Exogenous Ketone Supplement: Induce Ketosis for Weight Loss & Focus

Health supplements have become an important element of many weight loss programs today. These include nutritional supplements, fat burners (and do really fat burners work without exercise everyone might seem to be asking), and ketone supplements like Keto1.

What are exogenous ketones?

The exogenous ketones are "alternative" sources of ketones, formulated to keep your body in a metabolic state of ketosis. Fat sources should make up most of your calorie choices, rather than opting for carbohydrates. Dieticians explain that the body searches for fat as a fuel source when you deprive your body of carbohydrates, which are often made of sugars and starchy options such as bread, rice, pasta, and some vegetables. There are two primary ketones the body produces during ketosis namely acetoacetate and beta-hydroxybutyrate.

In a standard diet, your body generally searches for glucose to fuel up. On the other hand, the ketogenic diet applies a combination of high-fat and extremely-low carb diet regimen, closely resembling various low-carb dieting options today. Its main purpose is to reduce the carbohydrate intake of your body and replace it with a healthy fat like beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) and grass-fed butter, providing your brain, muscles, and heart with enough energy. Consuming more fat will help your body produce more ketones which are beneficial for inducing weight loss and mental clarity.

Weight loss is the main benefit of taking ketone supplements like Keto 1. The keto diet works almost similar to the low-calorie diet, but the calorie count is definitely at its lowest level. Though you're consuming close to 80 percent of your calorie in "fat," your body will not experience hunger and stomach pains. Maintaining ketosis is the hardest thing about the keto diet and jumping off above 50 grams of carbohydrates may likely ruin the fat-burning process.

The ketogenic diet allows you to burn stored fat at a faster speed since the fuel supply of your body will now depend on fat. This fat-burning process seems more effective for healthy individuals who practice regular fasting or perform high-intense workouts. The ketone supplements will absolutely complement your ketogenic routine and weight loss efforts without worrying about loss of energy. However, exogenous ketones are only recommended for healthy people who don't have chronic diseases and kidney problems as the pure BHB supplements appear as salt.

The best way to attain ketosis is to avoid the carbohydrate sources, thus helping the ketone supplements become more effective. It is advisable to maintain the calorie count as low as 50 grams per day or if possible, 20 grams of net carb to keep your ketosis level within your reach. Aside from helping your body reach ketosis, the ketone supplements intend to improve body performance, including cognitive functions and mental sharpness. Consistent use may also result to lower risk of developing heart diseases and type II diabetes at an early stage.

Ketone supplements only contain the beta-hydroxybutyrate ketone as the other ketone source (acetoacetate) is not possible to be reproduced as a supplement. These supplements come in a salted, powder form that includes calcium, magnesium, sodium, and potassium. Research studies indicated that the BHD salt had been shown to enhance levels of blood ketones, imitating the process of ketosis when you practice the keto diet. Ketone supplementation seems beneficial for individuals who want to reach ketosis without following a strict diet, but constant monitoring is necessary.

If you will undergo keto diet for the first time, ketone supplementation may be required to boost ketone production. This significantly reduces the time it takes to attain ketosis while helping your body minimize the discomforts of converting from standard diet to keto practice. The common symptoms, known as the ketogenic effects, occur when your body is undergoing transition, and these include mild headaches, constipation, muscle cramps, and irregular bowel movements.

Exogenous ketones may influence appetite

Appetite control is another health benefit of taking ketone supplements. Exogenous ketones have been shown to reduce food cravings while teaching your body to eat less. Research studies suggested that people who consume ketone supplements had experienced fewer incidents of hunger for an extended period than participants who consumed regularly sweetened beverages. Their appetite-suppressing effects may have been associated with reduced levels of hunger hormones taking place between two to four hours after consumption.

However, there was a moderate indication of increased ketone production on people who didn't take any meal than those who had taken meals. As a result, ketone supplements may only seem beneficial if you haven't taken any meal or when you perform fasting.

The main objective of taking ketone supplements is to assist the body in utilizing the exogenous ketones particularly when you eat various sources of carbohydrates other than what is suggested in the keto diet. These are natural forms of beta-hydroxybutyrate, which help the body regain its ability to reach ketosis and continue to burn fat unnoticed. Its regular intake will provide the following benefits:

1. Enhancing the fat-burning process by inducing faster body heat particularly when performing exercises
2. Helping the body go back to ketosis after eating some non-keto food choices
3. Lowering the risk of memory loss and mental lapses
4. Helping the body to recover after exercise
5. Inducing better sleeping patterns and promoting better mood
6. Enhancing the energy levels of the body for better performance
7. Restoring mental concentration, cognitive functions, and data retention
8. Suppressing the appetite with minimal discomforts
9. Reducing inflammation for faster body recovery

During fasting or when the body is in a state of starvation, the ketones are naturally produced. So it is best to consume ketone supplements during morning before taking any meals or before doing any exercise. Just like Keto 1, exogenous ketones are important in keeping your body in ketosis without losing the energy you need throughout the day. These essential supplements should only be made from natural ingredients including beta-hydroxybutyrate, caffeine, and stevia to speed up the production of your ketones.

Ketone supplements also help your liver convert the extra fat into ketones. In this process, the ketones can be easily utilized by providing the needed amount of energy for the muscles, brain and other organs. Moreover, a lot of exogenous ketone brands taste well as they contain plant-based sweeteners and natural flavorings. This allows consumers to enjoy the naturally-made supplements without worrying on their blood sugar levels.

The purpose of ketone supplements is to support your ketogenic diet in losing weight. However, their effectiveness would still depend on how you could control the amount of carbohydrates you would consume on a daily basis.

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