Balik Kampung & My Hari Raya

I wish you all have a pleasant flight and safe journey home

This Hari Raya holiday I will be working, yes I’ m not joking. I am going to Manila, on Sunday evening and back to KL on Tuesday afternoon. My company has decided to have a meeting in Manila on monday 28th July which is the first day of raya. Well I don’t think the team members involved in this project celebrate hari raya so they go ahead with the plan as time is limited and the project need to be completed in August. Sigh another last minute project, make me want to vomit blood. 

So my monday will be a full day intensive work, I can’t imagine what they want. Perhaps some miracles to happen. I don’t plan to extend my days in Manila thou I can opt to go to Boracay ot Tagatay, I expect there will be a lot of tasks to be completed after the meeting. 

However, I will be back on Tuesday afternoon, my neighbour already invited my family to go over to their open house on Tuesday night. I am going to attack the rending kambing, satay, lontong and not forgetting their signature must have dish asam pedas waaa… I’m salivating now, can’t wait.

That is the beauty of having many races here in Malaysia, we have a varieties of delicacies every festive season.  Anyway, for those who is on holiday enjoy bah and eat moderately. Hope you exercise too... no excuse to be a lazy bum!

Those on the road please keep calm and be patience I know there will be jam everywhere. If you are tired take a break at the rest and relax point. Hopefully there will be less festive accidents this year. So be a well mannered and be an educated driver. Practice give and take, don't let small matters jeopardize your holiday and raya mood. Say no to Road Bullies!

keep calm and balik kampung, balik kampung, my hari raya

Have a great time with your family and friends.

I see you when I see you ok… 

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