Part 1: My Journey Towards a More Beautiful Me

Hey! As a working adult in this bustling city my daily schedule is always hectic. Not only I have to juggle with my work, family, travels, but also my blog and get connected on social media as well. Hence of my busy lifestyle, sometimes I don’t have enough time to take care of my looks yet I need to look good and presentable when I meet people and also in front of camera. Daily skincare regime is important to maintain my skin however it’s not able to enhance my look. Recently I decided to go for non-invasive aesthetic treatments to enhance my look. Today I would like to share about the first part of The Journey Towards a More Beautiful Me.

Part 1: My Journey Towards a More Beautiful Me

First and foremost, what is your perception of non-invasive and aesthetic treatments? As for me non-invasive aesthetic treatment is something that has less risk, is less complicated and has little to no downtime because there is no surgery involved. Non-invasive aesthetic treatment results are not permanent, it may last for 6 months to 2 years.

Consultation, understanding about the procedure and my progress with certified and qualifies doctor at certified clinic is important

I am still being me, non-invasive esthetic treatments are here to enhance and improve my look, not to change how I look. Overall I wish to look younger, better and more photogenic. Due to my work, I always on-the-move and meet people very often, having a presentable look definitely adds credential to my portfolio. Plus as a beauty blogger I definitely have to look good in front of camera and off camera too. Am I right?

No doubt that having a good and more youthful looking appearance will definitely boost my self-confidence and self-love. As a woman, I love to feel and look beautiful. When I know that I look good, I feel great and the positive vibes will radiates. Every morning, I look into the mirror and see myself with a satisfaction smile is priceless.   

Another important factors that I always put in mind before I decided to do any treatment is that I will do my research and only go to a Qualified plus Certified Doctor and Clinic, as non-certified treatment will post threat to our life.

Check out this video about My Journey Towards a More Beautiful Me: What is my perception of non-invasive treatment? Why I decided to go for it? The process during my treatments and immediately after my treatments.

I’m sure now you wish to know what treatments I did, right? My concerns are my laugh lines becoming deeper, my cheeks are a bit flat, my nose bridge not so define, and overall I wish to have a firmer and tighter skin plus V-shaped face. 

This is how i look without makeup before the treatment 

Well after my consultation with Dr. Christie Moey at Clique Clinic, she advised me to consider Ultherapy, non-invasive treatment for my face and neck and aesthetic treatments such as Radiesse and Belotero and Pure Toxin (Neuromodulator) to enhance the various parts.

*A next generation, pure botulinum toxin, free from complexing or unnecessary proteins. Ask your doctor for more information.  

Before the treatment, the nurse will cleanse away my makeup and then take before photos and immediately after the treatment she will also take a set of my photos again. 

Ultherapy Treatment for my face and neck 

I did Ultherapy on my lower face especially on my jawline, my neck areas and a bit of eye brow. What and Why is Ultherapy unique? Ultherapy is a non-invasive ultrasound treatment that uses our own body regenerative response to gently and naturally stimulate collagen growth. This is the only U.S FDA-cleared non-invasive skin-lift for neck, under the chin and on the eyebrow.

Before and After: The left side is immediately after Ultherapy Treatment and right side is without. As you can see the left cheek has been lifted, jawline is sharper and more defined, and the left side of my face is more V-shaped compared to the right side.

This is how I look immediately Ultherapy Treatment for my face and neck, face is lifted, jawline is more defined and skin is firmer.

This Ultherapy treatment is targeted to my concerns for my face and neck areas the treatment take about 1 hour. There is some sensation during the treatment especially those areas with bones line the jawline or forehead. Other than that my treatment went very smoothly and I don’t even have to apply numb cream. There is no downtime after Ultherapy treatment, I can resume my activities as normal. 

Look for authentic Ultherapy treatment providers at

Belotero treatment on my cheeks
The filler procedure was very fast, just a small and quick inject on the deep lines and immediately I can see that the lines are plump-up. There is a small red dot after the treatment but it will go away in 4 hours.

Immediately after my Ultherapy and Filler Treatments

Belotero is a premium hyaluronic acid filler range and the right choice for those seeking natural-looking results. The Belotero® filler range achieves excellent skin integration and provides subtle, smooth results while respecting the natural contours of our face. 

Before the treatment

Immediately after the treatment

There were 3 types of Belotero hyaluronic acid filler which is Belotero Balance, Intense and Volume. I had Belotero Intense on my forehead, nose, jawline, and left lip. Plus Belotero volume on my cheek. So basically different texture of hyaluronic acid filler for different areas. 

Pure Botulinium Toxin treatment

Pure* Toxin Treatment 

Pure* Toxin Treatment, is an acts on nerve ending in facial muscles to prevent them from contracting and relax the muscles. The reduction in muscle activity temporary soften the facial lines and refreshed the appearance. By injecting a tiny amount into the targeted areas, such as crow's-feet, it helps to reduce dynamic wrinkles.

Immediately after my treatment

How do I feel during and after the treatment?

Actually my pain tolerance is moderate not too high, before the treatment I was a bit nervous. However after the consultation and understand about the treatment procedures I became more calm. 

Well as you can see from the video, during the treatment I can still communicate with the doctor. That means I’m not stressed or in pain. There were some sensation during Ultherapy treatment, as for Radiesse, Belotero and Pure Pure Toxin, free from complexing proteins, the sensation or pain is only on the first second of the injection, it’s tolerable.

Immediately after the treatment, there were slight redness and some small bumps. It went away in about 4 hours. I am able to drive home and continue with my usual activities. There is no scars or swelling or irritation, I am able to apply my makeup, go to work and events like usual.

My experience and journey towards a more beautiful me 

Overall I had a good experience for the above treatments; knowing that I am with the certified doctor, clinics and also products. I began to see the gradual improvements on my look as a whole after a week. 

My skin is firmer, and lifted. My jawlines are more defined, yay the V-shape is showing. The nose bridge looks straighten, under eye areas and laugh lines are not so sunken. Yes, I am happy with the improvements and results. 

After a week of my treatment

Now I am more confident to take closed up photos and also videos of myself. Beauty definitely boost women’s confidence, it’s our nature we all want to look good and be beautiful. According to the doctor I will be able to see more results after 3 months. Oh wow… really! I can’t wait to meet a better and younger looking me soon. So stay tune for my part 2 of the journey towards a more beautiful me.


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