Meet & Greet with Zara Zya

Hey recently, I had a fun and relaxing day out at Meet and Greet with Zara Zya. We started with watching Captain Marvel at e-Curve Damansara after the movie proceed to Red Box at The Curve for hi-tea and meet Zara Zya. During the meet and greet session, Zara shared about Intermittent Fasting plus introduced her new products, Trimz Shot.

Meet & Greet with Zara Zya

Well Zara Zya is not the ambassador of Trimz Shot, she is the founder and this product is handle by Zara and her management team. It was an intimate session, there were about 20 bloggers together with Zara’s team members. We had a chance to ask Zara about her beauty tips and also how she manage to maintain her weight and shape plus more about her new products.

Meet & Greet with Zara Zya
Trimz Shot is made with high grade and quality ingredients and herbs and produced by GMP factory. You can check out the secret ingredients at The most important is with every purchase, customer has a chance to join #IFwithZaraZya

Trimz Shot

Well, Intermittent Fasting is becoming a trend nowadays. What is Intermittent Fasting? 16/8 intermittent fasting involves eating only during an eight-hour window during the day and fasting for the remaining 16 hours. It may support weight loss, improve blood sugar, boost brain function and increase longevity.

Zara Zya is the founder of Trimz Shot and this product is handle by her together with her management team

I think 16/8 intermittent fasting is pretty easy to follow and can provide real results with minimal effort. During the 16 hours fasting we can still drink but preferably drink water or take very low calorie food or beverage. It’s generally considered less restrictive and more flexible than many other diet plans and can easily fit into just about any lifestyle.

During a research conducted, most of the participant who took Trimz Shot combined with Intermittent Fasting are able to reduce up to 2kg in just 10 days. They not only lost weight but also lose the body fat at the same time lost a many inches. 

Meet & Greet with Zara Zya

This slimming supplement regulates the organic balance, fights constipation and decomposes neutral fat to give you a slim and trim body. Some of the popular benefits of slimming supplement include Promote Weight Loss, Detoxification, Reduce Appetite, Increase Metabolism, Skin Glowing, Burn Fat and Anti Aging. 

#IFwithZaraZya is a 10 days challenge to help you to get the best result. You will be monitor and coach by our very own Zara Zya for 10 days. You know I love to eat and enjoy food a lot so now I'm motivated to try Trimz Shot together with Intermittent Fasting hopefully I can shed some weight.              

Customer who purchase one box of Trimz Shot are able to be coached by Zara personally in 10 video for 10 days

As mentioned, customer who purchase one box of Trimz Shot are able to be coached by Zara personally in 10 video for 10 days. This kind of program usually cost hundreds or thousands but with purchase of Trimz Shot you get to join the coaching session for free. 

Price: Trimz Shot is priced at RM59 that contains 10 sachets for 10. Postage is RM8 for Peninsula Malaysia and RM 12 for Sabah or Sarawak.

Take 1 sachet daily before breakfast

Recommended Dose: Take 1 sachet daily before breakfast or after dinner. Best is to take before breakfast. It helps to control or reduce the appetite throughout the day. Drink sufficient water for the best result. For faster effect, avoid heavy food after 7pm and exercise regularly.

For more information and to purchase Trimz Shot please visit Zara Zya’s

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