MH17 Malaysia Airlines Crashed in Ukraine #MH17

MH17 Malaysia Airlines Crashed in Ukraine, #MH17, MH Crash in Ukraine, Tragedy 17 July 2014,Malaysia Airline Ukraine

Malaysia Airlines MH17 crashed in Ukraine, 295 people were on board. I was shocked to know what happened to Malaysia Airlines today. Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 aircraft flight MH17 from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur crashed near Donetsk, Ukraine. Omg! Few months ago was MH370 Missing in Indian Ocean and now MH17 One after another of Malaysia Airlines plane crashed. Why Malaysia Airlines again? 

Pray for MH17 and Malaysia Airlines. #MH17 news go viral online. Really saddened by the news and we were not sure what is the root caused and why? Do not speculate and hope we know the truth soon.

My deepest condolences & let’s pray for them. Life is so fragile we might not know what will happen tomorrow. So appreciate every moment and the people around you. Say a little prayer before I go to bed #PrayforMH17

Pray for MH17
Rest in Peace MH17

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