5 Cleaning Resolutions for the New Year

It becomes hectic when trying to bear with the untidy home condition after a New Year's Eve. However, worry no more. The only secret is making realistic cleaning resolutions for the New Year. You need to make cleaning resolutions with an immediate effect to avoid spending more. Also, during the dirtying process, your body gets to relax, thus losing weight at the same time. It likes hitting two birds with the same stone. Here are the five resolutions:

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4 Ways to Relieve Cough

A cough is a simple, but pesky ailment and can be really hard to deal with especially at public places like your school or workplace. It also makes a person quite uncomfortable since it causes an irritable and painful sensation. There are quite a number of ways that one can use to relieve a cough, some of them listed below.

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Studying the GRE While Working Full Time

Your GRE score is an important factor that determines whether a student gets admission to a college or university of his or her choice. However, many of the students who are planning to take the GRE, are holding a full-time job since higher education is expensive and they have to pay other expenses also. Most businesses expect the student to be in the office or business premises most of the day, and the student also has to spend time commuting to the workplace which doesn’t leave much free time. However, in order to get a good GRE score the student will have to spend at least a few hundred hours studying. 

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Super Boring Club, Kuala Lumpur: Korean & Japanese Fusion Cuisine Review

Annyeong x Konichiwa! recently we went to Super Boring Club, Kuala Lumpur or also known as SBC for lunch. Serving exciting fusion cuisine combining Korean barbecue with Japanese izakaya. The restaurant is founded by two Malaysian chefs and it’s tucked in a bustling side of the city located in Jalan Mesui. Well if you think Super Boring Club is boring, wait till you check out their interesting and affordable menu.

Super Boring Club, Jalan Mesui, Kuala Lumpur, Korean Japanese Fusion, Fusion Food, Korean BBQ, Japanese Izakaya, Food review, Food
Super Boring Club, Kuala Lumpur: Korean & Japanese Fusion Cuisine Review

How Much Space Do You Really Need in Your Home?

Selecting a home is an exciting and intimidating process. What if you don’t make the right choice? Could you have done better? Will your family feel comfortable? Will it accommodate a possible new member? All these and more are the questions running through the mind of those looking for a new place to call home. So, are there any magical formulas when it comes to choosing the right amount of floor space, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms and other areas?

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4 Best Places to Stay in Malaysia If You Need Some Peace and Quiet

4 Best Places to Stay in Malaysia If You Need Some Peace and Quiet

Malaysia is a fantastic vacation destination if you are looking for a place to relax. However, it’s also one of the most popular destinations on the planet, so it can get quite busy. The good news is that there are many quiet and hidden places in this region, so you simply need to pick the right spot to have a peaceful and relaxing holiday away from the crowds.

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Great Apps to Help You Get Fresh Groceries Right to Your Doorstep

Our everyday life can get hectic to the point where we need to sacrifice specific activities or actions we otherwise shouldn’t. Because our jobs can take too much of our time, we have no time to hang out with friends, no time to exercise and no time to eat properly. So what we do, we reach out to the nearest and easiest option to at least satisfy our hunger or loneliness.

The Spelunking Starter Pack: What You'll Need for Cave Exploration

So, much to Lucius Fox’s utter surprise you - Bruce Wayne - have actually decided to go spelunking! But that original kevlar Batsuit is really not all that you’ll need for this otherworldly experience. In fact, everything from your selected equipment to what you wear will be heavily dependent on what kind of cave you’re looking to explore. If you’re feeling a little lost about what you’ll need to be totally prepared, here are your bare essentials.

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An Offbeat Guide to Agra India

Travel to Agra: Well Agra is the most famous and most visited destination from Delhi. It is the topmost tourist destination in India, both for Indians and for foreigners visiting India. Taj Mahal, being one of the Wonders of the World, attracts millions of tourists every month. But there is more to Agra than the Taj Mahal and Agra Fort.

An Offbeat Guide to Agra, India

10 Household Items to Make Your Car Cleaner in a Snap

Cleaning your car is a hassle and frankly quite expensive. But you don’t have to break the bank to make sure that your beloved vehicle is clean and spotless. By simply scouring your kitchen and cabinets, you will discover a treasure trove of items that could double as cleaning supplies. You can start by checking out the ten things below.

Exogenous Ketone Supplement: Induce Ketosis for Weight Loss & Focus

Health supplements have become an important element of many weight loss programs today. These include nutritional supplements, fat burners (and do really fat burners work without exercise everyone might seem to be asking), and ketone supplements like Keto1.

Short Stay Survival Guide: Getting the Most Out of Darwin, Australia

Are you planning a trip to Darwin sometime soon? If so, congratulations because you are in for the adventure of your life! Darwin is Australia’s smallest capital city, but don’t let its modest size fool you. It is full of amazing adventures, sights and sounds that are any traveller’s dream come true. In this article, we look at how you can get the most out of the wonderful city that is Darwin. If you’re a first time visitor, pack your suitcases, get your sunglasses and sunscreen out and read on to find out more.

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7 Real Life Housekeeping Tips That Really Work

Living in a clean house is relaxing. Everyone wants to see their house spotlessly clean but how do we achieve this when it takes so much time to clean the home? Unfortunately, our homes get dirty so fast that we do not even know how that happens. You clean up your kitchen and before you realize, it is messy again. It is like you did not do any house cleaning.

Beauty Starts Inside Out with Nature’s Bounty & Freeman Bare Foot

Hey! Beauty Starts Inside Out with Nature’s Bounty Gummies & Freeman Bare Foot. Here are some of my ‘Me Time’ favourites that won’t hurt your pocket. I love to spend time at home pampering myself over the weekend so these foot spa products are definitely a yes.

Beauty Starts Inside Out, Nature’s Bounty, Hair, Skin & Nails Gummies, Freeman Bare Foot, Freeman Beauty, Freeman Peppermint & Plum, beauty
Beauty Starts Inside Out with Nature’s Bounty & Freeman Bare Foot

Part 2: The Journey Towards a More Beautiful Me

Hey! Does looking good make you feel great? Well, as for me looking good definitely boost my mood, confident and also self-esteem. Women and beauty can never be separated. Do you still remember three months ago I shared about my Part 1: My Journey Towards a More Beautiful Me, time flies huh. So today I am going to share with How do I feel after 3 months of these treatments? How aesthetic treatment change my life? Who is suitable for this treatment, would I recommend it?

Part 2: My Journey Towards a More Beautiful Me

What To Consider Before Buying Wedding Rings

Aside from deciding what to wear and what food to serve on your wedding day, choosing a wedding ring is also an important task which should be on top of your to-do list. A wedding ring is an essential component of the ceremony and marriage because it represents eternal love, devotion, and commitment between you and your partner. And although this tradition has been practiced for centuries, the symbolism of a wedding ring continues to remain strong up to this very day.

The Best Supplements for Traveling

Your bags are packed. You’re ready to go. But is your health prepared? Traveling to a new city brings a change in routine, diet, and lifestyle. While hitting the pause button on your regularly scheduled life is necessary every once in a while, it can take a toll on the ill-prepared traveler.

The Connection Insta Walk of Fame @ Pavilion KL Journey of Taste 3

Hey Foodie! Get your cameras out and your game face on! Few days ago we had a sneak peak experiencing a trip down the Connection Insta Walk of Fame in conjunction with Pavilion KL's Journey of Taste 3 to sample a slice of the delicious food and beverage options available at Connection and of course take lots of photos.

The Connection, Insta Walk of Fame, Pavilion KL Journey of Taste, KGB, Tower Burger
The Connection Insta Walk of Fame @ Pavilion KL Journey of Taste 3

PICOPLUS Debuts In Malaysia Made by Asians, For Asians

What is the major skin concerns for Asians? For those living in tropical countries our skin is consistently exposed to harmful UV lights will prematurely age - leaving visibly damaged skin such as age spots, pigmentations, and textural changes which evidently affect the underlying structure of skin. As age is catching up so do pigmentations, I noticed that the dark spots on my cheeks are becoming more obvious and bigger. Recently I was at PICOPLUS debuts in Malaysia, the next evolutionary premier laser solution Made By Asians, for Asians.

PICOPLUS Debuts In Malaysia Made by Asians, For Asians

Enhancing Your Work from Home Workflow

Working from home is a blessing and a curse. Having the freedom to move about your space and think without any fluorescent office lights to cramp your style has an infinite number of productivity perks. However within the comfort of your home, distractions are always within reach. Between getting too comfortable and becoming too distracted, you struggle to find that even, centered balance where you’re able to be both comfortable and productive. Improving your remote workflow is as easy as turning off the television or taking periodic brain breaks. These 13 tips will help you zone into your workload, and zone out all of the excess.

How to Stay Motivated to Workout, Even in Winter

Getting out of bed on cold days is hard whatever the reason, but it can be especially hard to throw off the covers if you know you're heading to the gym. Struggling with motivation in winter is a real problem for many of us, but it's not impossible to keep yourself working out regularly all the way to spring.

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AmPower Platinum Blanket by AmLife

Happy World Sleep Day! We all know that quality sleep is the key to health and beauty. Hence due to our urban lifestyle we hardly get enough sleep, don’t even think about quality sleep. Including myself, as a content creator or blogger usually my inspirations come at night. Sometimes I stayed up till late to finish my work and assignments. I’m glad that recently I attended AmLife, Total Sleep Health Expert “Life, Redefined,” conference at Sunway Resort Hotel. A movement to enable Malaysians achieve better health through better sleep, thus redefining their lives. Hope that I can spread the awareness of the importance of quality sleep and always ways to redefine our life.

AmLife, AmPower Platinum Blanket, World Sleep Day 2019, AmLife Electric Potential Thermotherapy Mattress, AmPower Platinum Pillow, Healthy Sleep, Healthy Aging, Total Sleep Health Expert, Life, Redefined, Lifestyle
AmPower Platinum Blanket by AmLife

The Must-Have Experiences of Visiting Adelaide, Australia

I’m ashamed to say that at one point in my life, Adelaide wasn’t on my bucket list. I know, I know - how did this happen? I had unconsciously prioritised cities and destinations that I thought there were more deserving of my time, completely unaware of the treasures that can be found in South Australia’s capital. It was by chance that I later stumbled upon Adelaide, and have returned on more than one occasion to experience the magic time again. If you’re looking for an adventure, here are some must-have experiences to add to your agenda.

Meet & Greet with Zara Zya

Hey recently, I had a fun and relaxing day out at Meet and Greet with Zara Zya. We started with watching Captain Marvel at e-Curve Damansara after the movie proceed to Red Box at The Curve for hi-tea and meet Zara Zya. During the meet and greet session, Zara shared about Intermittent Fasting plus introduced her new products, Trimz Shot.

Meet & Greet with Zara Zya

5 Historical Facts you Should know about Paris

Paris is a popular destination for many travelers.  Before you travel, it is important to identify the best area to stay in Paris. Depending on your reason for travel, there are many good places to stay. If you want to enjoy the nightlife, sightseeing, or you are traveling for business, you will get good places to stay in Paris. You should also review important information about the city first. We are going to discuss some of the historical facts about the city. This way, you will know more about the city before you plan the visit.

How To Enjoy An Unforgettable Tour To Italy On A Limited Budget?

Italy has seen a surge in tourism since 2016, thanks to its delectable food, romantic landscapes and rich history. There are some of the best Italy travel packages available for every kind of budget traveller to take an exotic vacation. Whether you like to explore the ruins of the Roman Empire or simply enjoy the Mediterranean coast is up to you. Italy is the most tourist-friendly country in Europe that allows you to savour its essence even if you are on a tight budget. A trip to Italy doesn't have to be exorbitant and here’s how.

5 Tips on Booking Luxury Travel for Your Honeymoon

When planning for your wedding, the honeymoon is one of the things that you should spend a good amount of time on. Too many couples skip the honeymoon period but avoid doing htis as it gives you ample time to spend with your loved one and enjoy sharing cherishable moments together after planning a big event.

3 Tips to Buying Big & Tall Clothes

Traditionally, it was a big deal to find big and tall clothes in stores. Most of the people with these two-body sizes frequently moved from store to store looking for clothes that would fit them. In most cases, disappointment and frustration was their way of life because most shops only had apparels for average-sized men and women. With time, entrepreneurs and designer are closing in the gap to find clothes for everyone.

A Choice To Revitalize & Rejuvenate My Look

As for me, looking good is great but safety and post-treatment results are utmost important. After attending the chat session on Bringing Together Science and Art To Create Beauty, I was more informed about the aesthetic treatments and also what to expect. It is better to seek treatment from a doctor who says, ‘No, you will have to wait for a few years before undergoing this treatment’ than a doctor who says yes to everything.

A Choice To Revitalize & Rejuvenate My Look

Multi Vitamins In Your Skincare, How They Benefit The Skin?

Our body needs 13 types of vitamins to function optimally and they include Vitamin A, various B vitamins, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E and Vitamin K. Each of these vitamins have multiple roles in keeping your body healthy and they derive from various sources including plants, animal sources and supplements.

Multi Vitamins In Your Skincare, How They Benefit The Skin? 

Half PayBack For Fashion @ LuLu!

Hey! How’s your day? You know as working urbanites we have to dress-up to work, events and also functions or parties be it corporate, family or friends. But sometimes we find it hard to keep up with it as cost of living is getting higher each day. For those shopping kakis who is looking for shopping deals, I have some good news to share. Now you can enjoy exclusive Half PayBack offer from now until 24th March 2019 at LuLu Hypermarket. Check out what’s on sale and how to get it.

Half PayBack, Fashion Shopping, LuLu Hypermarket, LuLu Kuala Lumpur, LuLu KL, Shopping, lifestyle
Half PayBack For Fashion @ LuLu! 

6 Tips Losing Weight in 2019

Many people struggle to lose weight and to keep it off for an extended period of time. Even after trying out hundreds of diets that promised 100% success, many go back to regaining the weight. It is essential to look at weight loss as part of your journey to a healthy lifestyle. You did not put on that weight suddenly. It will take time for you to lose weight and hard work to keep it away. Following weight loss tips is a great way to find long term solutions to your weight.

Smile Again: 4 Affordable Ways to get Brighter Healthier Teeth this Year

Do you want a bright, pearly white smile like the celebrities you see on the red carpet? What is their secret? Since they earn tons of cash, they can afford to go to the top dentists for their checkups and teeth cleaning. But luckily there’s hope for everyone. For the little guys out there we will give you the top affordable ways you can get that bright and shiny smile you’ve always wanted.

Image by Daniel Frank on Unsplash

Office Offerings: 6 Easy Ways to Thank Your Employees for a Job Well Done

Office Offerings: 6 Easy Ways to Thank Your Employees for a Job Well Do

People spend most of their waking lives at work, making it almost their home away from home. The challenge for employees is to remain motivated when you invest so much and work long hours without getting recognized for your hard work. Employers can address this by ensuring that their staff know that they appreciate their efforts. Being appreciated often motivates employees to do more. In the words of Richard Branson “take care of your employees and they’ll take care of your business”.

Tighten Your Pores with SKIN1004 Zombie Pack Mask Review

Hello… greetings from Zombieland! I hope you don’t get a shock when you look at my face. Do know that large or enlarged pores, they tend to be found on oily or aging skin and can get clogged with debris and oils, like sebum, that should flow out of pores. Fret not, now you can Tighten Your Pores with SKIN1004 Zombie Pack. This is the super hit and popular mask in South Korea.

SKIN1004, Zombie Pack Mask, Facial Mask, Zombie Pack, Zombie Mask. Korean Zombie Mask, Mask Review, Beauty
Tighten Your Pores with SKIN1004 Zombie Pack Mask

Anggun Chef Portable Café @ MITEC & Anggun Fusion Gravy Giveaway

Have you been to MITEC before? If yes, then you would not miss Anggun Chef Portable Café @ MITEC located on the ground floor of South Entrance. Every time when I attend seminar or exhibition I will either grab a coffee or drink from their café but this round I had a chance to have my meal there with friends. Then, I was introduced to Anggun Fusion Signature Gravies & Ready-To-Eat Gravies. Do continue to read on if you want to win a box of Anggun Fusion Gravies.

Anggun Chef Portable Café, MITEC, Anggun Fusion, Anggun Chef, Anggun Fusion Gravy,  Anggun Fusion Signature Gravy, Anggun Fusion Ready To Eat Gravy, Fusion Food, Food
Anggun Chef Portable Café @ MITEC & Anggun Fusion Gravy

Play PUBG MOBILE @ Yoodo 1st Anniversary

Hey! Any PUBG Mobile Game player here? Well it was my first experience playing PUBG MOBILE at Yoodo 1st Anniversary gathering. Play PUBG MOBILE for FREE with Yoodo’s first gaming add-on. Zero data charges, only chicken dinners with the PUBG MOBILE Add-On. Do you still remember last year I shared about my 1st experience using Yoodo, the 1st Telco in Malaysia with Truly Customisable Mobile Plan. When it comes to telco plan, everyone’s needs and budget are different. So Yoodo empowers us with flexibility and we can control our mobile service.  

Play PUBG MOBILE @ Yoodo 1st Anniversary, Yoodo, Yoodo 1st Anniversary, PUBG Mobile, Telco, Gadget, Lifestyle, Gank FTY, Malaysia’s first ever official PUBG MOBILE National Championship
Free Data for PUBG MOBILE @ Yoodo 1st Anniversary

How To Celebrate The Way You Shine This International Women’s Day?

Hey women! Sometimes we sacrificed too much, we neglected ourselves and at the end we felt unappreciated. Have you encountered this frustration before? Let it go bah… you can’t really love others, until you love yourself. There is only one thing that heals the wound, that is… to know how to love yourself. Stand up, be confident and march on! Check out how to celebrate the way you shine this International Women’s Day with Tmall World.

How To Celebrate The Way You Shine This International Women’s Day, Celebrate The Way You Shine, International Women’s Day, Tmall World, Tmall, Taobao, Online Shopping, Fashion, Beauty
How To Celebrate The Way You Shine This International Women’s Day?

Journey Of Taste 3 @ Pavilion KL ft Noritake Carnivale Tea Party

Kawaii-tea... let’s kick start the month with sweet indulgence at Noritake Carnivale Tea Party at Tokyo Street in conjunction with Journey of Taste 3 at Pavilion KL from 1st to 31st March, 2019. This is the 3rd year Pavilion KL’s organized Journey of Taste, is a month of culinary indulgences filled with food-tastic experiences to discover a treasure trove of international and local cuisines, witness celebrity appearances, participate in fun workshops and enjoy exclusive promotions. Are your taste buds ready to be thrilled?

Journey Of Taste 3, Pavilion KL Noritake Carnivale Tea Party, Journey Of Taste, Noritake, Noritake, Carnivale Collection, Food
Journey Of Taste 3 @ Pavilion KL ft Noritake Carnivale Tea Party

Matcha Sakura Tea Series Inspired by the Matcha Traditions of Japan @ The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®

Any matcha lover? Do you know that that matcha or green tea retains its beautiful colour because it’s unfermented and thus retains more of its nutritional benefits. The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® (CB&TL) latest beverage series Matcha Sakura, using ceremonial-grade matcha harvested with first-flush Tencha and stone-milled to preserve its superior quality.

Matcha Sakura, Matcha Sakura Ice Blended,  Matcha Sakura Tea Series, Matcha Traditions of Japan
Matcha Sakura Tea Series Inspired by the Matcha Traditions of Japan @ The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®

In Your Skin by Freda Liu

In Your Skin: Bloom, Flourish, Magnify by Freda Liu. Award-winning journalist Freda Liu officially launches her fifth and most revealing book, "In Your Skin - Bloom, Flourish, Magnify" (In Your Skin) which embarks on the journey called life. Encompassing the French expression - être bien dans sa peau - which denotes that an individual is well or comfortable in their skin, this book features collective stories from individuals who have forged their own path and triumphed over their own insecurities.   

In Your Skin, Bloom, Flourish, Magnify, Freda Liu, Beauty
In Your Skin: Bloom, Flourish, Magnify by Freda Liu 

Thai Film Festival 2019 @ GSC Cinemas

Hey! Do you like Thai movies? What is your all-time favourite Thai movie? As for me I love some of Thai comedy, action or thriller movies. Ong-Bak is my all-time favourite because it gave the strongest impact about Muay Thai culture. And now we’re here at Thai Film Festival in Malaysia 2019 press conference at GSC Midvalley recently to check out what are their special screenings for this year?

Thai Film Festival in Malaysia 2019, GSC Cinemas,Thai Film Festival, Thai Film, Thai Movies,  Bike Man, Premika, Homestay, 2,215, The Promise, APP War, The Pool, GSC Pavilion KL, GSC 1 Utama, GSC Mid Valley, GSC Gurney Plaza Penang, lifestyle
Thai Film Festival in Malaysia 2019 @ GSC Cinemas 

3 Tips To Make Your Party Rock Even On A Budget

Hey! school holiday is coming soon and so if your're planning a party for your friend, child or family and you have a tight budget. Here are the 3 tips that you might want to consider to make your party rock even on a budget.

Situations A Whearable Personal Alarm Can Help

As elderly people often spend most of their days at home by themselves, it makes sense for their loved ones to worry about their safety. With no one around to monitor their wellbeing, anything could happen. If you have an elderly loved one, it's time to prioritize their safety with a personal alarm. 

Things Not To Do In Paris

Paris is beautiful place on this planet, it's truly a mesmerizing one. Every year thousands of tourists visit the city to dive into the beauty and luxury of Paris. The city remains crowded with tourists almost throughout the year. Speaking of Paris, the city has a lot to offer to its visitors. There are plenty of places that you can visit and an endless list of things that you can do. We have found some awesome guide on things to do in Paris at Glamour Apartments website https://www.glamourapartments.com/things-to-do-in-parisYou probably must have already gone through such articles on the net. But has it ever struck you, what are the things you should avoid or not do in Paris? We have listed some of the things that you should try to avoid doing in Paris. If this is your first-time visit to Paris make sure you go through the pointers listed below.

Read This Before Booking Your Dental Appointment in Phuket

Dental care can prove extremely expensive in Australia and New Zealand. The standard of dentistry Down Under is the best and you can find a wide range of treatments without hassle. But it costs a pretty penny. Bureaucratic red tape and other factors contribute to the high prices dentists’ charge. Even if you are seeking a simple procedure, you may end up spending too much. Travelling abroad for dental work can prove an affordable option. For instance, the cost of dental crowns in Phuket is significantly lower than back home.