5 Foods Better Cooked Sous Vide

Apparently, many food lovers out there may not know about sous vide cooking. If you are one of these, we thought we should let you on a culinary discovery: sous vide cooking is incredible. According to the Cambridge Dictionary, the term "sous vide" is French for "under vacuum." The idea is to vacuum-seal the food one wishes to cook inside a bag which is then immersed in water and cooked slowly under a constant temperature, the process is known as "precision cooking".

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5 Foods Better Cooked Sous Vide

To get your sous vide cooking on the road. You use a precision cooker, a device that enables you to set the time and temperature required for one dish to cook to perfection. Once cooked, the food can be "finished", that is - it can be seared, grilled, or broiled to perfect the exterior layer of the dish. Because sous vide cooking is timed and done under controlled temperature. It is better for certain foods than for others.

Here are 5 foods better-cooked sous vide:

1. Lamb 
Sous vide cooking does wonder, for example, with lamb steaks, chops, neck fillet, and shanks. It is advisable to use (and this is applicable to all sous vide cooking) leaner meat, as the fat is not required in sous vide cooking.

Tender cuts require 2.5 to 3.5 hours in 55 centigrade to turn Medium Rare, 1.5 - 2 hours at 60 c temperature cooks it to Medium, while 1 - 1.5 hours meat cooked at a temperature of 70 c returns Done.

2. Duck Breasts 
Which could easily come out dry when using other methods, are perfect for the sous vide technique. Once seasoned, the meat is cooked for 2 hours at 55c. You can remove the skin and fry it separately, so that, once the breasts are ready, you can simply add the crispy skin!

3. For a king salmon fillet roll (aka "roulade") 
Leave the fish in a brine of water, salt and sugar for about 45 minutes, dry it well and then roll it tightly, cook it at 45c for 30–45 minutes. Add lemon sauce.

4. Chicken 
Another born for sous vide meat, can be made into a delicious meal. Prep boneless, skin-on chicken pieces by frying them in butter and herbs before placing them in a bag and cooking them at 65c for 1 - 1.5 hrs. Take the meat out a sear it until crispy and golden... voila!

5. Our vegan readers would love the sous vide Corn on the Cob 
You put the corn and a mixture of garlic, soy sauce, sweet chili, sugar, green onion, and butter into a bag, then you cook it all at 85c for 20 minutes. Once done, you can grill it quickly to get that delicious burned corn aftertaste.

It is easier to understand what sous vide does to food after one had a taste of dishes created this way. Enough to say that the sooner you try it, the sooner you will become an avid sous vide cook! visit bestkitchen.pro for a look at their list of best sous vide machine for 2018. In this article they review top-rated immersion circulators, you may decide to take the plunge and get one.

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  1. I've tried lamb before..cooked for almost 23 hours! I'm impressed with the texture and taste!


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