smoother.  

Recommended area: Suitable for body. Targeted at elbow, knee, underarm, heels and rough skin areas.

Scent: Mild, minty and fresh dew. 

Texture: When spray out it is like light grey mousse. The mousse feels soft, fluffy, cool and minty. After massage or rub for about 3 minutes the mousse dissolved became grey particles like dead skin cell.

DirectionsShake well and spray the content on the areas where necessary (underarms, elbows, knee & heel). Apply a thick layer on dry skin and gently massage for 3 minutes or until dead skin cells dissolve and form grayish matter on skin surface. Then rinse off. 

Benefits: Refine Skin Texture, Cleansing, Peeling and Brightening

IngredientsPapaya, Pumpkin Extracts, Seaweed, Glutamic Acid, Witch Hazel Extract, Yeast.     

Availability: Shills, Sasa and Shins

Origin: Taiwan

Content: 250ml

Price: RM 79.90


Spritzer Mini Dispenser: Easy and Convenient

Water is the source of all life on earth
It touches every area of our lives
Without it, we could not thrive
we could not even survive

Remember to drink enough water to stay hydrate and healthy
Clean and filtered water that free from residues is essential for our vitality 

Now I can get Premium water is just a fingertip away. Spritzer’s Mini Dispenser is perfect for home, office, hotel guest room, outdoor activities or parties. Its light weight, portable and easy to carry, Spritzer’s Mini Dispenser makes changing water so easy for me. Available in 6L and 9.5L pack size. 

Spritzer latest larger pack sized bottled water, 6L and 9.5L in eco-friendly PET bottles. The water that is off­ered in these bottles with spill proof caps permits bottles to be easily transferred from one cooler to another. This will make the water delivered in these type of bottles the hottest in enormous office environments.

Friendly in Size
Friendly to Use
Friendly on Environment

1. Easy-tear handle for mobility
2. Non-spill cap which solved all spilling issues on replacing the empty bottle
3. Light-weight for ladies for loading onto dispenser
4. Assurance of highest quality water
5. Independent source of water - Relieved of worrying about any water malfunction or a water supply shortage, lack of water pressure or any other trouble
6. The ideal size makes it easy to carry for outdoor and also indoor activities.

There are three choices of Spritzer water:-
Spritzer Natural Mineral Water is indeed the gift of nature. It is sourced from 400ft under the ground from natural unspoilt surroundings. Rich in natural minerals, Spritzer is hygienically filtered and bottled to international standards - duly certified by ABWA (Asia Middle East Bottled Water Association) and certified against ISO 9001:2008 and HACCP (MS 1480:2007 and Codex Alimentarius) by SIRIM QAS International & SGS respectively.

Spritzer Distilled / RO Drinking Water contains no micro-organisms, minerals or chemicals. It is so pure that it helps bring out the best and natural flavour of beverages and juices. Produced by using a U.S. patented process, Spritzer distilled drinking water meets or exceeds FDA, EPA and other international industry standards.

Its Demo time: 
How to fix this dispenser

1. Detach the spill proof cap seal

2. Load into the dispenser

There are three type of Spritzer dispenser for your convenient. 
Spritzer Mini, Hot & Cold and Hot & Warm Dispenser

Spritzer Mini Dispenser is now only available in Giant, Cold Storage & selected petrol kiosk. 

Now, there is no reason for not drinking enough water everyday.
With this Spritzer Mini Dispenser I can place my bottled water anywhere...

For more information please check out
Spritzer Website
Spritzer Facebook

Sakae Sushi First iPad Ordering System in Malaysia

Sakae Sushi gave all Shills Beauty Bloggers a wonderful treat. We all tried and tested their ordering system via iPad2 and also the delicious Japanese food. 

This trendy technology feature, first introduced in Malaysia at Sakae Sushi the Curve, Berjaya Time Square and Sunway Pyramid with more outlets to come, will offer patrons at the popular Japanese restaurant a whole new level of convenience and interactivity when it comes to placing orders.

The iPads are displayed on every table, allowing customers to place an order by just touching the screen and choosing their desired food and beverage.

It was the first Japanese restaurant to introduce its patented interactive menu screen on each table which allowed customers to view the illustration and description of each item before placing their orders directly with the kitchen. This two-way communication menu system has increased the restaurant’s efficiency by reducing its serving time by 30-40%. Thus, the hassle of waiting for an outlet staff is minimised and customers can also easily keep tab of their bill.

Brilliantly displayed on the sleek device, it is designed to resemble an actual menu which I can browse through, zoom in and out or pinch to enlarge the pictures. All my list of orders will be prompted to a screen, this also allows me to make any changes, confirm and send my orders directly to the kitchen. For added convenience, the device will further list out and separate order items that have arrived or are being prepared.

Now I can effortlessly keep track and manage my orders in one easy-to-navigate screen. No more waiting time for the waiter/waitress to come over to take orders and also no wrong orders. Plus,  I can track down my favourite menu items with a ‘search’ function.

Appetizer: Assorted Sushi 
Fresh and delicious

Yummy Chawamushi

Chicken Teriyaki Don


Shills Meet The Beauty Bloggers

Shills Meet The Beauty Bloggers at Shill’s flagship store in Berjaya Times Square. Everything was in pink… feel so sweet n feminine.

ECCO Launched Its First Store in Malaysia at The Gardens Mall

ECCO, the Danish zumba shoe maker and retailer launched their first store in Malaysia at The Gardens Mall in Mid Valley City, Kuala Lumpur on Oct 20.

Esmeria Organics Trade In Your Chemicals at Watsons

Esmeria Organics ‘Trade In Your Chemicals' Programme

Duration: 24th October at 12:00pm until 30th October at 9:00pm
Location: Watsons Sunway Pyramid (Lower Level 2)
Organised By: Esmeria Organics

Bring any conventional skincare product and exchange for Esmeria Organics Travel Set for Free (one set per customer)

Or Buy Prickly Pear facial Scrub at normal price RM29.90 and get Esmeria Organics Travel Set for Free (one set per customer)
* RM 5 voucher is applicable for this item

Free Esmeria Organics product samples plud RM5 voucher

ESPRIT Fall Winter 2011 Fashion Show

In between the hustle and bustle of eager shoppers at Mid Valley Megamall Oct 5th night was a fashion show by prominent international lifestyle fashion leader, Esprit. The fashion show was conceptualized by reliving Esprit’s heritage in line with the Fall Winter 2011 Collection that goes back to its roots, with its Californian designs that have casual, business and cosmopolitan elements.

Emcees of the nite

Welcome speech by Yeoh Oon Lai, General Manager of Esprit Malaysia
Esprit highlighted new designs, structures and effects in knits with eye-catching intrinsic details and vivid surfaces like never before.  Models were geared up with striking and entertaining new ranges. The show brought key catwalk trends to approximately 500 over guests for an evening of sheer fashion and style.  

Esprit Women’s Collection went on an exciting journey with maxi coats as a fashion statement and tailored blazer-coats with narrow belts in the reptile look. Bringing back the basics in classic structures such as herringbone, tweed and bouclé patched with leather appliqués and flounces make the collection exciting.

Esprit Men Collection played with a smart version of the crossover look. This was inspired not only from the flair of the Californian music metropolis Los Angeles, but also the style of great music icons. With elegant rockabilly touches and subtle military accents, the range combines both business and cosmopolitan elements.


Esprit Children Collection was nonetheless colourful and trendy as well. Children models were dressed in stunning winter coats, sweaters with attractive leg warmers and matching boots. The children represented a fun, young Esprit at heart whilst still embodying the personality of the leading brand.

We had a tour at Esprit’s newly relocated store. Wonderful new facelift, the features of the two storey store has very different environment. With darker atmosphere, muted wood and a sweeping steel and staircase in the center of the store. We were enticed and ecstatic with the wide range of collection for women, men and kids. 

The evening ended with a high note with an amazing performance from a local band


The Fall/ Winter 2011 collection is now available at the Esprit store in Mid Valley as well as all other stores nationwide.

Additional information on the collection and the brand can be found on


Me & Rane