Majolica Majorca Beauty Evangelist Hunt 2012 Winners

Early last month I blogged about 
Majolica Majorca Makeup Competition ~ Girls with Wild Cards HERE

This competition was organized to search for Majolica Majorca Beauty Evangelist. The grand prize was truly money can’t buy lifetime experience for the make-up artist. The grand prize winner got to attend a Beauty Makeup Passageway in Japan and Media Event in Hong Kong. Wow! really great Grand Prize. 

So you want to know who is the talented make up artist who is going to Japan and Hong KongHere we are, at Majolica Majorca Beauty Evangelist Hunt…

With Jacinta & Rane
We are not the contestant 

Majolica Majorca is one of the most popular makeup brands in Japan. I love Majolica Majorca Lash King HEREThe mascara opens up my small sunshine eyes. After application eyes are instantly defined even without eyeliner as lashes will appear longer, fuller and darker.

This is Majolica Majorca’s first time ever regional search for a makeup artist who will be the Majolica Majorca Master of Evangelist, Sawako Yuri’s apprentice.

It was a battle of the top 16 makeup artist contestants based on one of the most important criteria which are their passion for Majolica Majorca as well as their makeup skills. I see all of the short listed makeup artists are all very talented, it must be tuff work for the judges to decide. 

The makeup competition begin

The theme of the competitions is “Girl with Wild Cards” each contestant have to illustrate this theme/concept in the makeup skills (eyes, cheeks and lips) using only Majolica Majorca products. 


Question & Answer Session with the contestant

Group Picture 

Majolica Majorca Beauty Evangelist Hunt 2012 Winners 

Grand Prize winner Ms. Gelly Wee will be Majolica Majorca Beauty Evangelist. 
She got to travel to Japan for 5 days 4 nights and a 3 days 2 nights to Hong Kong 
for the regional press event worth RM 20,000 fully sponsored by 
Majolica Majorca and be Sawako Yuri apprentice. 

First Runner Up RM500 worth of Majolica Majorca products

Second Runner Up RM500 worth of Majolica Majorca products 

Grand Prize winner Ms. Gelly Wee & Her Model 
Majolica Majorca Beauty Evangelist 2012


Interview with Ms. Gelly Wee 

“I did a lot of research about Majolica Majorca products, makeup concept and history. Then I searched the model and designed her dress to matched Majolica Majorca concept plus practiced the makeup on my own many times before the competition. I come out with the idea Young and Feminine for this competition. I emphasis on the overall presentation plus not forget to focus on the makeup” said Ms. Gelly Wee 2012 Majolica Majorca Beauty Evangelist. Ms. Gelly Wee has about 4 years of experience as makeup trainer.

I find Gelly’s eye makeup skills really mesmerizing, so seamless and well blend. Plus her model is very pretty in that black pom-pom dress, wah!!! She looks like one of the Majolica Majorca brand ambassador.

With Gelly & Her Model

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