Fragrance Buzz: Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue

Fragrance Buzz, Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue, Dolce & Gabbana, Dolce & Gabbana Fragrance, Perfume, Escape to Panarea, Discover Vulcano, for women, for men, aeolian islands, panarea island, mediterranean summer, mediterranean, fragrance

The Aeolian islands are small pieces of Paradise scattered in front of Sicily, famed for its rugged yet hospitable volcanic landscape. This striking panorama, stretching from Panarea to Vulcano, is the perfect setting for vibrant Mediterranean summer nights, and the inspiration for two new limited edition scents from Dolce &  Gabbana Light Blue - Escape to Panarea for women and Discover Vulcano for men.

COSANS Coffee @ Solaris Mont Kiara

COSANS Coffee @ Solaris Mont Kiara, COSANS Coffee, Solaris Mont Kiara, coffee culture, coffee, sandwich

COSANS Coffee @ Solaris Mont Kiara is their 2nd outlet in Malaysia since 2013. It is an urban sense coffee and sandwich bar that operates on a franchise basis; led by BRANDKER Group which created the COSANS brand image and business concept. I was at their opening ceremony with some friends that evening.

Neutrogena 60th Anniversary #neuwomen

Neutrogena 60th Anniversary, #neuwomen, Neutrogena, skincare, neutrogena healthy beauty hang out, girls hang out, pampering session, girls talk, canvas, damansara perdana

If you ask me what is my most favourite Neutrogena product? My most favourite is Neutrogena Hydro Boost Mask. It’s super hydration and immediately after the mask I can feel that my skin is so supple and moist, as if soaked in the water. After I attended the Neutrogena 60th Anniversary Tea Party & Beauty Hang Out with the #neuwomen at the Canvas, Damansara Perdana beginning of this month; I discovered that there are many excellent Neutrogena products that I have not try.

Learn How to Eat Tsukemen @ IPPUDO Pavilion KL

Learn How to Eat Tsukemen @ IPPUDO Pavilion KL, Hakata Tsukemen, Ippudo Malaysia, Ippudo Ramen, Japanese Ramen, Ramen

Let’s Learn How To Eat Tsukemen. Sometimes we heard people said that Tsukemen are too salty, perhaps they eat it in the wrong way. I was invited to try the Hakata Tsukemen at IPPUDO @ Pavilion Kuala Lumpur. The ramen chef from Japan were at the restaurant to show us the correct way to enjoy a bowl of Tsukemen.

Floral Midi Skirt & Ruffles Pleated Blouse from Corshacomo

Floral Midi Skirt & Ruffles Pleated Blouse from Corshacomo, Floral Midi Skirt, Ruffles Pleated Blouse, Corshacomo, Rush BL, Blossom SK, Online Boutique, Korean Fashion Trend, Fashion, Fashion blogger

If you wear clothes that don't suit you, you're a fashion victim. You have to wear clothes that make you look better. Yes! That is always right, choose the clothes that compliments my shape and style. Last week, I feel so feminine and beautiful wearing this set of Floral Midi Skirt & Ruffles Pleated Blouse from Corshacomo. I think I received quite a fair bit of compliments. I am a happy girl...

The Volkswagen Marathon Series 2014

The Volkswagen Marathon Series 2014, Volkswagen Marathon Series 2014 Medal, The Island Ocean Marathon 2014, The River Jungle Marathon 2014, Langkawi, Hulu Langat, the Marathon Shop, Volkswagen Marathon, Marathoner, Runner

Not only we want to look good, we also want to embrace the healthy and active lifestyle because we can do it! Ok are you game for the upcoming Volkswagen Marathon. The Volkswagen Marathon Series 2014 is designed by The Marathon Shop which is set to be Malaysia’s first and only boutique on-road Full Marathon without any trails involved.

Review: Melvita Pulpe de Rose Plumping Radiance Serum & Cream

Review: Melvita Pulpe de Rose Plumping Radiance Serum,  Melvita Pulpe de Rose Plumping Radiance Cream, Melvita Pulpe de Rose, Plumping Radiance Cream, Plumping Radiance Serum, Melvita Organic Skincare, Melvita, Organic Skincare, Melvita Malaysia, beauty review, beauty, skincare

Last week I blogged about my experience using the Melvita Pulpe de Rose Plumping Radiance Duo and today I am going to continue with two more products from Melvita Organic Skincare. They are Melvita Pulpe de Rose Plumping Radiance Serum & Cream. For better results use the three products together, apply the Duo, then the Serum and follow by the Cream.

The Craftsmanship & Journey of Miracle - Pitera

The Craftsmanship & Journey of Miracle - Pitera, SK-II, Pitera, Miracle Water

Here are some insight about The Craftsmanship & Journey of Miracle - Pitera. How Pitera was discovered? Over 30 years ago, researchers chanced upon the sight of aged sake brewers working on koji yeast with soft, youthful hands. That chance observation would inspire the discovery of SK-II’s Pitera, a metabolic fluid derived naturally from the fermentation process of a unique strain of yeast.

Salam Aidilfitri

Salam Aidilfitri, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Selamat Hari Raya

Salam Aidilfitri to all Muslim in Malaysia & Muslim around the world
May you and your family be blessed 
Lots of happiness & peace

Eau de Lacoste L.12.12 Limited Edition

Eau de Lacoste L.12.12 Limited Edition, lacoste fragrance, Fragrance world, fragrance, fragrance update, polo tshirt, rene lacoste, eau de lacoste L.12.12 Blanc 

Some update about what is new in the fragrance world! In Jun 2014 Lacoste launched the Eau de Lacoste L.12.12 Blanc fragrance for me. Eau de Lacoste L.12.12 Blanc is a worldwide bestseller inspired by the iconic white L.12.12 polo shirt. Lacoste’s innovative founder, René Lacoste, reinventing the brand heritage to create the limited edition Eau de Lacoste fragrance, a truly modern collectible scent with a nod to past.

Work in Manila on Raya Holiday

Work in Manila on Raya Holiday

Hey! I'm working in Manila on this Raya Holiday. I feel that this month my blog and social media platform not so engaging. Sort of cool... am I right? Well, I can't help it as I only have 24 hours and I need to prioritize, it’s not that you all are not important but I have some urgent matters at work that I have to attend to. And I’m still in the midst of completing my paperwork for tomorrow presentation in my hotel room. But my brain already kaput, running out of ideas so I divert my attention to blog and express myself here...

A Little Bird Told Me - Radley Winter Print 2014 Collection

A Little Bird Told Me, Radley Winter Print 2014 Collection, Radley, Radley Malaysia, prints design, bird and scootish dog, Winter Print 2014 Collection, Scottie dog, scottie dog prints, monogram, birdie prints\

Oh My! This prints is so adorable I want the umbrella and . Well, Radley is well known for its exclusive prints designed in-house. I saw this few days ago and I find it colours, designs and prints are very eye catching and chic. Radley showcases A Little Bird Told Me - Radley Winter Print 2014 Collection. Well, this sweetly illustrated.

CRES 11th Anniversary Celebration

CRES 11th Anniversary

Wootz! Cres is celebrating its 11th Anniversary in August, in conjunction with that they are having a 70% sales for some their facial and body services from 5th – 31st Aug 2014 for new member at all their 9 branches throughout Malaysia.

Review: Melvita Pulpe de Rose Plumping Radiance Duo

Review: Melvita Pulpe de Rose Plumping Radiance Duo, Melvita Pulpe De Rose, Melvita, Plumping Radiance Duo, organic skincare

This is the key product of Melvita Pulpe de Rose. Among the 3 products (Plumping Radiance Duo, Plumping Radiance Serum & Plumping Radiance Cream) I love this the most – it’s my pick of the month and my personal preference. Even though this is an oil base skincare but when apply on the skin it just absorb and leave a smooth feel. Not oily or sticky at all and does not cause breakout to my skin. Please take note I have drt and dehydrated skin so for oily skin use you might want to test before you purchase. 

Dove Serlahkan Dirimu 14 Days Challenge

Dove Serlahkan Dirimu 14 Days Challenge, Serlahkan Dirimu Dalam 14 Hari bersama Dove, Serlahkan Dirimu, Dove, 14 Days Challenge, Dove Hair Fall Rescue System, hair fall, long hair, hair contest, Facebook contest

Hair fall is a big problem for women because our hair is our crowning glory. Hair thinning makes us feel unattractive and no confident. Are you suffering from hair fall? What causes hair fall? Is it age catching up, lack of sleep, lack of nutritious, stress, environmental pollution or genetic. Well, I have mild hair fall which need to be tackled before it became severe. So I participated in Dove Serlahkan Dirimu 14 Days Challenge that helps renew confidence in women facing hair fall and stand a chance to win prizes up to RM20,000.

Balik Kampung & My Hari Raya

I wish you all have a pleasant flight and safe journey home

This Hari Raya holiday I will be working, yes I’ m not joking. I am going to Manila, on Sunday evening and back to KL on Tuesday afternoon. My company has decided to have a meeting in Manila on monday 28th July which is the first day of raya. Well I don’t think the team members involved in this project celebrate hari raya so they go ahead with the plan as time is limited and the project need to be completed in August. Sigh another last minute project, make me want to vomit blood. 

Melvita Pulpe de Rose Organic Skincare Range

Melvita Pulpe de Rose Organic Skincare, Plumping Radiance Cream, Plumping Radiance Serum, Plumping Radiance Duo, Melvita Malaysia, Melvita, Pule de Rose, organic skincare, melvita skincare, pulpe de rose, plumping radiance skincare

Hey! Highlight of the day… to boost skin radiance and reduce first wrinkles. Busy urbanites you are looking for this? Stress, pollution, business meeting, travelling, partying, shopping sound familiar to you; hectic lifestyle can trigger our skin to age faster. I’m constantly searching for beauty products that can give me the natural glow, radiance and makes me look younger. So please help me to say goodbye to my wrinkles and dull skin. What is my say about the Melvita Pulpe de Rose Organic Plumping Radiance Duo, Serum and Cream? Continue to read on if you love wild rose.

Gucci Chime for Change 2014

Gucci Chime for Change 2014, Gucci Fragrance, Gucci Parfums, Gucci Premiere, Flora by Gucci, Gucci Guilty pour Femme, Gucci Guilty pour Homme, Gucci Made to Measure, charity, fragrance

I Chime for a Change! How about you? It time we should think about Real Change for Girls and Women through Gucci’s CHIME FOR CHANGE 2014. Gucci Parfums announced a minimum pledge of $1 million to support CHIME FOR CHANGE projects through the sales of its five designated iconic Gucci fragrances. With a unique donation code in each product, we as consumers will be able to help improve the lives of girls and women by choosing to support projects promoting Education, Health or Justice.

Basmathi Rice Replacing Risotto @ Fuzio Bar & Restaurant, KL

Basmathi Rice Replacing Risotto, Fuzio Bar & Restaurant, KL, Jasmine Pusa Gold 1121 Basmathi Extra Long Rice, Jasmine Basmathi Rice, Pusa Gold 1121 Basmathi Rice, Italian cuisine, basmathi rice, basmathi rice dishes, rice, anarcini rice ball, rice ball,

Bon appetite! I had a great time dining in this cozy and romantic Fuzio Bar & Restaurant. Well, that evening was more than an ordinary Italian fine dining, we were served a special menu using basmathi rice instead of risotto to create fine Italian cuisines. I was curious how Jasmine Pusa Gold 1121 Basmathi Extra Long Rice can be so well incorporate into Italian food. Well this is an Italian fine dining with a twist for us! Surprise…

H&M Home Malaysia Pre-Opening Party & Shopping Preview

H&M Home Malaysia Pre-Opening Party & Shopping Preview, H&M Home Malaysia, H&M Home Avenue K, shopping, H&M, home decor, home furnishing

I just came back from H&M Home Pre Opening Party & Shopping Preview at Avenue K earlier. This is a quick update what happened in the store earlier before I go to bed. H&M Home at Avenue K will be opened to public on 24th Jul 2014 at 10am.

Alvin Leung’s Molecular Madness Dinner by Asian Food Channel

Alvin Leung’s Molecular Madness Dinner by Asian Food Channel, Alvin Leung’s Molecular Madness, Asian Food Channel, Dinner, AFC Dinner, Samplings on the Fourteenth, BERJAYA University College of Hospitality, BERJAYA UCH, three Michelin star chef

I was privileged to be invited by Asian Food Channel (AFC) for Alvin Leung’s Molecular Madness Dinner at Samplings on the Fourteenth, BERJAYA University College of Hospitality (BERJAYA UCH) beginning of July. Well, Alvin Leung is a British chef that holds three Michelin star; at his restaurant Bo Innovation in Hong Kong and one Michelin star in his restaurant Bo London in London.

H&M Home Autumn 2014 Preview

H&M Home Autumn 2014 Preview, H&M Home, Home Furniture for Autumn 2014, home autumn, home furniture fitting decorations

I am fashionable and I want my home to be fashionably decorated and furnished too. Well I sure many of you are waiting for H&M Home Malaysia to be opened on the 24th July 2014 at Avenue K. Here I have a sneak peek at their Autumn 2014 collection. Basically you can find your living, dining, bedroom and bathroom accessories and fittings.

My adidas NEO #ootd

Hello! I’m sure some of you might have seen me wearing adidas Neo apparel to events, outings or to work. Yes I got quite a number of adidas NEO body hugging tees, t-shirt, dress, cap and also sneakers through my shopping spree at adidas NEO @ Queensbay Mall, Penang. It was really fun and versatile to play mix & match.

Stanzo Collection @ 1 Mont Kiara – Home & Office Furniture

Stanzo Collection @ 1 Mont Kiara – Home & Office Furnishing, Stanzo Collection @ 1 Mont Kiara, Stanzo Collection, Home & Office Furnishing, Contemporary furniture, home furnishing

Last Saturday I was scouting for some home furniture at Stanzo Collection @ 1 Mont Kiara Mall. Stanzo Collection is a concept store for home and office furnishing. With the intention of searching for new wardrobe and cabinets however I found that their sofas set, bedroom set and office workstations also stirred my interest. There are so many things I wish I can have them in my home. Are you looking for new home or office furniture?

Mayfair Bodyline - I Want Free Trial

Mayfair Bodyline I Want Free Trial, Mayfair Bodyline, Slimming, Facial, Bodycare

I am sure many of you have heard about Mayfair Bodyline or tried their services before. Well, they are well known for their slimming and body treatments but do you know that they also have facial treatments and spa services. Few weeks ago, I tried their customize facial and body treatments, it was a total relaxation and skin rejuvenation pampering session for me. Hey do you want to know how you can get free trial? Continue to read how…

Review: Liquido Funky Fitness Yoga Pants & Leggings

Review: Liquido Funky Fitness Yoga Pants & Leggings, Liquido, Funky Fitness, Yoga Pants, Leggings, Fitness Gear, Liquido Pulse Earth

Ding Dong! Ding Dong! Half of 2014 is gone... I asked myself what have I achieved so far? Oh no! do I have to repeat my fitness resolutions again in 2015. So starting from July I decided to allocate more time for my workouts to build stamina and also toned up my body. I’m hitting the gym more often so I need more fitness gear for my workout. I have been wearing my Liquido Funky Fitness Yoga Pants & Leggings for my jogs, runs, yoga and also casual outing.

XES Premium Boutique & XES Summer Collection 2014


Wootz! XES has a new boutique destination in Glenmarie Shah Alam. Well, I was privileged to visit the new premium boutique and also the grand opening ceremony in June 2014. It’s located at one of the shoplots near the hub of food center in Glenmarie area. The new XES Premium Boutique is spacious and carries the most latest designs and merchandise of XES at an affordable prices. That day was a memorable shoe shopping experience for me and also other bloggers.

Energizer Night Race 2014 Running Vest

Energizer Night Race 2014 Running Vest, Energizer Night Race 2014, running vest, running sleeveless tee, running, night race, night run

Ready to Run! I have received my Energizer Night Race 2014 Running Vest. Black & white and looking great, the size S is my comfortable size. Soft and breathable Brooks equilibrium technology running vest. Are you ready for the race? Have you been running and practicing? Energizer Night Race 2014 is happening on 9th August.

Eyeliner Tips & Tricks: How to Draw Bold Cat Eye

Eyeliner Tips & Tricks, How to Draw Bold Cat Eye, makeup tutorial, make, eyeliner, benefit  they're real push up liner,  they're real push up liner

Previously I blogged about my Day & Night Eyeliner Looks, I get quite a good feedbacks and some asking for more. I have shared my quick makeup tutorial about how to draw Swoop Up & Away, Below & Behold, Retro Double Wing eyeliner. 

Corshacomo Juju Ops - Sequins Flower Chiffon Dress

Corshacomo Juju Ops, Corshacomo Sequins Flower Chiffon Dress, Korean Fashion Trend, Korean Fashion Online, Korean Fashion

Last week I discovered Corshacomo, an online boutique selling Korean Fashion Trend for women. Besides clothes (dress, top, bottom) you also can find inner wear especially it’s summer so thre will be more people looking for the bikini and accessories. I browsed through their website I found that the clothes are very elegant, ladylike and trendy. It’s my style! So I got myself a Corshacomo Juju Ops - Sequins Flower Chiffon.

Guardian People’s Choice Award & Teens Choice Award 2014 Ceremony

Guardian People’s Choice Award & Teens Choice Award 2014, Guardian People’s Choice Award & Teens Choice Award 2014 Ceremony, Buka Puasa, Aloft Kl Sentral, Guardian Malaysia

Yay! Thanks to Guardian Malaysia for selecting me as one of the winner in Media & Bloggers Category. Few days ago I attended Guardian yearly event .Guardian People’s Choice Award & Teens Choice Award 2014 Ceremony and Buka Puasa at Aloft KL Sentral Hotel

Neubodi Suit Up Hi Waist Contour Legging Review

Neubodi Suit Up Hi Waist Contour Legging, shape wear Review, Neubodi Suit Up contour collection, neubodi, neubodi midvalley, shape wear

Hey ladies! Wear your curves like there is no tomorrow! Be daring and flaunt your curves. Well everyone women can look beautiful regardless of the size and shape. Just use shape wear, whether you are wearing casual attire, such as jeans and t-shirt or you need to get dressed up in an evening gown for a formal event, shape wear will help to make sure that your body looks its best in your clothing. Recently I got a pair of Neubodi SuitUp Hi Waist Contour Legging to sculpts my body effortlessly into a curvaceous figure.

Running Man Coming to Singapore & Malaysia in November 2014

Race Start! Season 2 in Singapore & Malaysia, Running Man Fan Meeting Asia Tour 2014, running man, korean game show, k-pop game show, korean entertainment

Announcement! I heard that the stars of Asia’s hottest Korean Game Show - Running Man will be coming to Singapore & Malaysia in November 2014. I know that some of you are watching and following closely on this K-POP Game Show. Hope you get the chance to meet them live. The ’Race Start! Season 2 in Singapore & Malaysia’ of the Running Man Fan Meeting Asia Tour 2014.

ic! berlin MIDO 2014 U-Bahn Collection

ic! berlin MIDO 2014 U-Bahn Collection, ic Berlin, Sunglasses, ic berlin spring summer 2014, berlin metro, S42 Wedding

Hello Summer! I need a pair of edgy, stylish and sophisticated sunglasses that can vogue my looks. Oh it must be light and flexible so that I don’t feel the burden on my nose bridge wearing all day. Finally I met ic! berlin MIDO 2014 U-Bahn Collection. This collection conceptualize east meets west; underground meets mainstream; day meets night meets day. Berlin is a hybrid city where everything is possible and anything goes baby… I wish I am in Berlin now!

MH17 Malaysia Airlines Crashed in Ukraine #MH17

MH17 Malaysia Airlines Crashed in Ukraine, #MH17, MH Crash in Ukraine, Tragedy 17 July 2014,Malaysia Airline Ukraine

Malaysia Airlines MH17 crashed in Ukraine, 295 people were on board. I was shocked to know what happened to Malaysia Airlines today. Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 aircraft flight MH17 from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur crashed near Donetsk, Ukraine. Omg! Few months ago was MH370 Missing in Indian Ocean and now MH17 One after another of Malaysia Airlines plane crashed. Why Malaysia Airlines again? 

Histoires de Parfums 1969

Histoires de Parfums 1969, fragrance, perfume

Ok previously I did a review about the Histoires de Parfums 1889 Moulin Rouge and received quite a number of inquiries. There are a readers who love and seek for something more unique, delicate and characteristic perfume. So today I am going to run through a quick introduction of the Histoires de Parfums 1969. This is a unique, cult perfume to complete this library.

Neogence Clears Blackheads & Cleans Pores

Pore Purifying Cleansing Gel

Do you have pores and blackheads problems? I have blackheads and whiteheads problems, every time I try to squeeze it out it leave scars or red marks on my nose, forehead and chin. Neogence has a series of products that target to clear blackheads and cleans pores.

Nescafe Dolce Gusto Marrakech Tea Review

Nescafe Dolce Gusto Marrakech Tea, Nescafe Dolce Gusto Marrakech Tea Review, Nescafe Dolce Gusto, Marrakech Tea, Moroccan Tea Set

It’s my cup of tea! Let me treat you a cup of soul soothing aromatic Marrakech Tea and some healthy snacks. Come join me for a Moroccan Tea Time and chat. Why are you always in the rush? Can we just sit down, relax, take our time and enjoy a cup of tea. It will definitely help to unwind, de-congest our mind and come out with a better solutions or ideas right… Now I can have gourmet tea and coffee at the comfort of my home. And I can also organize tea party and invite friends and family members over to my house because finally I have a NESCAFE Dolce Gusto Mini Me machine.

Laneige Meets pushBUTTON Fashion Project

Laneige Meets Fashion Project, Laneige, Fashion Project, Laneige Leo Puppy Serum Intense Lipstick, Laneige Leo Puppy BB Cushion SPF50+ PA+++, Laneige Leo Puppy Eye Shadow, Laneige Meets Fashion, pushBUTTON, Leo Puppy Pouch, Leo Puppy

A harmony of Beauty and Fashion, Laneige collaborates with pushBUTTON to create the perfect K-BEAUTY look on the runway. Introducing the LANEIGE meets FASHION project, a yearly venture in Korea which will see exciting collaborations between Laneige and up-and-coming fashion designers. Known among Koreans as the leader of Korean Wave beauty in the global market, Laneige understands the power of both make-up and fashion.

Spotlight Malaysia Official Opening @ Ampang Point Shopping Centre

Spotlight Malaysia Official Opening, Spotlight malaysia, spotlight Ampang Point, ampang point Shopping Centre

Hello! That day were you at Spotlight Malaysia flagship store opening? Huge crowd already gathered at the store main entrance when I reached there around 915am. Spotlight Malaysia @ Ampang Point Shopping Mall official opening ceremony on 12th July 2014 at 10am. There were lots of grand opening sale starting from that day till the 22nd July 2014.

FIFA World Cup 2014 Results

FIFA World Cup 2014 Results, 2014 FIFA World Cup, Germany Champion, Germany, Germany vs Argentina, Estadio Maracana Stadium, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Germany, the Champions of 2014 FIFA World Cup! I just finished watching FIFA World Cup 2014 Final live match Germany vs Argentina. It was tuff final match at Estadio Maracana Stadium, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on 13th Jul 2014. Both teams were going strong finally Germany wins after extra time. #19 Mario Gotze Germany forward player scored 1 on the second half extra time. Germany 1 vs 0 Argentina.

Perimenopause Signs & Impact

Perimenopause Signs & Impact, Perimenopause, Menopause, women's health, Nuvafemme, Embracing Femininity, Nuvafemme Feminini Tea Talk, Nuvaceuticals, Nuvanta

I have something more serious to share. Perhaps this topic and issue is suitable for my female readers that are in their 40s. If you are not yet, you might want to know also because you will reach that age or perhaps your sister, mother, friends, colleagues or relatives is going through Perimenopause. Being women is not easy, we have huge and big responsibilities but we love it. We enjoy every stage in life and experiences that we go through. If you are in your prime years of 40 to 56, you are menstruating and menopause is still many years away. Yet, you began to feel different. You don’t know what it is but you know something’s not the same. You ask yourself - why is your body suddenly sending weird messages like never before? What happen to me? Should I…

Review: Shiseido Perfect UV Protector SPF50+ PA++++

Shiseido Perfect UV Protector SPF50+ PA++++ Review, Shiseido Malaysia, Shiseido skincare, shiseido suncare, shiseido, beauty review, product review

Living in this summer 365 days hot weather country, the very important skincare product that we MUST apply every day is sun protection. I think I did mention this a many times but some still very stubborn and skip sun block because of many reasons… lazy, it is sticky, uncomfortable, it too oily, caused breakout, don’t have, can’t find and blah blah blah. For me it’s no excuse, I just finished a bottle of 50ml Shiseido Perfect UV Protector SPF50+ PA++++ and going to get my second bottle soon. Continue to read my review about it.

Double Eyelid Enhancement - DST Double Suture & Twist Technique

Our eyes are the window to our soul. Yes, indeed eyes are the most important asset and sense to us. Is every girl wish and dream to have a pair of captivating eyes including myself. Don’t you think so? But many Asian girls have single eyelid so some of them decided to go for Double Eyelid treatment after all the hassle of using double eyelid stickers and glues every day. Well, few weeks ago I did my Double Eyelid enhancement using the DST (Double Sature & Twist) Technique at M.E Clinic by Dr. David Low.

Laneige Waterful Sharing Campaign

Laneige Waterful Sharing Campaign, Laneige Waterful Charity Kit, Lanaeige Malaysia, Laneige, Laneige Waterful, Trinity Community Children Home Society, Shelter Home for Children, Praise Emmanuel Children Home
Laneige Malaysia and MENGO team with the children of Trinity Community Children Home Society all excited to kick off the Waterful Sharing Campaign

In conjunction with Laneige’s global campaign to raise awareness on water accessibility to communities in need, Laneige Malaysia kicked start the Waterful Sharing Campaign to aid marginalised groups through a partnership with Malaysian Environmental NGOs (MENGO); Rainwater Harvesting Systems to Aid Marginalised Communities.

Preview: Spotlight Malaysia - New Shopping Hub

Preview Spotlight Malaysia A New Shopping Hub, Shop Preview, Spotlight Malaysia, A New Shopping Hub, Spotlight, Home Furnishings, Manchester bedding, Home Décor, Dress, Fashion Fabrics, Craft, Hobby and Party

Hey! Few days ago I blogged about Spotlight Is Coming To Malaysia and 2 days ago I was at the Spotlight Malaysia Preview. We were privileged to get a guided tour around the new shopping hub. It's A New Shopping Hub in Malaysia like a one stop centre for the whole family. There is something for everyone.

Histoires de Parfums 1889 Moulin Rouge Review

Histoires de Parfums 1889 Moulin Rouge, fragrance, perfume, luxury french perfume, luxury perfume, french fragrance, moulin rouge, french cancan

Histoires de Parfums is an olfactory library, one which expresses stories in scent about famous personalities, opulent raw materials and iconic years; featuring luxury, nobility and creativity. Gerald Ghislain founded Histoires de Parfums in 2000 and created a collection of rare and delicate perfumes: these perfumes like him are rich in temperament and so, so romantic.

[Review] Live-Well Mecomin Helped My Mom to Walk Again

Review Live Well Mecomin, medication Review, Live Well, Mecomin, diabetes medicine,

Hey! How are you doing? Are you eating right? Did you exercise? As for me exercise is inevitable, even if I do not have time to go the gym or do the outdoor exercise I will try to do a simple workout at home or walk my pitbull on a leashI love vegetables and fruits; now I am avoiding fatty, processed, sugary and salty food. Most of the food in Malaysia is relatively sweet or contains a high sugar level. We should avoid or reduce eating them. Do you know that 1 in 7 adult Malaysians are Diabetic patients and the number is increasing? I am sad to say that last year my mom was diagnosed with Diabetes type 2. This post is my sharing about my mom’s diabetes suffering and how Live-Well Mecomin has helped her to walk with ease again.

Day & Night Eyeliner Looks

Hey! As you know my essential makeup item is eyeliner and I can’t go out without eyeliner. Because without eyeliner you can’t see my eyes and I look half dead. Recently, I have tried and blogger about the latest Benefit They’re Real Push-Up Liner; I like their intensity, matte & long lasting finishing and also the easy application. Well, today I am going to share some of my Eyeliner Looks.

Spotlight Is Coming To Malaysia

Spotlight Malaysia, Spotlight Coming to Malaysia, Home Furnishing Store in Malaysia, Home Furnishing Store, Ampang Point, Home Furnishings, Manchester bedding, Home Decor, Dress, Fashion fabrics, Craft, Hobby, Party essentials, malaysia lifestyle store, lifestyle store

Hey listen! I got the news that Spotlight is coming to Malaysia! It’s going to me a new shopping experience for you and me yay... The largest Australian chain promises a new shopping experience for all Malaysians to enjoy. Spotlight will be Opening its flagship store at the Ampang Point Shopping Centre on 12 July 2014 10am. So mark your calendar!