6 Awesome Clothing Tips No Woman Should Ever Miss

Fashion is something that pretty much all women partake in these days. With the media dictating to us what’s fashionable and what’s not, it’s all too easy to become confused about what your natural style is. Being comfortable in the clothes you’re wearing is super important because if you’re not, you will begin to feel self-conscious about your outfit decision. Whether you’re the type that loves skirts and heels, or you’d prefer to rock up in a pair of flats with skinny jeans, there are easy ways to ensure that you’re always looking your best. And as we know, if you feel amazing, you pull off your outfit that little bit better! Check out these 6 awesome clothing tips that no woman should ever miss!

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Accessories make the world of difference
You’ll have probably noticed that when models are showing off new lines of clothing, they often have accessories paired with them. Accessories add persona to your appearance and allow you to express your unique style. You can buy accessories such as hats, scarves, rings, necklaces, and bracelets from online stores, such as the kindred studio that can completely change the appearance of the outfit. Pick yourself up a handful of accessories so that you can improve your outfits each day just that little bit more. Plus, who doesn’t love wearing lots of bling?

It’s not all about the clothing
Being fashionable isn’t always about what you’re wearing, because more senses come into play than just how you look. Sense of smell, for example, is something that both you and other people will notice as you walk by. Subscriboxer has super useful information about fashion, especially when it comes to the must have perfumes to be wearing! Try and think about other senses such as feel too, because if you don’t like the materials that you’re wearing, you’re unlikely to pull off your outfit! 

Mix and match when you’re clothes shopping 
Clothes stores like Ninja Cosmico often present clothes that could be made into an outfit close together.So, rather than spending lots of money on multiple different outfits, why not mix and match different items of clothing so that you’ve got a new outfit to wear everyday, without the massive price tag. The same goes for accessories too, they will often be displayed by the clothing that they match the most. Take advantage of how clothing stores are laid out!

Don’t force yourself to fit in with the ‘norm’ 
One mistake that many women make is forcing themselves to fit in with the ‘norm’, or what’s expected of them by the media. An occasion such as a wedding, for example. Women usually wear dresses and high heels. However, if this isn’t your kind of style, then why not opt for the pant suit instead? As we’ve already mentioned, the more comfortable you are, the more you’ll rock your style!

Dress for your body shape 
Remember the days where Gok Wan hosted “How to look good naked?”. The show consisted of him helping women find the right clothes for their body shape, and helping them realize the mistakes they were making before with their clothing. Different clothes are made for different body shapes. 

For example, a padded blazer is more complimenting on an athletically built woman as it adds more shape and curves, whereas a pencil skirt is better for a woman with larger hips and shapely legs because it shows off curves while being slimming at the same time. Once you find clothes suitable for your body shape, you’ll find that you’re much more confident indeed!

Learn to love yourself again 
Finally, speaking of confidence, it’s one thing that many women around the world are lacking. Again, due to media shoving in our faces what we should and shouldn’t look like, it has forced women into thinking that anything other than that isn’t sexy or appealing. 

It’s important to love the body that you’re in, regardless of age, weight, height, and body shape. Learn to love yourself again so that when you do strut out in a new outfit, you can pull off your style with confidence!

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