How To Enjoy An Unforgettable Tour To Italy On A Limited Budget?

Italy has seen a surge in tourism since 2016, thanks to its delectable food, romantic landscapes and rich history. There are some of the best Italy travel packages available for every kind of budget traveller to take an exotic vacation. Whether you like to explore the ruins of the Roman Empire or simply enjoy the Mediterranean coast is up to you. Italy is the most tourist-friendly country in Europe that allows you to savour its essence even if you are on a tight budget. A trip to Italy doesn't have to be exorbitant and here’s how.

1. Transportation

The first and foremost thing to remember when visiting Italy is that its public transport system is excellent. Not only is it convenient and reliable but  also economical. Refrain from hiring a car or a Vespa as it will burn a hole in your pocket. Fuel prices and parking fees are high-priced. Instead, opt for the interCity/interRegionale trains or the high-speed trains to commute all around Italy. The high-speed trains are especially very quick and comfortable, saving you time and money.

2. Accommodation

Unless you want a sophisticated Mediterranean view from your hotel room balcony, opt for an Airbnb accommodation or a hostel room to get a good night’s sleep. There are several mid-range hotels available in all the major cities but they also tend to be high-priced, especially during the tourist season. Airbnb offers some seclusion and an option to cook your own meals and save some money.

3.  Food and drinks

Italy is widely known for its cuisine and quality wine. One would definitely want to splurge on the delectable pizza, pasta and gelato, however, look for quick meals behind alleys and not at the tourist spots. Alternatively, shop for fresh ingredients from the local markets and cook in your Airbnb accommodation. Set menus are a norm in Europe and consist of a two or a three-course meal with a drink at decent rates.

4. Time to travel

Avoid the overcrowded tourist season from June to August where not only the sightseeing places are jam-packed but the food and accommodation across the country are overpriced. Instead, opt for the shoulder season from April to mid-June to get the best of weather and quality food at a reasonable price.

Some miscellaneous points to remember:

Look for free walking tours across the major cities. A local guide takes you around all the major sightseeing places free of charge. However, it is customary to pay a little tip to the guide at the end of the trip.

A few public museums and galleries across the country offer free admission on a particular day and time of every month.

Lastly, keep your trip short, consisting of just two or three places, so you can explore them well. It's not possible to visit all the places in Italy at once.

The locals of Italy are eccentric and friendly at the same time. It is easy to blend in and experience this European country. So, when are you planning your trip to this exotic location? 

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