My 2012 Earth Hour At Suria KLCC

What did you do during Earth Hour this year?

31st March is the day and 8.30pm is the moment;
The whole world unite together to save the environment;
I took LRT to Suria KLCC as part of my pledge to reduce carbon pollution;
Support the Earth Hour for a cleaner and greener planet transformation...

Before I attended this event I blogged about it HERESuria KLCC celebrating 
Earth Hour 2012 hopefully more friends can participate and join me. 

It was really great see some familiar faces that night and nice meeting all of you :)

I was there around 7plus, many people queue up  

Registration Counter

1st 1,000 participants received this LED Candle & McDonald's Card

Check out the crowd ~woots! 

Malaysia Beautiful Petronas Twin Towers 

Lights Out

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