Office Offerings: 6 Easy Ways to Thank Your Employees for a Job Well Done

Office Offerings: 6 Easy Ways to Thank Your Employees for a Job Well Do

People spend most of their waking lives at work, making it almost their home away from home. The challenge for employees is to remain motivated when you invest so much and work long hours without getting recognized for your hard work. Employers can address this by ensuring that their staff know that they appreciate their efforts. Being appreciated often motivates employees to do more. In the words of Richard Branson “take care of your employees and they’ll take care of your business”.

So, how can you make your employees feel more positive? Gratitude goes a long way, so start with these six ways of thanking your employees for jobs well done:

Gifts for Every Occasion

Giving employees tasteful corporate gifts can be a fun and inexpensive way to show your appreciation. Whether it’s a regular employee of the month, holiday gifts, or just ad hoc acknowledgement throughout the year, gift giving is a unique gesture that can help to boost office morale. It doesn’t have to be expensive. 

Even a small token of appreciation in recognition of hard work, a job completed above expectations or even a personal or professional milestone can make all the difference in an individual’s mindset. The bottom line is that thoughtfulness, rather than cost, is of primary importance, which can make this a budget friendly option for any company.

Lunch for the Department of the Month

To motivate your employees to do well, you can sponsor one department each month to go out for lunch. A few tips to make it special, yet beneficial to the company:

- Allow the department an extra hour lunch break on that day so they can relax.
- Have rules in place such as a no drinking policy.
- Let them suggest their favorite restaurants and draw a name out of a hat each month

Award Winning Out and About Team Building

To really show you honor their diligence, give employees breaks without expecting them to use their leave days. Perhaps you can take all your employees to do some fun teambuilding exercises. It doesn’t have to be anything too complicated. Keep costs low by taking them to a farm or park, splitting them into teams and assigning tasks that require a team effort. Once again, they’re motivated and you grow team spirit.

Talk to your Employees Regularly

Once-off gestures aren’t the only methods you need to employ. Talking to your employees regularly is essential. Tell them that you appreciate the efficiency they show in their work and that it never goes unnoticed. In addition to regular meetings, make a concerted effort to great and chat informally with your employees wherever possible. Leave your phone on your desk or in your pocket when doing so, so they know you’re focused on them.

Career Growth

When you notice a particular employee shows potential, offer some extra responsibilities for additional income. Along with feeling appreciated this shows you trust them and want to help them grow. Personal growth is essential for workplace satisfaction.

Knock Off Some Hours

As an employer, you would hate to think that your employees aren’t working. But let’s be honest: Friday is often a go-slow day. Allow the company to close two or three hours early if you know they put in extra time during the week. Enjoying Friday afternoons off could increase productivity during the rest of the week.

Everyone wants to feel appreciated. Use this natural human characteristic to reward others and you’ll enjoy the fruits. Everybody wins.

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