Korean Cosmetics: ten seconds by Coreana

Have you heard of this Korean cosmetics name Ten Seconds? Last month I received some Ten Seconds products. Have been trying and playing with colours cosmetics for a while.

Introduction about ten seconds
Coreana, a reputable cosmetic brand in Korea, launched it’s brand new make up brand called ‘Ten Seconds’. Judging my the brand name Ten Seconds, this cosmetics brand targeted at women today who are too busy with their life and have less time for makeup. Ten Seconds cuts the hassle of make-up, making it short, simple, and affordable. We call it ‘Speed and Smart’ make-up.   The brand will launch with a total of 96 items, presenting a variety of long lasting makeup products and colors. Coreana has received many awards which symbolized the infinite possibilities of cosmetics. 

The Uniqueness of ten seconds products is they use 3 main ingredients:-
1. Self-Luminescence System (White Sapphire + Moonstone). It helps to cover wrinkles on face and express natural brilliance of colourskin.

2. Whitening Effect (using Amla fruit). Amla fruits mostly inhabits in India and contains high Vitamin C. The Vitamin C is as much as 4 times of Orange and 8 times of Tomato.

3. Marine Spring Water + Seawater Mineral Concentrate. Marine Spring Water contains much more mineral content compare to normal water.

 ten seconds Perfect Cover Solution Base 

 ten seconds Perfect Cover Solution Base
this makeup base provides instant color corrections, brightens the complexion and helps smoothen fine lines and wrinkles. Getting the skin prep and ready for foundation and makeup. It makes skin look smoother and my makeup last longer. Beside it comes with SPF25/PA++ to protect our skin from UVA and UVB. Although this makeup base color is slightly green, after application it looks natural. It is easy to blend on my skin and not sticky.

Color: Milky Green
Texture: Light emulsion type 
Content: 40ml
Retail Price: RM 65.00

 ten seconds Waterproof Eyebrow Pencil

ten seconds Waterproof Eyebrow Pencil
this high-definition triangle shape eyebrow pencil which is easy and help me to define my eyebrow shape. Comes with brow brush on the other end. It is waterproof. Glides on smoothly and last for all day.
Available in 2 colors: 01 Dark Brown or 02 Dark Grey
Retail Price: RM 29.00

 ten seconds Waterproof Peneyeliner Set

ten seconds Waterproof Peneyeliner Set
This Peneyeliner Set consists of Waterproof Pen Eyeliner and Waterproof Volumizing Mascara. This waterproof black eyeliner is easy to glide and control because the brush is firm and just like a pen. I always use eye liner to wake up my sleepy eyes. I find it easy to use and fast application. I like the small and handy volumizing mascara. Ca
Color: Black
Retail Price: RM 55.00

ten seconds Sheer Lip Stain

ten seconds Sheer Lip Stain
The Sheer Lip Stain is one of the best selling products of ten seconds. This is a richly pigmented lip tint that when I apply it feels like marker. This pen type lip tint provides express natural healthy lip color that stays for a few hours. It has a mild cooling effect.
Available in 5 colors
Content: 3ml
Retail Price: RM 39.00

ten seconds products are affordable with price range from RM 29 to RM 65. I like it because easy and fast application, makes makeup effortless and look beautiful.  

Available at:-
Sasa Outlet Klang Valley
Sungei Wang Plaza (Lot G120)
Mid Valley Megamall (Lot G034A)
Berjaya Times Square (Lot 01-40,41,42)
Pavillion KL (Lot 1-26)
Mines Shopping Fair (Lot G92)
1 Utama (Old Wing) Shopping Centre
Aeon Bukit Tinggi Shopping Centre (Lot G48)
KL Festival City (Setapak)
Bangsar Shopping Centre

Sasa Outlet Outside Klang Valley
Gurney Plaza, Penang (Lot 170-01-15)
Queensbay Mall, Penang (Lot 1F-105)
Sunway Carnival Mall, Seberang Perai (Lot UG 04)
Jusco Kinta City Shopping Centre, Ipoh (Lot G 12)
Aeon Terbau City , JB (Lot G 07)
The Spring , Kuching
KL Festival City (Setapak)

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Dune Bashing and Desert Safari in Abu Dhabi, UAE

Who is this? What happen? 

If you go to middle east without trying dune bashing and dessert safari, then your trip is not complete. Experience a day out in the desert, feel the blazing hot sun day time and cool wind in the evening. 

Last month, mac I was in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE) so I extended 2 more days in between to go sight seeing. This was my second time to the desert safari, the first was in Dubai some time ago. Few of my colleagues have not try so I joined them. This time we go to Abu Dhabi desert yay… 

We were picked up by 4x4 wheel drive from our hotel around 3.30pm. There were seven of us including the driver in the car. The weather is hot despite is just march (spring), not yet summer. The temperature during the day is blazing hot and the sun was like shining directly into my eyes making me hard to see. Really need to wear sunglasses. 

This is our driver… handsome?

On the way... still smooth ride

Our first stop... 
The driver reduced the tyres air pressure and get ready for the dune bashing 

Like roller coaster or drifting in the desert 

I survived the dune bashing... 
Feel slightly nausea

Omg… at first we laugh then scream then later someone called for emergency stop because she needs to vomit. It was like roller coaster in the 4 wheel drive for about 40 minutes. I survived the bash… phewww. The first time I vomited. The driver did a few stops so that we could take pictures at different locations. 

Second stop... many camels here

 Is he talking to the camel? Yes

 After i looked around, finally I decided... I want to take picture with this camel 

 Try to communicate with camel wor... lol
Ask permission first if i can take picture with her...

 Yay... permission granted 

 Third stop

 Feel the sand, so fine

Finally we reached the Camp almost 5pm already

Take a short break & lepak
Have a cup of Arabic Coffee & dates

Coffee or tea? This is what we got... 

I prefer to rest outside than inside this tent

Camel ride...
this pose not so cool la

 I am in Arbaya... 
can you recognize me?

 Henna painting

Inside the camp

This is the so call drinks counter

Alcoholic drinks available

Queuing up for food ~ self service ok

This is my BBQ dinner... 
Humus, bread, rice, salad, lamb kebab, diet coke plus 1 orange

Belly dancing... wootz

  Some having fun dancing 

 Some enjoying  Hubbllee Bubblee (Shisha)

Well, its time to go back

We departed at about 8.30pm. It was a good experience especially for the first timer. In the evening, about 6pm onward the temperature drop and the wind make me feel so chilly. Actually there are still many interesting places in UAE, if i have time i will 

This week I am going to Guangzhou, China again L that means no facebook, no twitter, no blogging. I can only access to my email, sigh… boring. Never mind, if I have time I will go out search for some interesting places… I will be silent for a week. 

Samsung SMART CAMERA NX1000, NX20 and NX210

  Introducing Samsung’s latest SMART CAMERA line-up in the market
Samsung NX1000, Samsung NX210 and Samsung NX20

Capture, Connect and Share with Samsung SMART Camera NX1000, NX20 and NX210 SMART compact system cameras with built-in Wi-Fi connectivity

Myoung Sup Han, Senior Vice President of Digital Imaging Business, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. highlights the features of the new 2012 Samsung NX Series

Myoung Sup Han, Senior Vice President of Digital Imaging Business, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. showcases the latest Samsung NX Series camera line-up with guests

Samsung Electronics breaking new ground with its award-winning NX series with three new compact system cameras (CSC) that pioneer built-in Wi-Fi connectivity: the NX1000, NX210 and NX20. Now professional quality images can be easily captured, shared and stored straight from your camera - wherever you are in the world. The launch event of Samsung SMART CAMERA was held in Beijing, China on 19th April 2012.

Samsung’s latest SMART CAMERA range was launched in Beijing, China on 19th April 2012

Middle) Myoung Sup Han, Senior Vice President of Digital Imaging Business, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., shows off the latest line-up of Samsung NX Series cameras

Samsung Executive introduces and shares with guests the interesting features 
found in the new Samsung NX1000

Myoung Sup Han, Senior Vice President of Digital Imaging Business, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. shares with guests the interesting features built within the new Samsung NX1000

Samsung Executive introduces the new Samsung NX210 to the guests

Introducing the NX1000, NX210 and NX20

The innovative additions to Samsung’s NX range represent the future in CSC technology: SMART CAMERAs with in-built Wi-Fi technology that allow users to connect to wireless networks without any additional cards or devices. Full Wi-Fi connectivity is complemented by an impressive range of features, continuing the heritage of innovation that the NX series has been consistently recognized for since the launch of the NX10 in 2010.

As standard, all three NX models feature a 20.3 Megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor, developed in-house by Samsung to give high quality images in rich color and detail. They are also fully compatible with the NX series’ unique i-Function system, enabling users to control parameters using the lens itself, adjusting the image without ever having to move off target. With Samsung’s range of nine lenses and professional standard accessories, the NX eco-system ensures that all imaging ambitions can be realised, whatever the user’s photographic speciality or interest.

Enhancing Samsung’s 2012 SMART CAMERA ecosystem, these latest additions to the NX range have been designed to satisfy the ambitions of users of all abilities, whether an experienced professional or someone just looking to trade-up from their point-and-shoot.

The NX1000 is highly portable and its eye-catching compact design makes it as useable as it is attractive. Available in stunning White, classic Black or eye-catching Pink it houses a feature-rich range of specs, with technology such as Smart Auto 2.0 and the Smart Link Hot Key, making it simpler than ever to shoot and share great images instantly.

The NX210 follows the NX’s design heritage, with a premium metallic finish. Like its predecessor the NX200, the NX210 also offers a 3.0” AMOLED display for viewing images and Full HD movies in brilliant resolution. With easy access to Wi-Fi functions, the NX210 allows quick sharing with friends and family, whilst with Samsung Mobile Link users can show off their best images on phones and tablets, or on the big screen with TV Link connecting the NX210 wirelessly to internet-enabled TVs.

The NX20 is the perfect match for enthusiast amateur or professional photographers looking for a highly portable camera that gives the professional look and feel of a DSLR but at a fraction of the size and weight, with the addition of an ergonomic grip to fit comfortably into the hand. Delivering impressive speed with its 1/8000s Fast Shutter, breath-taking images are shown on its clear 3.0” clear AMOLED swivel display, increasing visibility by approximately 20%. The NX20 also incorporates a range of functions and manual controls in order to deliver pro-standard pictures every time, including SVGA EVF so users can frame images like a professional.

In-Built Wi-Fi for simple sharing and saving

With Samsung’s latest SMART features, users can share pictures at the touch of a button, uploading to social networks including Facebook and Picasa, or emailing them to friends and family – all straight from their new NX camera. The cameras also offer further options for capturing and displaying images via other devices, including the ability to link to a Samsung smartphone and use as a remote viewfinder, and - with the Samsung Mobile Link function - to display images on devices such as tablets or internet-enabled TV.

Creative control at the touch of a button

Pictures shared on the spur of the moment are no longer restricted to simply shooting and sending - with the creative features of the new NX cameras, Facebook pictures can be artistic without ever going near a computer. The ten Smart Filters and added Selective Color function, for example, mean that users can adjust the look and feel of shots as they take them. In addition, all three cameras also feature Panorama and 3D Panorama, allowing the whole story to be told in one complete picture. With the Smart Panel featured on all the new models, settings and features can be easily accessed and applied, making creative photography easier than ever.

Myoung Sup Han, Senior Vice President of Digital Imaging Business, Samsung Electronics explains about the interesting features of the new Samsung SMART CAMERA line-up to a media representative 

Mr. Myoung Sup Han, Senior Vice President and Head of the Digital Imaging Business, Samsung Electronics, commented: “The three new additions to the NX range mark an evolution in Samsung’s SMART CAMERA offering, demonstrating our understanding that digital imaging is about sharing the best moments with family and friends, and not only about taking great pictures. Samsung is paving the way, introducing the world’s first SMART Compact-System-Cameras for professional standard images that are worth sharing.”

“With the inclusion of in-built Wi-Fi connectivity, our customers can now share pictures and videos straight from their NX camera. More importantly, however, the NX camera’s wireless connectivity does not mean sacrificing fantastic image quality – you can now have the best of both at your fingertips. This dedication to innovation will make Samsung a leader in the SMART CAMERA market.”