5 Historical Facts you Should know about Paris

Paris is a popular destination for many travelers.  Before you travel, it is important to identify the best area to stay in Paris. Depending on your reason for travel, there are many good places to stay. If you want to enjoy the nightlife, sightseeing, or you are traveling for business, you will get good places to stay in Paris. You should also review important information about the city first. We are going to discuss some of the historical facts about the city. This way, you will know more about the city before you plan the visit.

Here are 5 historical facts you should know about Paris:

1. Eiffel Tower

The tower was built in the late eighteenth century to host a world fair. The architects expected it to last for at least twenty years but many years later, it still exists. This is one of the tourist attractions in Paris.  Every year there is a vertical race competition hosted in the tower. It consists of races between fifteen kilometers and eighty kilometers. There are many people who come to cheer and watch as competitors’ race through the stairs. They also host Nordic walks and hikes events.

2. Boldini painting

Giovanni Boldini a renowned painter from Italy who lived in Paris. He is well known for his paintings, and at some point, he hosted an exhibition in New York solely. The fact that a building hosted a painting for a French actress for over fifty years without discovery is one of the mysteries in France. The painting is worth over two million. It has never been sold and neither has it been published or listed. A novel by Michelle Gable is based on this painting.

3. Statue of liberty

After the French revolution against the British, this statue was erected. The French teamed up with the Americans to overthrow the British monarchy. Because of this, the British fell out with the French because of their participation in the revolution. But the Americans and France remained friends. In fact, the French gave Americans a replica of the statue of liberty. Visitors in France prefer living in hotels near the Statue.

4. Notre Dame Cathedral bell

This is one of the major historic features in Paris. Bell ringing traditionally was done to alert people of an attack, fire or any danger. But it was also used to call people to worship. The original bells at the cathedral were destroyed during the French revolution. But now the Emmanuel grand bell stands in the cathedral and rings during major events including the funerals of major leaders.

5. Martyrs’ Mound

This is also known as Montmartre. It is one of the religious sites in Paris that attracts many tourists every year. A saint was beheaded at the site by the Roman administration. The temple was dedicated to martyrs to honor them at that time. It still remains a religious place and many travelers frequently visit here.

There are many historical facts you should know about Paris. By visiting the city, you can learn much more. You may also review information available online before your visit. This will ensure that you have a good experience of staying in Paris.

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