All You Need to Know about the Train Services in South Korea

Traveling between cities in Korea is very convenient now with the availability of South Korea trains. Buses can be opted too except that their schedules are erratic depending on the traffic. But for travelers who want to travel fast would naturally go for trains as they won’t make a dent on their travel schedule. Korean trains have classifications based on their speed level and the amenities they offer on board. These classifications include KTX trains, KTX sancheon, ITX Saemaeul, Mugunghwa, and KORAIL Tourist Train. The prices range for each of these classifications would obviously vary depending on the distance traveled. The primary railway lines that reach up to Yeosu and Changwon are the Gyeonbu line and Honam line.

All You Need to Know about the Train Services in South Korea

For tourists who are looking for an affordable vacation, they can go for the KORAIL pass which is an exclusive & economic pass for visitors. It allows them to have unlimited access to use all trains including the KTX trains for a limited number of days. KORAIL passes are affordable, convenient and are the wisest the thing to buy while you at Korea. It doesn’t only trim your travel expenses but it also provides a safe and secure travel route for the newbies and tourists alike.

Train Stations

Seoul station is one of the most important train stations from which the Gyeongbu lines start connecting Seoul to Busan. Some of the major lines include Busan Station, Daejeon, Dongdaegu, and Singyeongju.

Yongsan Station is where the Honam line start which stretches itself from Seoul to Mokpo. Some of the major stations from here are Iksan Stations, Nonsan, Mokpo, and Gwangju-songjeong.

Yeongdeungpo Station would cover southwest part of Seoul for the ones who want to travel to that part. Every non-express train passing through makes a stop here.

Cheongnyangni Station covers the eastern sections of tourist sites. A KTX express train also routes from Seoul to Gangneung which was opened very recently.

Suseo Station is where the SRT or Super Rapid Train operates from, covering major cities in the country.

Train Types

Korea’s express train which is aptly known as the KTX began its operation in 2004. It is a high-speed train which runs at an approx. speed of 305 km/ hour.

Operating from, Gyeongjeon, Honam and Gyeongbu Lines, these trains are slightly faster than their regular counterpart.

Mugunghwa which is in operation since the 1960s can be tagged as the regular train type which one can see in Korea. They make stops at smaller stations which the KTX OR ITX trains bypass.

Super Rapid Train which also is known as SRT operates from the suseo station.

All these services span over a stretch of places where major cities fall in and thus the tourists can make respective stops to travel. Few of the places that seem to be mention worthy are Suwon (Gyeonggi’s capital), Jeondeungsa Temple (Incheon), Deokjin Park (Jeonju) and the countryside of Cheoram (Buncheon Station). It is quite easy to cut on your travel expenses and visit all these majestic places. For more relevant information, do visit

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