Double Eyelid Enhancement - DST Double Suture & Twist Technique

Our eyes are the window to our soul. Yes, indeed eyes are the most important asset and sense to us. Is every girl wish and dream to have a pair of captivating eyes including myself. Don’t you think so? But many Asian girls have single eyelid so some of them decided to go for Double Eyelid treatment after all the hassle of using double eyelid stickers and glues every day. Well, few weeks ago I did my Double Eyelid enhancement using the DST (Double Sature & Twist) Technique at M.E Clinic by Dr. David Low.

Before this, as you can see I have double eyelid but it’s a very thin line, sometimes it hide inside and barely there. My eyes will look very sleepy and dull if I do not apply eyeliner or eye make-up. So I decided to do Double Eyelid Enhancement and started to google and ask around for information, details, testimonial, feedbacks and also opinions from various people that I know. In the market, there are two major category of doing double eyelid procedures, the cutting and non-cutting. Therefore to be safe I have decided to go for the Double Suture and Twist (DST) Technique which is the durable and non-cutting double eyelid procedure for Asians’ eyes.

Well, I am a person who is very afraid of pain and also worry a lot at times. So there are many questions that I repeatedly asked the Dr. David and also the consultant Ms. Celeste. Is it painful, how long is my downtime, will it leave any scars and what if the procedure goes wrong, how?? I am so scared… I think this is standard questions that runs in everyone head before we let the doctor conduct the procedure. 

Double Eyelid Enhancement
Double Suture and Twist (DST) Technique Procedure

After all the comforting so Dr. David started to perform the procedures, it only took about 30 minutes. Well, some of them even use their lunch time to do. The pain is bearable. Thanks to the nurse and Celeste, they were holding my hands and comforting me while doctor is injecting local anesthesia on my eyelid to prevent the pain. That is the only moment I feel the pain (like our normal injection) after that I do not feel anything anymore I only feel touching sensation.

When Dr. David was doing the procedure I still can talk to him. He only did the 3 points suture and twist on my inner and outer eyelid and that it. It’s done and mission accomplish easy as that. Actually it’s no sacred at all la. 

Immediately after the DST procedure

There are slight bruises and swollen after the procedure, I can see that my double eyelid line has been shifted higher and becoming more obvious. So I can’t wait for it to heal and see my new double eyelid.

I did my double eyelid procedure on Thursday evening about 4pm. Immediately, when I reached home I keep putting the ice pack on my eyes to subside the swelling, no salty food, no msg, no seafood and I don’t drink too much water before bedtime. It works wonder for me and the downtime was very short. I don’t even need to take leave the next day I go to work as usual and on Friday I attended dinner party. 

Before & After of my Double Eyelid Enhancement using DST Technique procedure

I am very happy with my newly enhanced double eyelid, yippee! I feel so relieves and now I can admire my own eyes take more selfies. The advantages of the DST Technique are:-

1. visible improvements double eyelid more visible, higher and enhanced – objective achieved

2. no scar – very important

3. no hassle – only takes 30 minutes

4. fast recovery – no need to take leave and able to go to work the next day

5. last results

6. natural looking

7. potentially reversible, if I change your mind I can adjust the crease to higher or lower

My eyes look bigger, brighter and awake so say goodbye to sleepy eyes and droppy eyelids. Thanks to the DST Technique the non-cutting, fast and safe procedure. If you go for cutting, there’s no U-turn, no turning back which means you might leave a scar behind so that it is hard for you to adjust the crease to be higher or lower and it cannot be removed if you don’t like the result. You might regret later.

5 Days after my DST procedure
Fully recovered no more swelling and my eyes looks bigger, wink!
In the non-cutting method, there are many stitching method in the market but most of them only last 1 to 2 years then you have to redo again but this DST procedure is a durable scarless procedure that can last more than 10 years. The reason why they don’t claim it as permanent or forever is because eyelid will be sagging due to aging like you reach 40 years old and above so that time it wouldn’t be that obvious, it will be like a hidden eyelid that’s why we claim it as 10 years and above but not forever. It doesn’t mean after 10 years it will goes off, it will be there as well.   

The good thing about the DST Technique during the consultation you can let the doctor know how you want your crease, is it high, medium or low. Depends on you and the doctor will show you roughly after the procedure how is your double eyelid will look like and he will also explain the procedure. Even after the procedure if you would like to adjust the crease to higher or lower that can be done. 

Overall, I am glad that I decided to do my double eyelid enhancement using the Double Suture and Twist (DST) Technique. I am satisfied with the treatment and the services, thanks to the M.E Clinic team and Dr. David Low.

Remember when you are happy you look pretty. Ok keep smiling… The most important thing is to Love Yourself and treasure every moment of your life. Hey stay tune and come back because I am not done yet! I still have a few treatments that I have not share with you yet waaa... Come back and read ok. If you have any questions and shy to post your concerns openly here you can email or pm me ya.

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    1. Hi Bendan, if you keen you can whatsapp them for consultation.

  5. Hi, your eyes look beautiful! How high did you get your crease done? High, medium, or low?

  6. Hi , your eyelid is extremely natural now . Congratulations !!! However , no offense , I would like to highlight that either incisional or non-incisional has its own pros and cons. I don't doubt that incisional method will leave scars but as far as I know , incisional method is possible to adjust as well after the surgery (within few months ) . I'm not trying to say that you are wrong or pointing anything .. I just want to share what I heard about both methods ... Lastly , you look incredibly gorgeous .." No pain , no gain "

  7. Hi, I have just done eyelid stitching too yesterday, and up 'til now I have a discomfortable feeling like something is sticking or scratching my eye whenever I close it, but only on my right eye. Did you have the same problem?

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