Spritzer Mini Dispenser: Easy and Convenient

Water is the source of all life on earth
It touches every area of our lives
Without it, we could not thrive
we could not even survive

Remember to drink enough water to stay hydrate and healthy
Clean and filtered water that free from residues is essential for our vitality 

Now I can get Premium water is just a fingertip away. Spritzer’s Mini Dispenser is perfect for home, office, hotel guest room, outdoor activities or parties. Its light weight, portable and easy to carry, Spritzer’s Mini Dispenser makes changing water so easy for me. Available in 6L and 9.5L pack size. 

Spritzer latest larger pack sized bottled water, 6L and 9.5L in eco-friendly PET bottles. The water that is off­ered in these bottles with spill proof caps permits bottles to be easily transferred from one cooler to another. This will make the water delivered in these type of bottles the hottest in enormous office environments.

Friendly in Size
Friendly to Use
Friendly on Environment

1. Easy-tear handle for mobility
2. Non-spill cap which solved all spilling issues on replacing the empty bottle
3. Light-weight for ladies for loading onto dispenser
4. Assurance of highest quality water
5. Independent source of water - Relieved of worrying about any water malfunction or a water supply shortage, lack of water pressure or any other trouble
6. The ideal size makes it easy to carry for outdoor and also indoor activities.

There are three choices of Spritzer water:-
Spritzer Natural Mineral Water is indeed the gift of nature. It is sourced from 400ft under the ground from natural unspoilt surroundings. Rich in natural minerals, Spritzer is hygienically filtered and bottled to international standards - duly certified by ABWA (Asia Middle East Bottled Water Association) and certified against ISO 9001:2008 and HACCP (MS 1480:2007 and Codex Alimentarius) by SIRIM QAS International & SGS respectively.

Spritzer Distilled / RO Drinking Water contains no micro-organisms, minerals or chemicals. It is so pure that it helps bring out the best and natural flavour of beverages and juices. Produced by using a U.S. patented process, Spritzer distilled drinking water meets or exceeds FDA, EPA and other international industry standards.

Its Demo time: 
How to fix this dispenser

1. Detach the spill proof cap seal

2. Load into the dispenser

There are three type of Spritzer dispenser for your convenient. 
Spritzer Mini, Hot & Cold and Hot & Warm Dispenser

Spritzer Mini Dispenser is now only available in Giant, Cold Storage & selected petrol kiosk. 

Now, there is no reason for not drinking enough water everyday.
With this Spritzer Mini Dispenser I can place my bottled water anywhere...

For more information please check out
Spritzer Website
Spritzer Facebook


  1. May i know where do u bought this?i've been searching this for ages...tq

  2. Hi! you can buy this at Giant, Cold Storage & selected petrol kiosk.

  3. or go directly to spritzer webpage

  4. Where can i get the hot & warm mini dispenser and any idea what the price is like? I have looked for it at Giant, but can't seem to find it. they only have the normal mini dispenser there ...

    1. Hi Mohd Zaki, perhaps you could contact Spritzer company at Tel: 605-801 2663. Thanks

  5. The mini dispenser is easy to use, convenient, and not to mention, slim. You can put it anywhere you like, on the table, counter top, or even near the sink. I do hope that they continue to meet the ISO standards, so that they can continue to create more useful equipment like this.

  6. If you plan on making several of these and stack them, some labels on the front might work better. automatic soap dispenser


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