Bella ntv7 Talk Show TV Appearance Topic: Travel Bargain Value For Money For Your Escapism

Alright kind of hesitate to post this long pending post. After thinking of it might as well put it up as a memory. Maybe next time I can flash back how it started… Last month I was on Bella ntv7 Unwind for a talk show about travelling, Travel Bargain Value For Money For Your Escapism. It was my first time on ntv7 and of course I was nervous and there were lots of butterflies in my stomach. In this uncertain economy, how would you plan your travel?

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Bella ntv7 Unwind Talk Show TV Appearance 
Topic: Travel Bargain Value For Money For Your Escapism

Nect Rewards My Lifestyle Experiences

Recently I have been trying a couple of new things, new hobbies, new cafés hopping and going to start a new job soon. Well if not now, when? So here I just tried the new app nect™. Something special about this app is that it rewards me in everything I do and everywhere I go, Nect Rewards My Lifestyle Experiences. As long as the place is one of nect™ participating outlets on then I will automatically accumulate points.

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Nect Rewards My Lifestyle Experiences

Charles & Keith Fall Winter 2015 Collection @ MidValley New Concept Store

We were at Charles & Keith Fall Winter 2015 Collection preview in conjunction with the ReOpening of their New Concept Store at MidValley Megamall. I love the spacious store facade and brightly lit interior articulating effortlessly modern luxurious in a minimalist tone. Well, Charles & Keith Fall Winter 2015 exude the idea of “less is more” and functional projected in cool and muted colours.

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Charles & Keith 2015 Fall Winter Collection @ Mid Valley New Concept Store 

ServisHero is Our Rescue & Make My Life Easier

When 24 hours a day is not enough for us, so how to complete all the tasks? Besides multi-takings which still not enough I think I need a PA (personal assistance). Joking… anyway yah it’s true that there are some nitty-gritty stuff to be done but need lots of coordination. So here come the ServisHero Is Our Rescue & Make My Life Easier.

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ServisHero Is Our Rescue & Make My Life Easier

My Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 Experience

Hey busy urbanites I know we are usually on the move and at the same time we have to work on the go as well. Therefore an all-rounder gadget or device that can help us to perform our daily and urgent tasks is crucial. Have you found the gadget or device that compliments your lifestyles? For the past few weeks I have been using this Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 and now it’s my personal companion when it comes to work and play on-the-go.

My Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 Experience, Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, Gadget Review, Samsung Tab S2 Review, Samsung User Experience, User Experience, Tab S2, Galaxy Tab S2, Galaxy Tab
My Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 Experience

My Healthy Signature Snack

I munch! munch! munch! but I don’t feel guilty at all because I know that I am eating something healthy, fresh and wholesome. Hey guess what when you feel hungry at odd hours like this, in between meals, on the go, after gym, during your runs or hike, when you feel like you need some food to de-stress or it a great add to your breakfast, lunch or tea time. There are so many way you can snack healthily when you have Signature Snack in your hand.

My Healthy Signature Snack, Signature Snack, Matcha Chia Seed Granola, Low Carb Mix, Antioxidant Boost, Go Take A Hike Trail Mix, Seventh Heaven Trail Mix
My Healthy Signature Snack

Dermablend Professional Corrective Cosmetics

Have you heard of corrective cosmetics before? It’s not aesthetic or surgery, it’s the Dermablend Professional corrective cosmetics that provides flawless, natural looking coverage to camouflage anything from body art tattoo to blemishes and acne scars to burns and medical conditions such as vitiligo, birthmarks and hyperpigmentationYes! it’s true I saw the demo with on common people with my own eyes during launch and let me show it to you also.

Dermablend Professional Corrective Cosmetics, Dermablend Professional, Corrective Cosmetics

Thomas Sabo Charm Club Diamond Bracelet For Free

Have you got any idea what to buy for your love ones this coming festive season. Well, charms that can relate to your memorable experiences together is brilliant too. Thomas Sabo is celebrating its 10 years of charm club and you can receive a Charm Club Diamond Bracelet for free. Continue to read to know how you can claim it. 

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Thomas Sabo Charm Club Diamond Bracelet For Free 

SEVENFRIDAY V-Series Launch at Elegantology

Here for the SEVENFRIDAY new V series launch in Kuala Lumpur at the Elegantology Gallery & Restaurant, Publika, Solaris Dutamas recently. SEVENFRIDAY now has 16 models, which are divided into 3 series – M, P and the latest addition – V. The V series retains its iconic “squircle” stainless steel box while encompassing a more polished and refined finished to its already distinctive look. 

SEVENFRIDAY V-Series Launch in Kuala Lumpur, SEVENFRIDAY,  V-Series, Elegantology Gallery & Restaurant, Publika, Solaris Dutamas, Luxury Watch

Sephora Holiday 2015 Collection

Hey girls!!! It’s time to dress and party because we have the license to do so! Oh ya, some of you have been asking me about the new Tarte collection, Bare Minerals sets, NUDESTIX and all sorts of stuff and prices at Sephora. You can find your answers here. This is going to be a long post about Sephora Holiday 2015 collections. This season there 4 news brands on board such as NUDESTIX, WEN, TANGLE TEEZER and SOLINOTES plus latest products and chrismas / holiday sets from Sephora, Algenist, Bare Minerals, Butter London, Ciate, Eyeko, Foreo, Fresh, Nails Inc, Percy & Reed, Skin Inc, Soap & Glory, Stila and Tarte

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Sephora Holiday 2015 Collections Press Day Preview

Paris Hilton in KL to launch Paris Hilton Limited Anniversary Edition

This was my second time meeting Paris Hilton in person in this year. The first time when she was here for The Party of The Century and now Paris Hilton is in KL again for the launch of her new fragrance, Paris Hilton Limited Anniversary Edition for Women to celebrate her fragrance line's 10 year anniversary and also spinning at the ACV Music Festival 2015. It was an momentous evening to have an interview and up close and personal session with Paris Hilton.

Paris Hilton in KL, Paris Hilton Limited Anniversary Edition, Paris Hilton, Paris Hilton Fragrance, Paris Hilton Perfume

Martini should be served Shaken or Stirred?

Last week special Agent 007 personally delivered a bottle of the collector's edition (limited edition) Belvedere Vodka SPECTRE 007 to me. The SPECTRE 007 movie is coming up soon so as Mr. Bond’s drinks. Mr. Bond insist that his Belvedere vodka martini was to be “shaken not stirred” that the phrase itself entered the lexicon and in 2005 was selected as one of the 100 most famous lines in film. Martini should be served Shaken or Stirred?

Belvedere Vodka SPECTRE 007, martini should be served Shaken or Stirred,
Belvedere Vodka SPECTRE 007 collector's edition
Martini should be served Shaken or Stirred?

SK-II Change Destiny World Festive Edition, #changedestiny

Recently SK-II launched their #changedestiny World Festive Edition facial treatment essence bottles. The iconic bottles reflect the ideals of boldness, perseverance and encouragement were adorned with butterflies and hummingbirds to symbolize the beauty in transformation and the possibilities of soaring. Can you spot me and my bff in the video?

Flash 2 Experience & Review

If you are looking for an affordable smartphone with good camera quality at the same range, perhaps you can check this out. The Flash 2 was launched in Malaysia last week and will be available beginning of next week. Here is my experience using the Flash 2.

Flash 2 Experience & Review

Venezuela Gastronomic Festival 2015 @ Pullman KLCC

Here for Venezuelan Night at the Pullman KLCC on Friday. I am glad that we make it although the traffic to KL on Friday night was bad. Its Venezuela Gastronomic Festival 2015 so we learnt more about Venezuelan arts, culture and people at the same feast on their unique delicacies and cuisines.  

Venezuela Gastronomic Festival 2015, Pullman KLCC
Venezuela Gastronomic Festival 2015 at Pullman KLCC

Pink October DIY Foot Spa at Home

We spend at least two to four hours a day on our feet, taking between 8,000 and 10,000 steps of course hard skin and calluses can form easily especially in this hot and humid weather here. So how you normally get rid of the rough and flaky dead skin on your heels and feet? Here I have this cute little pink device arrived in time to Support Pink October and have my DIY Foot Spa at Home. 

Fascinating Tokyo Quick Guides

Konichiwa! Is anyone going to Tokyo? I was there few months ago and now I am am missing Japan. Tokyo is fascinating and has everything you can ask for a city; a never ending entertainment and nightlife scene and an extremely vibrant and trendsetting fashion world. The city is bustling and never sleeps you can walk around the trendiest shops at Harajuku fashion district for some hard to find vintage Chanel and designer street style brand Ground Y by Yohji Yamamoto or be adventurous enough to try and doll-up with Dolly Kei fashion style.

Fascinating Tokyo Quick Guides, Tokyo City Guide, Fashion Tokyo, where to shop, where to dine, where to eat, where to explore, harajuku

Taste New Zealand Fair & Treasure Hunt

Here we were at the Taste New Zealand Food Fair & Treasure Hunt early Saturday morning at Cold Storage supermarket, Ikano Power Centre with my partner of the day, Carol. Taste New Zealand is a Food Fair that features the best of New Zealand products, from wines to chocolates to fruits we look forward to over 200 New Zealand products from over 48 brands on special promotions during this fair.

Taste New Zealand Food Fair, Taste New Zealand Teasure Hunt

Children's Day Charity Bazaar @ The School in Jaya One

The world is divided into haves and have-nots – and that division begins early. Millions of children around the world fall short of basic human rights – food, clothing and shelter and often education that facilitate the pursuit of a better life to escape the cycle of poverty. Children's Day an occasion to cherish our junior citizens is an opportunity to reach out to these needy ones at the Children’s Day Charity Bazaar on 8 November at The School in Jaya One, organized by Living Hope. 

Children's Day Charity Bazaar, The School, Jaya One

70’s Bohemian Vibe & Contemporary Alternative Styles

We were at TRIUM CARD 1st Anniversary celebration with an exclusive fashion showcase TRIUM CARD Anniversary Collection that features two distinct yet cohesive lines made up of a 70’s bohemian vibe & contemporary alternative styles by nichii.

70’s bohemian vibe, contemporary alternative styles, nichii, trium card, trium card anniversary, kitschen, dressingpaula, fashion show, bohemian style
70’s bohemian vibe fashion showcase

Pink Charity Ride 2015 for Breast Cancer Awareness

I was up on very early on last Saturday morning to support the Pink Charity Ride 2015 part of the efforts to raise Breast Cancer Awareness by Estee Lauder Malaysia. It was a 12km ride that kicked starts and finished at Mid Valley Megamall.

Pink Charity Ride 2015, Breast Cancer Awareness, Estee Lauder Malaysia
Pink Charity Ride 2015 for Breast Cancer Awareness

Astro Go Shop Now Available in Mandarin Platform

Yay! now we have more reasons to shop online at anytime and anywhere. Good news to those who prefer Mandarin because Go Shop, the first Malaysia’s 24 hours multiplatform lifestyle shopping channel is now available in Mandarin on TV (Channel 318 on Astro and NJOI), Astro On The Go, Go Shop online e-commerce and mobile commerce platforms. The Mandarin Channel 318 is the second channel from Go Shop Just. First Go Shop Channel 118 in Bahasa Malaysia launched in January 2015. Go Shop is now launching Channel 318 in Mandarin, building on the success of Channel 118 in Bahasa Malaysia.

Astro, Go Shop, Go Shop Mandarin, Online Shopping, Astro Go Shop
Astro Go Shop Mandarin Platform on Channel 318

Retro Eyewear

It’s another night of retro party at Art Printing Works (APW) to celebrate the launch of the Retrocraft Eyewear in Malaysia. It’s retro yet contemporary designs with top-notch Italian craftsmanship.

Retrocraft Eyewear, Retrocraft in Malaysia, Retro Style, Retro Fashion
 Retrocraft Eyewear in Malaysia

Pobling Mini Ion Applicator Review

Hey today we are going to share a beauty device / gadget that can help our skin to absorb skincare ingredients faster and deep into our skin. I found this innovative Pobling Mini Ion Applicator at Hermo Malaysia online shop and it's a skincare efficacy booster especially when it comes to serum and moisturizer or even eye cream application. I know sometimes we are too tired or busy when we apply our skincare we tend to skip the massage steps. So this is our rescue, a device that makes life easy at an affordable price.

Pobling Mini Ion Applicator Review, Pobling Mini Ion Applicator, beauty device Review, beauty review, pobling, hermo malaysia, hermo, online shop, skincare booster,
Pobling Mini Ion Applicator from Hermo

Starhill Gallery Fashion Day Out 2015

Here for a stylish affair at the Starhill Gallery Fashion Day Out 2015  showcase the latest trends of 2015’s Autumn / Winter collections of Starhill Gallery’s exclusive designer labels such as Kenzo, Valentino, McQ Alexander McQueen, M Missoni, Khoon Hooi, Mita Tam Style Studio, Debenhams and iKarrtini.  

Starhill Gallery Fashion Day Out 2015, Starhill gallery, 2015 Autumn Winter collections, designer labels, Debenhams, iKarrtini, Kenzo,  Khoon Hooi, McQ Alexander McQueen, M Missoni, Mita Tam Style Studio, Valentino, luxury brand in malaysia, luxury mall, starhill gallery
Starhill Gallery Fashion Day Out 2015 Showcase

Tokyo’s Latest Makeup Trends by CANMAKE

Hey do you want to know about Tokyo’s latest makeup trends? We are going to explore the kawaiii look and many more... So today we are going to talk about 2 looks the Glossy & Shinny and also the Colour Coordinate. These 2 looks can be achieved using the CANMAKE latest range of face, eye, cheek and lip colours. Here we were at CANMAKE 30th Anniversary Celebration & Launch of New Range at Beauty Expo 2015 @ KL Convention Centre.

Tokyo Latest Makeup Trends, CANMAKE Tokyo, Canmake, Canmake 30th Anniversary, Beauty Expo 2015, kawaii look, Glossy Shinny, Colour Coordinate

Moonshot From Korea to Malaysia

It’s Moonshot From Korea to Malaysia. So today we are going to check out one of Korea's most hyped cosmetics brands, Moonshot is finally making its way to Malaysian shores recently. A Korean makeup brand that brings fun and unexpected new makeup experience to us, well known for its notorious, bold, funky and trendy. Moonshot is now available in all Sephora Malaysia stores and boutique. 

Moonshot, Korean Cosmetic, K Beauty, Korean Makeup, Sephora, Sephora Malaysia, Moonshot cosmetics, yg look
Moonshot from Korea to Malaysia, now available at Sephora

Let’s Mobigraph! Flash 2 Launch in Malaysia

Let’s Mobigraph! Hey we were at Flash 2 Lunch in Malaysia few days ago. This is Alcatel Flash latest prime model with an even stronger focus on mobile photography. So what is Mobigraph? Actually it’s the combination of mobile and photography; the commitment of Alcatel Flash to provide us a unique mobile photography experience. 

Let’s Mobigraph, Alcatel Flash 2, Launch in Malaysia, Flash 2

How about a Retreat for Mind, Body & Soul at MURFEST 2015?

The toll increased again, travelling cost going up and cost of living is hiking so how to plan for our year end vacation? Ever thought about a mini-getaway to rejuvenate your Mind, Body and Soul that is just under 30 minutes away from home and without you having to break the bank? Hey Malaysia Urban Retreat Festival (MURFEST 2015) is back! It's weekend Urban Retreat on 13th to 15th November 2015 at Hotel Pullman Kuala Lumpur.

Retreat, urban retreat, Mind, Body, Soul, MURFEST 2015, Malaysia Urban Retreat Festival

NARS Fall 2015 Audacious Mascara, Kohliner & KLCC Flagship Boutique

I feel like a VVIP getting my makeup done in this private makeup room at NARS KLCC Flagship Boutique by the boutique makeup artists personally trained using François Nars’ beauty philosophy. Thanks to Janet for making my day beautiful! Finally I tried the Audacious Mascara and its partner in line, the Kohliner both under the Fall 2015 collection.

Paired in Toastina Café & Bar

Hey finally it’s Friday! I am looking forward for the weekend and later in the evening catch up with friends. How about chill out at the bar, have a quick bite of artisanal small plates and eclectic bar snacks paired with premium wines and craft beers at Toastina Cafe & Bar at Sheraton Imperial Hotel Kuala Lumpur. Sounds like a perfect Friday night after a long week. I know right…

Toastina Cafe & Bar, Sheraton Imperial Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Craft Beer, premium wine pairing
Paired in Toastina Cafe & Bar

PicPal Real Time Selfie Collage with Friends

Welcome to the sefienation! I know we like to selfie, wefie and groupfie whenever we can right. It is fun and at the same time captured the happy moments together be it yourself, with friends, your love ones or family. By the way when you are apart with your friends do you want to see what your friends are up to now? Do you know you can do it in a single picture collage by using Picpal App?

PicPal, PicPal App, Real Time Selfie Collage with Friends

Matte About Manga, How to Create Kawaii Doll Looks

Hey do you want to get the Kawaii Doll Looks? I am sure some of you know that this look makes everyone going ga-ga. So what is Manga Look? Well, of what I know is that Manga look or style where the lashes are mega pumped up and skin is stunning matte. I wanted have that Kawaii Look too. Here I was at the Matte about Manga event few weeks ago.

Matte About Manga, How to Create Kawaii Doll Looks, Matte About Manga, How to Create Kawaii Doll Looks

L’Oreal Professionnel Pro Fiber Initiated in Salon & Reactivated at Home

The latest revolutionary Pro Fiber ranges from L’Oreal Professionnel has set a new standard in haircare designed to rectify, restore and reconstruct our hair. It is the first repairing treatment that offers long-lasting effects that initiated in salon and reactivated at home. Here, I was at the L’Oreal Professionnel Pro Fiber blockbuster launch at Ruyi & Lyn, Bangsar Shopping Centre to discover more about it.

L’Oreal Professionnel, Pro Fiber, Rectify, Restore, Reconstructs, Initiated in Salon, Reactivated at Home, hair damage control
L’Oreal Professionnel Pro Fiber

Vintage Yet Contemporary Hush Puppies Timepieces

Well most of us know about Hush Puppies apparels and perhaps owned some of it. But did you know that Hush Puppies has timepieces also? I think some of you may know about it if you are into watches. Actually Hush Puppies timepieces were launched in 2002. As you know the brand’s core attributes are authentic, relaxed, casual, stylish, classic, confident and relevant.

Vintage Yet Contemporary, Hush Puppies Timepieces, Hush Puppies, Vintage, Contemporary, 1958, 10th anniversary edition

Unboxing Alcatel Flash 2

Tadah! this just arrived yesterday and here is the quick post about the Unboxing Alcatel Flash 2 smartphone.

Unboxing Alcatel Flash 2, alcatel Flash 2, Alcatel smartphone
Unboxing Alcatel Flash 2

swiss line Edelweiss Joy for Christmas

Oh well christmas is coming soon I bet you maybe next week you will see some shopping malls starts to decorate. It’s the time of the year where “Ho Ho Ho” beckons and Christmas carols fill the air with magical lights. Endless parties and exchanges of Christmas gifts make life all so very joyful. Here is the swiss line Edelweiss Christmas Coffret. 

swiss line, Edelweiss Joy, Christmas Coffret, Christmas Set, Cell Shock, Total-Lift Day Cream, 360° Anti-Wrinkle, Eye Zone Serum, Serum Triple Collagen Complex, Age Intelligence, 3D Hand Cream
swiss line Edelweiss Christmas Coffret

Body Combat on National Sports Day

So what did you do last Saturday? By the way, it’s our National Sports Day aka Hari Sukan Negara on 10 Oct. Well, in the morning I went to Taste New Zealand Treasure Hunt and then in the evening I joined few of my friends workout at the Largest Les Mills Body COMBAT Class at the SCORE FitMob Festival 2015 at the StarXpo Centre, Kenanga Wholesale City in Kuala Lumpur.

Body Combat, Hari Sukan Negara, National Sports Day, SCORE FitMob Festival 2015, Les Mills, Body Combat Class, Les Mills SH'BAM, Zumba, kukuwa, FitMob Party, StarXpo Centre, Kenanga Wholesale City, Kuala Lumpur

Women with Drive: Sime Darby LPGA 2015 Malaysia @ KLGCC

I think I am a little tanned now as last weekend I was at the Women with DriveSime DarbyLPGA Malaysia 2015 at Kuala Lumpur Golf & Country Club (KLGCC). We spent quite some time outdoor and had a good time chill out with friends at The Courtyard.

Women with Drive, Sime DarbyLPGA Malaysia 2015, Kuala Lumpur Golf & Country Club, KLGCC, KL Food Truck Festival, Lydia Ko, Michelle Wie, Lady Golf Tournament, Jessica Korda, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Pink Saturday, Sponsors Village
Women with Drive: Sime DarbyLPGA Malaysia 2015 @ KLGCC

Beauty Bound Asia National Finals Phase 2 Malaysia

Here for National Finals of Beauty Bound Asia Phase 2 at Ruyi & Lyn, Bangsar Shopping Centre on 3rd of Oct . In round there are 29 finalists selected and they took part in a hackathon challenge (where they had to do a make-over in 30 mins) and 2 workshops.   

Beauty Bound Asia National Finals Phase 2 Malaysia, Beauty Bound Asia, National Finals, Phase 2, Beauty Bound Asia Malaysia, hackathon challenge, beauty trends workshop, beauty youtube challenge
National Finals of Beauty Bound Asia Phase 2 

Curiosities @ Ted Baker Autumn Winter 2015

We were at Ted Baker Autumn Winter 2015 collection showcase. Indeed it was a curation of curiosities and sights to behold, the season unearths a treasure trove of rare wonders and sartorial spectacle. Wonders never cease…

Curiosities, Ted Baker Autumn Winter 2015, Ted Baker Malaysia, Ted Baker, Ted Baker AW15, Wonders, Fashion show, Pavilion KL
Curiosities @ Ted Baker Autumn Winter 2015

Unveiling Domino’s Pizza Top Secret #dTopSecret

Jeng jeng jeng… I am going unveil a Top Secret soon! Psssttt… however we all need to work together and play this Domino’s Tiles game to reach the target so #dTopSecret will be unveiled. Suspense right! But there is a way to unlock the secret and we all will be rewarded too by using Domino’s Pizza Malaysia new website to order.

Unveiling Domino’s Pizza Top Secret, #dTopSecret , Domino’s Pizza Malaysia, Domino's Pizza, Top Secret, Spicy Saussage, #dTopSecret
 Domino’s Pizza Malaysia New Website

Shoes for Women

How to find the perfect shoes that will make the most of your personal style? Well, try these important and chic rules of shoes for women to find fashionable footwear that you have ever wanted.

Important & Chic Rules of Shoes for Women, Important & Chic Rules, Shoes for Women, Fashion, Shoes Fashion
Important & Chic Rules of Shoes for Women

Shopee Mobile Marketplace For Buyer & Seller

As you all know that I love to shop online but sometimes I have too much stuff at home. They are new and unused so I feel like letting go some of them. Did you face the same situation too? Perhaps it’s time to de-clutter our room and make way for some new items. Recently I tried this Shopee Mobile App a marketplace for buyer and seller. Err.. is it another shopping app? No, Shopee is more than that. It is for those who love to shop online and keen to sell some of your stuff online too. You have check it out.

Shopee Mobile Marketplace For Buyer & Seller, Shopee Mobile Marketplace, Shopee Malaysia, Buyer & Seller, Shopee Mobile App
Shopee Malaysia Mobile Marketplace for Buyer & Seller