Rexona Enlightens Women on Underarm Care

Vila Manja Entrance 

Do you dare to raise your hand? 
Are you afraid of exposing your underarm? Are you confident? 

Today, skin lightening remains a popular desire in skin care and is prioritized not only for the face, but also for underarms. In the quest for achieving holistic beauty of late, a growing number of women are becoming increasingly concerned about the fairness of their underarms. Dark underarm causes low self-esteem and diminishes the range of clothing and fashion outfits that women could wear.
Fair underarms give women a boost of confidence that would determine the course of her day. With such an important bearing that fair underarms have in a woman’s life, it is ironic that most seem reserved when discussing underarms and choose to agonize in silence instead.

Realising this, Rexona, the No.1 deodorant brand in Malaysia and in the world, took the lead in equipping women with the knowledge they need through an educational dialogue on underarm care. Set in Vila Manja Spa, a tranquil location in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, we were given the opportunity to interact with renowned aesthetic medical practitioner, Dr. Chin Shih Choon on women’s quest for whitening.  

I enjoyed the pampering full-body whitening spa scrub treatment before the discussion started and we took many pictures at Vila Manja spa. It’s a great place for relaxation, spa and also private party.

The spa room 

At the session, one of the most surprising myths dispelled was deodorants being the cause of underarm skin darkening. According to Dr Chin, “There are no enzyme inhibitors or melanocyte-suppressing elements in deodorants, so this expels the possibility of deodorants being a cause of skin darkening.”

Many women don’t realize that some of the things they do further aggravate the darkening of their underarms, such as shaving, plucking and excessive rubbing.

 Chin Chern Yen, Brand Manager for Rexona from Unilever Malaysia

Brand Manager for Rexona from Unilever Malaysia, Chin Chern Yen. “Our commitment has always been to allow women to feel fresh and confident all day. Beyond providing them with our comprehensive range of deodorants, we believe it is just as important for us to share the knowledge about underarm care.”

One of the key insights discovered by the brand is that women are reluctant to raise their arms for fear of revealing their dark underarms. Rexona wants to liberate women from this fear and in turn, give them the confidence to reach out to the opportunities that await them.   

While keeping true to Rexona deodorants’ promise of providing unique 24-hour protection against body odour and underarm wetness, one of its variants, the Rexona Skin Light gives women whiter underarms in just 2 weeks so they can raise their hands with greater confidence. With Deep Whitening Action, the product contains sunflower oil that works naturally to whiten skin two ways. Firstly, by reducing melanin production deep inside skin cells and secondly by promoting cell renewal to reveal lighter skin.

The Rexona Skin Light anti-perspirant deodorant is available 
at all leading retail pharmacies and supermarkets, 
priced at RM6.80 for roll-on, RM9.50 for dry stick and RM12.90 for spray.

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