How to Divide Up Furniture After a Split

Well splitting up is never a nice thing, but inevitably a part of the journey that is life. Life is full of gain and losses, and we learn from our mistakes and eventually pick up the pieces and evolve into better people, equipped with more knowledge, wisdom and insight into how the world works. If you have recently split up with a partner, amidst all the stresses, you may be wondering how you can go about dividing your items and furniture after a split. In this article, we will look at how you can go about doing so in a peaceful and agreeable way with your ex-partner. Read on to find out more.

Divide Furniture after a split
How to Divide Up Furniture After a Split

1. Make A List Of Your Items

Step one in dividing your items/furniture is to make a list of everything that you have. This ensures you can keep track of everything you need to decide on, without getting confused or getting into an argument with each other. Before you even book an appointment with removalists, go about your home and make a list of everything that you will need to decide on splitting. These are usually shared items, and not personal items of each party. You don’t have to list down every single item down to “blue dinner plate”, but you can describe items collectively on your list to make things a little easier. Once you have your list, the time has come to now decide who gets what.

2. Time To Prioritise Your Choices

Once you have your list, the time has come for you to prioritise your choices. Take note of all the items on the list that you would like to bring to your own new home, and mark them down accordingly. Let your partner do this as well, and then review your list and sort the items out according to what you will be keeping and what they will be keeping. Inevitably, there will be certain items that you will both want to keep and this is where compromise is of huge necessity. If you truly cannot decide on compromising as to who gets an item that you both want, you may want to choose to give it away instead. This way, no one has to feel resentment towards the other because they have your favourite armchair!

3. Should There Be A Dispute

Splitting up is a rough time in both party’s lives, and we can understand that emotions will be at their all time high of volatility. Sometimes, when two parties cannot come to a compromise about who keeps what, legal action is taken. Although we do not recommend it, you can always head to your attorney for assistance with disputed items which often results in a judge ruling that the item be sold, and the money split between both individuals. If you are disputing over sentimental items, you can see why this is not a good option. Compromise is most definitely our top pick when it comes to splitting items and furniture up.

4. Disposable Items

You will come to realise that there will be a number of items that you both actually do not want, and we will label these “disposable items”. Now, you can both decide on whether you want to throw them away, give them away to friends and family or sell them and split the cash between the two of you. Do keep in mind that selling items online will take up a fair amount of time, as will hosting a garage sale, which may be a little too much for you during this highly emotional time. If you choose to sell items, make sure you agree on how you will split the proceeds prior to selling anything, in other to avoid any arguments or disputes over cash once everything has been sold.

5. Agree On A Mutual Deadline

Last but not least, it is of great importance that both you and your ex partner agree on a mutual deadline as to when all the property splitting will be sorted and finalised. Ideally, this deadline should be put in writing in order to avoid any future bickering and also set down some ground rules about what will happen to property/furniture if either party cannot abide to the agreed deadline.

We hope that this article has been helpful in showing you how you can go about dividing up furniture and items after a split.

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