Read This Before Booking Your Dental Appointment in Phuket

Dental care can prove extremely expensive in Australia and New Zealand. The standard of dentistry Down Under is the best and you can find a wide range of treatments without hassle. But it costs a pretty penny. Bureaucratic red tape and other factors contribute to the high prices dentists’ charge. Even if you are seeking a simple procedure, you may end up spending too much. Travelling abroad for dental work can prove an affordable option. For instance, the cost of dental crowns in Phuket is significantly lower than back home.

If you have unsightly teeth, you may want a solution that lets you to cover their appearance. Installing a dental crown is the ideal choice in this regard. Crowns are not the most expensive treatment, but can still cost you more than a thousand dollars locally. On the other hand, dental crowns in Phuket are affordable and you can easily opt for the treatment while you are there on vacation or for business. If you genuinely have an interest in getting crowns in Phuket, here is what you need to know before booking an appointment:

How Much Money Can You Save?

The foremost reason why Aussies and Kiwis consider getting crowns in Phuket is the low prices. On average, a single crown can cost you AUD $1,200 / NZD $1,250 Down Under. In comparison, the average price of crowns in Phuket is only AUD $244 / NZD $254. As you can see, you can save close to 80% on the cost of the treatment. Also, some clinics might offer the treatment for a lower price. And you might require multiple crowns, which will increase the savings you enjoy.

Simply put, the money you save on dental crowns in Phuket can help offset the cost of travelling to and staying in Thailand. You might feel that the amount is not substantial enough to cover the cost of the entire trip. This reason is why you should consider undergoing the treatment when you are in Phuket. Phuket is a top tourist destination. If you are planning to have a vacation there, you can schedule your dental crowns appointment during the trip.

The Quality of Dental Work

The low price is not the only reason Phuket is a hot destination for dental tourists. The quality of dental work there is at par with the leading dental clinics in Australia and New Zealand. Despite the low cost, you don’t have to compromise on quality. Even the top clinics such as Sea Smile Dental Clinic (Phuket), B. Dental Care Clinic and Smile Signature keep prices low. You can benefit from their experienced dental teams and state-of-the-art equipment to receive crowns in a comfortable and modern dental facility.

Finding the Right Clinic

There are plenty of options when it comes to dental clinics in Phuket. In fact, the number of clinics might overwhelm you. So a little research is important. You can use an online portal that offers listings for the best dental clinics in Phuket. Make sure you select a portal that exclusively screens clinics to find reliable information. They not only schedule site visits but also perform background checks on the dentists and dental staff.

Keeping these facts in mind gives you a clear idea of how you can schedule a dental appointment in Phuket. You can save money on dental crowns in Phuket and also on any other procedure you opt for. Invest some time and effort on researching the clinics and you are good to go! You can add the three clinics mentioned here to your shortlist.

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