Work in Manila on Raya Holiday

Work in Manila on Raya Holiday

Hey! I'm working in Manila on this Raya Holiday. I feel that this month my blog and social media platform not so engaging. Sort of cool... am I right? Well, I can't help it as I only have 24 hours and I need to prioritize, it’s not that you all are not important but I have some urgent matters at work that I have to attend to. And I’m still in the midst of completing my paperwork for tomorrow presentation in my hotel room. But my brain already kaput, running out of ideas so I divert my attention to blog and express myself here...

Actually blogging is part of the way I relax and clear my mind. After published a few posts somehow in between I always get new ideas for my work and can focus better. I guess that just me… 

Sorry for not upload any pictures the whole day except the one when I post before my flight take off. The moment I reach the airport we had a quick dinner and I was briefed about my task s for tomorrow.

As usual my company will throw some surprises to me and label it top priority sometime I wanted to reject or turn down the project but when I think about my colleagues that have supported me and backed me up especially my team members. I need to take the projects for the team. Our kpi is based on how many projects we can successfully completed in a fiscal year. I hope everyone will have a good bonus by the end of the year.

Ok, I got to go back to complete my presentation before I sleep. Hope you all have a good week ahead and enjoy your time with family and friends. 

Muahhh.... from Sunshine Kelly


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