The Must-Have Experiences of Visiting Adelaide, Australia

I’m ashamed to say that at one point in my life, Adelaide wasn’t on my bucket list. I know, I know - how did this happen? I had unconsciously prioritised cities and destinations that I thought there were more deserving of my time, completely unaware of the treasures that can be found in South Australia’s capital. It was by chance that I later stumbled upon Adelaide, and have returned on more than one occasion to experience the magic time again. If you’re looking for an adventure, here are some must-have experiences to add to your agenda.

Explore the City

Adelaide is a city that you can see in a long weekend, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot to see. The central city of Adelaide has museums and galleries to see you through the day, and a beautiful river running the length of the city. By basing yourself centrally with serviced apartments in Adelaide, you can take in a long riverside lunch and make your way through the boutiques that pepper the city. Your serviced apartment will allow you to establish a head quarters for your short or long stay, complete with all your creature comforts.

Beach time at Glenelg

Very few cities can boast stunning beaches so close to the main city centre. Glenelg is a favorite locations for weddings, special events, and those who just want to relax and recharge. When you head to Adelaide, be sure to pack your bathers so you can frequent the beach during your stay. If you play your cards right, you may even be visiting Glenelg during an event or festival period. Chances are you have seen the horse-drawn carriages that make their way through Glenelg. This can be a great activity for the children or couples.

Adelaide Oval

When it comes to sport, Adelaide has more than a few teams that they barrack for. But ALF is the true love of the city, home to the Adelaide Crows and the Port Adelaide Power. The AFL season runs from March to September, and it is always worth catching a home game if you are fortunate enough to be in town. If you can’t catch a game but have always been curious about the stadium, you can join the thousands of visitors each year and do an Adelaide Oval tour.

Adelaide Central Market

The balanced weather of Adelaide produces fine wine, but you may not know about the culinary reputation of the city. Adelaide Central Market is a cultural melting pot of all the fine and fresh produce that the city has to offer, and you may even find some delicacies from some neighbouring states. The best part about the Adelaide Central Market is that there is something there for you if you need only a bite, right through to a full sumptuous meal. Bring an open mind and an empty stomach.

Winery tours

Saving the best until last here, and I’m sure you knew it was coming. The wine culture within South Australia is second to none and Adelaide is either at the centre of, or only a short walk from it all. Barossa needs no introduction, but there are many other Adelaide and South Australian wineries that are just as special and worth the time to visit.

The truth? We’re barely scratching the surface of things to do in Adelaide, but use this as a guide to get you started. If you’re not itching to discover Adelaide, then you’re missing out on a memorable adventure. Head South and immerse in the cultural and culinary delights that are available for those who seek them.

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