Selangor Water Festival 2011 Adventure Trip

Bagan Lalang!!! Does the name Bagan Lalang sound like somewhere in the kampung or some place very deep inside? Or does it sound like Berlalang?? What is that place?

Have you been there? I have... 

Selangor Water Festival, Bagan Lalang (by @tambourinehero)
Two weeks ago I was in Bagan Lalang for 3D2N... Actually Bagan Lalang at Sepang Gold Coast its about 20 minutes drive from Sepang International Circuit or 1 hour drive from KL. I am sure you know where is Sepang International Circuit, near KLIA especially this week is Formula 1 GP. 

This the location
This is my first time to Bagan Lalang. I was one of the Selangor Water Festival adventure participants invited by Tourism Selangor. Selangor Water Festival was on 19th to 20th Mac 2010 in Bagan Lalang, Sepang, Selangor.  Check out my previous blog post on Visit Selangor Water Festival 2011 
Group Photo (by @tambourinehero)
Our adventure start on 18th Mac, about 12 of us gathered at KL Sentral at 8pm then we headed towards our destination by van and some by car. It was drizzling all the way from KL to Sepang. When we reached the rain stop, yahoo!
Sepang Gold Coast Entrance

Reached, checked in Bagan Lalang Beach Resort Villa. Then its nom nom nom time! This is my supper nasi lemak ayam plus telur and milo aissss. Satisfied! After makan we strolled around the beach its already like 1am in the morning. Some still so energetic and taking photos. The Night street market or bazaar business still running till past midnight.
Supper At the Stall: Nasi Lemak Ayam Goreng & Telur
Larian Pantai Race start at 5.30am in the morning. Run in the morning, cant wake up at 4.30am to catch the run start… this is how it looks like at the starting point

Larian Pantai Race (by @rasyidia)
Breakfast Sepang Gold Coast, Golden Palm Tree coffee house. This is my breakfast. After that we start our tour. Such a cozy and relaxing place with the breeze blowing. 

My breaksfast! Yummy :)

Bar at The Pool Side

Resting Area at The Pool Side

Say cheese

 Nice place right….
Chit Chating & Taking Photos at the Suite Sunrise/Sunset Deck 
 Strolling around and we found this beautiful lily pond near Golden Palm Tree
Lily Pond
There are street bazaar along the beach selling all sort of stuff like food, clothing, kites, tent and etc... Can stroll and shop along the beach... 

Titbit Stall... everything so colorful
There were many activities going on during the festival, such as Tug of War, Water Festival Idols  competition, Karaoke competition, Sepak Raga Bulatan, Sand Castle competition, Beach Fishing  competition, Kites, Bazaar and many more…

Karaoke Competition
Bagan Lalang beach is actually cleaner and not so crowded and commercialize plus it just 1 hour drive from KL. The sand is white and fine...

Sand Castle Competition

 We managed to visits a few places near by Bagan Lalang town, such as the local SMI that sells tidbits, drinks, frozen food and etc...

Local SMI 
Visit to the Dragon Fruits Farm... 
Dragon Fruits Farm

Kites! Kites! Kites so colorful...

Kites!!! So many... So Colorful... Spoilt by Choice 
Its free and easy relax trip. These are some of the fun activities we did, like playing kites, cards, UNO, 'cangkul' lala, taking photos, tweeting, chatting, visit to some places nearby apart from eating.

I am flying kite & Jess Tweeting 
Many families choose to camp overnight by the beach, some cook, bbq, camp fire and etc. I asked them they said is actually 'lebih seronok' more fun, bonding, enjoy the ‘bayu laut malam’ plus their children can have the experience of setup and staying in the tent/camp a day or two.

Family camping at the beach
  Spotted this group of children playing at the beach during low-tide
Children Playing at the Beach
Me at the seaside (by @tambourinehero)
ZhengNorahs doing what??? Cangkul Lala

This the Lala we got?? Not enough for supper lah
Seafood Supper
The whole trip was to have fun, free and easy, enjoy the sun and sea, taking photos, eat and of course tweet whenever we can.

Hope that Tourism Selangor can organize more activities to discover more beautiful and adventure in Selangor itself.

You jump! I jump! Everybody JUMP! (by @rasyidia)

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  5. Hi Nikel, hope you can join 2012 Water Festival. Thanks for drop by :p

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