Unboxing Alcatel Flash 2

Tadah! this just arrived yesterday and here is the quick post about the Unboxing Alcatel Flash 2 smartphone.

Unboxing Alcatel Flash 2, alcatel Flash 2, Alcatel smartphone
Unboxing Alcatel Flash 2

In the box there are smartphone, casing, USB cable, headphone, charger, user manual, screen protector and warranty card. Most of it is the standard stuff except there is the sleek leather casing with window at the front.

Unboxing Alcatel Flash 2, alcatel Flash 2, Alcatel smartphone
Unboxing Alcatel Flash 2

Overall the first impression is a pretty decent smartphone with comfortable grip and size that fitted into my palm nicely. The features and functions we will check it out later. Stay tune for the full review coming up soon. 

Unboxing Alcatel Flash 2, alcatel Flash 2, Alcatel smartphone
Unboxing Alcatel Flash 2

That about it for today, do come back for more…

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  1. My Alcatel FLASH2 1-week review:

    I've been using the Flash2 for 1 week now. I have to say this is an impressive phone. You can view my first impression video here:


    I like the battery backup. 3000mAh might not sound like much these days. But this phone utilises the power efficiently and I used to charge 3 to 4 times a day for my previous phones. Now I still have 20% left at midnight after unplugging from charger at 8am. The build quality is great, especially the bundled real leather (yes it is not faux leather) casing which feels soft and expensive.

    The other thing I love is the software speed. The phone UI is just plain fast! Not because of the Octa Core Mediatek processor, mind you. But because it is running Stock Android Lollipop 5.1, it just feel so zippy in use whether you are opening Apps, switching between dozens of Apps, or browsing internet via 4G LTE. Love it! No more waiting.
    The camera is sharp and quick to focus. Photos generally come out sharp and with punchy colours. The Samsung ISOCELL takes good photos in low light well and has Live photo which allows user to select multiple angle of the photo object. Opening the Camera app can be a bit slow unfortunately. The dedicated Shutter button works okay but can be improved as it is not responsive enough and has delayed action.

    The downside of Flash2 is the screen have a slight blueish tint and there's a bad colour shift when viewed from different angle. Luckily it is adjustable via the settings and you get used to it pretty fast. The capacitive touch button for Back and Menu is located too near the edge and when they are Off (Backlit but will dim out while using the phone), you tend to miss the button when using the phone. This is really annoying, hope Alcatel can come up with a firmware update to address this by leaving the backlight On for these buttons all the time when the screen is active. It won't drain the battery that much.

    So in summary, the Flash2 is a superb value for money phone for majority of the users who don't want to pay for unneccessary features and branding. This is a phone you will love and keep for some time.

    1. Good battery life
    2. Excellent build quality and feels premium with the leather flip casing
    3. Camera is sharp and colours are punchy
    4. UI is super fast using Stock Android Lollipop 5.1
    5. 4G LTE on both SIM cards and fast internet speed

    1. IPS Screen is not as good as other brand models. Has blueish tint at certain angles.
    2. Capacitive buttons for Back and Menu is located too near to the edge
    3. Speakers sound tiny although loud


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