Product Review: Aqualabel Aqua Enhancer MO

AQUALABEL Aqua Enhancer MO (moisturizing) Essence
I have been using this essence for almost a month. It is suitable for my dehydrated and dry skin. Keep my skin moist, supple and firm. It absorb very fast into skin apply using patting method. My face feels soft and velvety smooth. I like the soothing sensation after application. No tingling or skin feels tight after application. My skin moisture level improved, less dry lines and skin look more radiant. The texture is light. Scent is mild and refreshing. 

This moisturizing skin enhancer formulate with Aqua Synergy, Double Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen GL, keep skin moisture and boost skin ability to absorb and retain water to maintain skin hydration level balance. This is a moisturizing essence with long lasting moisture, penetrates and replenishes the surface of skin for softer and firmer looking skin.

Suitable for dehydrated and dry skin
Coloring free
Allergy tested

Product Ingredients 

Usage step:
Cleansing foam – Lotion – Emulsion – Enhancer – Moisturiser – Sunbock
After applying emulsion, pour Enhancer out about the size of a 20 cents coin onto palm and apply with a patting motion all over face.

Pack Size: 130ml
By: ShiseidoJapan

Aqualabel Aqua MO (moisturizing) Range

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Exclusive Launch of Charles Worthington London‏

Charles Worthington London Launch on 5th April 13, 2011 at Celsius KL

London’s most sought-after hair-care products in KL win the hearts of Malaysians. Charles Worthington first-time presence in Malaysia, aims to become a household name by giving its customers Salon Results At Home

Jym Chong, Kulvinder Birring, Tara Roux and Caryn Loh

Charles Worthington believes in the power of hair and its ability to transform and everyone deserves a little bit of luxury in their lives. In fact, we want to achieve the high standards whether the client is a celebrity, a salon customer or someone using Charles Worthington products from home.

Celsius Restaurant & Bar at Fahrenheit 88, Kuala Lumpur 

Charles Worthington launch in phases starting with the shampoo and treatment ranges and by the end of this year, Charles Worthington will be launching the volumising and texturising hairsprays in Malaysia.

 Tara Roux, Marketing Manager of Charles Worthington London

Charles Worthington products will be exclusively available in Watsons from 8th April 2011 onwards. Watsons has the specific aim of giving our customers great quality products sourced from across the world. 

Charles Worthington Philosophy
1) To provide clients with the best possible styling results and the most sophisticated treatment and protection for their hair at the same time.
2) Achieve the same high standards whether the client is a celebrity, a salon customer or someone using Charles Worthington products from home.
3) Insists on natural ingredients wherever possible, helping to ensure that your hair is nurtured healthy, no matter how unruly it is or how much you style.

Cassandra Patrick, Tara Roux, Nadia Heng and Bryan Tan

Customers can have the ultimate hair salon look and feel in the comfort of their homes. Charles Worthington hair care portfolio also exclusive in Watsons Singapore, Hong KongTaiwanTurkey and UAE.

Hair Demo by Bryan Tan and Cassandra Patrick


Hair Demo by Bryan Tan and Nadia Heng

Tete-a-Tete Session by Xavier Mah and Tara Roux

Who is Charles Worthington?
Charles Worthington is one of London’s most prolific hairdressers attracting the sassiest celebrities from all corners of the globe to his four world-class salons in London which tend to tresses of 10,000 clients a month. With over 20 years experience Charles has won numerous international awards. He is also the most sought after hairdresser for red carpets events worldwide namely the Golden Globe Awards and the Oscars Awards.

Charles Worthington Brand History
The brand started in 1986 when Charles launched his first salon at Charlotte Place, London four world-class salons in London. In 1995, Charles launched his first signature range in Boots, UK, which defined the designer hair-care category. The brand has seven award-winning ranges – Results and Takeaways, Q&A Frizz and Sensitive, Dream Hair, Big Hair (US), Results for Men, CWSTYLE.COM and brushes.

Charles Worthington Product Variants 
Various other hair-care ranges are available under the Charles Worthington brand in Malaysia. This includes its Moisture Seal Range comprising shampoo, conditioner, Hair Healer Leave-in conditioner and Mineral Hair Rescue. 

Moisture Seal Range
Frizz Free, Moisture Balance, Brilliant Shine and Balancing Act Shampoo
Meanwhile, its Brilliant Shine Range is formulated to remove dulling deposits from the hair. This range also comprises shampoo and conditioner and two other impressive products, the Finishing Touch Polish and All Over Gloss Spray.

Frizz Free Range

Other popular products also include the Balancing Act RangeSensitive Range and Time Defy Range. Of these three ranges, The Sensitive Range comprising of an ultra soothing de-tangling spray will be a pleaser to women who finds it hard to manage the tangles in their hair. Prices range between RM9.90 for the Takeaways to RM32.90 for the shampoo, conditioner, hair care & styling products.

Bloggers and Watsons Contest Winners

Miss Sunshine :)

Jym Chong, Kulvinder Birring, Tara Roux, Caryn Loh, Xandrai Ooi, Azura Zainal and Chelsia Ng

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Bimba & Lola Spring/Summer Collection 2011 Launch

Bimba & Lola 2011 Spring/Summer Collection Launching at Zouk on 30th Mac 

Bimba & Lola is a new Spanish brand a project by Maria and Uxia Dominguez, of Jesus Dominguez (founding partner of Adolfo Dominguez) and Sociedad Tetil Lonia. Bimba & Lola is an independent company dedicated to the design, distribution and sale of apparel and accessories for women. The brand’s female Spanish names reflect Bimba & Lola’s feminine, fresh an indulgent spirit.

Diana Koon, Marketing Director of Bimba & Lola Malaysia

Bimba & Lola 2011 Spring/Summer collection theme Tropical and Under the Sea – promise great fashion excitement for those who favour easy-to-wear new look. 

Tropical captures the silhouette of the 50s and 70s with supersized shapes that make bold statements, Under the Sea is inspired by looks and shapes created in the 1920s scorching through gorgeous earth tones that combined the sensual colour for a sophisticated silhouette. 

Matching bags in classic forms complement the tropical feel of this collection. Accessories that feature fruit and bird motifs goes hand-in-hand with the season’s strappy and cork wedge sandals. The multiple straps and buckles complete the daring and vibrant looks encompassing Tropical. 

The collection sees neutral tones like sand, stone and pale blue that brings elements from the sea bed into its motifs while some of the garments are given raw-edge seams and openwork details.

Bimba & Lola Spring/Summer 2011 collection takes on a journey to distant lands, a tropical world filled with colours and the exotic elements of life. 

 With friends at Bimba & Lola Spring/Summer 2011 Launch Party


Selangor Water Festival 2011 Adventure Trip

Bagan Lalang!!! Does the name Bagan Lalang sound like somewhere in the kampung or some place very deep inside? Or does it sound like Berlalang?? What is that place?

Have you been there? I have... 

Selangor Water Festival, Bagan Lalang (by @tambourinehero)
Two weeks ago I was in Bagan Lalang for 3D2N... Actually Bagan Lalang at Sepang Gold Coast its about 20 minutes drive from Sepang International Circuit or 1 hour drive from KL. I am sure you know where is Sepang International Circuit, near KLIA especially this week is Formula 1 GP. 

This the location
This is my first time to Bagan Lalang. I was one of the Selangor Water Festival adventure participants invited by Tourism Selangor. Selangor Water Festival was on 19th to 20th Mac 2010 in Bagan Lalang, Sepang, Selangor.  Check out my previous blog post on Visit Selangor Water Festival 2011 
Group Photo (by @tambourinehero)
Our adventure start on 18th Mac, about 12 of us gathered at KL Sentral at 8pm then we headed towards our destination by van and some by car. It was drizzling all the way from KL to Sepang. When we reached the rain stop, yahoo!
Sepang Gold Coast Entrance

Reached, checked in Bagan Lalang Beach Resort Villa. Then its nom nom nom time! This is my supper nasi lemak ayam plus telur and milo aissss. Satisfied! After makan we strolled around the beach its already like 1am in the morning. Some still so energetic and taking photos. The Night street market or bazaar business still running till past midnight.
Supper At the Stall: Nasi Lemak Ayam Goreng & Telur
Larian Pantai Race start at 5.30am in the morning. Run in the morning, cant wake up at 4.30am to catch the run start… this is how it looks like at the starting point

Larian Pantai Race (by @rasyidia)
Breakfast Sepang Gold Coast, Golden Palm Tree coffee house. This is my breakfast. After that we start our tour. Such a cozy and relaxing place with the breeze blowing. 

My breaksfast! Yummy :)

Bar at The Pool Side

Resting Area at The Pool Side

Say cheese

 Nice place right….
Chit Chating & Taking Photos at the Suite Sunrise/Sunset Deck 
 Strolling around and we found this beautiful lily pond near Golden Palm Tree
Lily Pond
There are street bazaar along the beach selling all sort of stuff like food, clothing, kites, tent and etc... Can stroll and shop along the beach... 

Titbit Stall... everything so colorful
There were many activities going on during the festival, such as Tug of War, Water Festival Idols  competition, Karaoke competition, Sepak Raga Bulatan, Sand Castle competition, Beach Fishing  competition, Kites, Bazaar and many more…

Karaoke Competition
Bagan Lalang beach is actually cleaner and not so crowded and commercialize plus it just 1 hour drive from KL. The sand is white and fine...

Sand Castle Competition

 We managed to visits a few places near by Bagan Lalang town, such as the local SMI that sells tidbits, drinks, frozen food and etc...

Local SMI 
Visit to the Dragon Fruits Farm... 
Dragon Fruits Farm

Kites! Kites! Kites so colorful...

Kites!!! So many... So Colorful... Spoilt by Choice 
Its free and easy relax trip. These are some of the fun activities we did, like playing kites, cards, UNO, 'cangkul' lala, taking photos, tweeting, chatting, visit to some places nearby apart from eating.

I am flying kite & Jess Tweeting 
Many families choose to camp overnight by the beach, some cook, bbq, camp fire and etc. I asked them they said is actually 'lebih seronok' more fun, bonding, enjoy the ‘bayu laut malam’ plus their children can have the experience of setup and staying in the tent/camp a day or two.

Family camping at the beach
  Spotted this group of children playing at the beach during low-tide
Children Playing at the Beach
Me at the seaside (by @tambourinehero)
ZhengNorahs doing what??? Cangkul Lala

This the Lala we got?? Not enough for supper lah
Seafood Supper
The whole trip was to have fun, free and easy, enjoy the sun and sea, taking photos, eat and of course tweet whenever we can.

Hope that Tourism Selangor can organize more activities to discover more beautiful and adventure in Selangor itself.

You jump! I jump! Everybody JUMP! (by @rasyidia)

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