7 Real Life Housekeeping Tips That Really Work

Living in a clean house is relaxing. Everyone wants to see their house spotlessly clean but how do we achieve this when it takes so much time to clean the home? Unfortunately, our homes get dirty so fast that we do not even know how that happens. You clean up your kitchen and before you realize, it is messy again. It is like you did not do any house cleaning.

We barely have time to take care of the home these days. Everyone is too busy with work and the family. However, we still need to maintain the home and here some housekeeping tips to help you out. These tips are practical and they are being used by several people who are obsessed about having an almost perfect home. Guess what, these tips actually work for them.

A shoe tray keeps the dirt off the floor

Majority of the dirt that comes into our home are the ones that come with our shoes. Do not allow the shoes to get beyond the entrance. Get a shoe tray so that your family can keep their shoes in it. Your floor will be cleaner with this simple tip.

The dishwasher can clean several other things

Do not limit the dishwasher to washing dishes alone. It can clean your makeup brush, fruits, vegetables, and even toys. So now, anytime you need to clean any of these things, you can just throw them into the dishwasher. You can save some time to do other things.

Dust before vacuuming

Dust your room first before you vacuum it. When you dust first, any dirt in the room will go to the floor and then when you vacuum, you will be getting rid of all the dirt. Unfortunately, if you decide to vacuum before dusting, you will need to vacuum again to get rid of all the dirt that fell to the ground.

Avoid clutter

Make sure that everything you use goes back to its original place. It will a waste of time when you leave them on your counter or table with the intention of packing them later on.

Use window scrapers for pet hair

If you have a pet with fur, you will definitely struggle to keep fur off your carpet. A window scraper can help you get rid of the pet fur.

Use microfiber cloths instead

Microfiber cloths should be part of your cleaning tools. They are great for cleaning almost all surfaces including cabinets, granite and marble surfaces, windows, mirrors, showers, tubs, door knobs, and stainless steel surfaces. They are also great for dusting. Microfiber cloths are ideal for cleaning because they are super absorbent and versatile.

Use potatoes to clean windows

Cleaning your windows regularly does not guarantee that you will have shiny windows. This simple trick can make your windows shiny after a quick clean. Simply cut the potatoes into two and rub it on the surface. After rubbing, wipe the surface with a wet cloth and then a dry cloth.

If you include these tips in your normal cleaning, you will definitely see a change. Your floors, windows, counters, and all other surfaces will be cleaner. 

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