5 Facts You Should Know about Post Cycle Therapy

After a long period of using anabolic steroids to enhance performance, it is likely that the standard hormone regulation mechanisms in the body will become altered due to negative feedback mechanism. Restoring normalcy in the physiology of hormone secretion is essential to maintain the various body functions thus post cycle therapy is of equal significance as the cycle itself. On stopping the use of anabolic steroids, the natural testosterone will remain suppressed, and a mechanism to resuscitate activity is crucial.

5 Facts You Should Know about Post Cycle Therapy

What is post cycle therapy?

Post cycle therapy(PCT) is a combination of several mechanisms aimed at recovering the hormonal functions following a steroid use cycle. The detrimental effects of taking steroids are evident, and you can’t wish to be part of the story. Post cycle therapy involves an amalgamation of supplements, medications, and other compounds meekly designed to transition you from full steroid use to the “normal” life free of steroids. 

You can’t suddenly stop steroid use and get back to daily activities since the adverse effects associated with steroid use are pronounced. Post cycle therapy is here to cushion you of notorious impacts often leading to an unhappy ending- body entering a catabolic state.

Reasons why you need a post cycle therapy

The body hormones; testosterone is majorly involved in muscle building much desired by athletes, the introduction of exogenous steroids will impair the body’s production of this hormone and related hormones such as Follicle-stimulating hormone and luteinizing hormones. Suppression of endogenous testosterone production will lead you compromised body functions and restoring the natural way may take time probably several months thus hindering quality of life. Post cycle therapy will help you ignite the natural pathway and get back to normalcy quick enough.

Timing and choice of therapy to use

The effects of the steroid cycle are varied and depend on the person using them. Some of the critical determinants of the impact of anabolic steroid use include metabolism and genetics. Atop, the success rates of the post-therapy cycle will depend on individual response, length of use and choice of therapy. When you should start the PCT will be a factor of how well your body can regain the initial state of natural testosterone production. Good choice of PCT will hasten your recovery process.

Working mechanism and duration required to act

PCT essentially triggers the release of hormones initially shut down by the use of anabolic steroids; it does this by blocking enzymes such as aromatase, which metabolize testosterone into estrogen. Also, natural testosterone boosters a vital constituent help to kick-start the Leydig cells into high gear. Further, it regulates other hormones affecting testosterone production. The timeline for PCT action is indefinite and will depend on individual variations and proper use of therapy as well as the time of initiation.

Agents used in PCT

Avoid the myths, PCT largely depend on the use of three key agents; SERMs, aromatase inhibitors, and HCG hormones. These agents together act to regulate testosterone. Supplements containing these agents are available as OTC or on prescription. It is advisable that you consult certified physician before commencing the therapy.

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