Product Review: Aqualabel Aqua Enhancer MO

AQUALABEL Aqua Enhancer MO (moisturizing) Essence
I have been using this essence for almost a month. It is suitable for my dehydrated and dry skin. Keep my skin moist, supple and firm. It absorb very fast into skin apply using patting method. My face feels soft and velvety smooth. I like the soothing sensation after application. No tingling or skin feels tight after application. My skin moisture level improved, less dry lines and skin look more radiant. The texture is light. Scent is mild and refreshing. 

This moisturizing skin enhancer formulate with Aqua Synergy, Double Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen GL, keep skin moisture and boost skin ability to absorb and retain water to maintain skin hydration level balance. This is a moisturizing essence with long lasting moisture, penetrates and replenishes the surface of skin for softer and firmer looking skin.

Suitable for dehydrated and dry skin
Coloring free
Allergy tested

Product Ingredients 

Usage step:
Cleansing foam – Lotion – Emulsion – Enhancer – Moisturiser – Sunbock
After applying emulsion, pour Enhancer out about the size of a 20 cents coin onto palm and apply with a patting motion all over face.

Pack Size: 130ml
By: ShiseidoJapan

Aqualabel Aqua MO (moisturizing) Range

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  1. I don't see collagen or hyaluronic acid in the ingredients list.


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