Day & Night Eyeliner Looks

Hey! As you know my essential makeup item is eyeliner and I can’t go out without eyeliner. Because without eyeliner you can’t see my eyes and I look half dead. Recently, I have tried and blogger about the latest Benefit They’re Real Push-Up Liner; I like their intensity, matte & long lasting finishing and also the easy application. Well, today I am going to share some of my Eyeliner Looks.

First and foremost before the eyeliner look, let me show you how to use this Benefit They’re Real Push-Up Liner. I have showed this before but is ok in case you forgot or just visited my blog.

Benefit They’re Real Push-Up Liner & Remover 

Step by Step to Use They’re Real Push-Up Liner

Step by Step to Use Benefit They’re Real Push-Up Liner Tutorial:
1. Remove the orange plastic tip protector, twist the base until the gel appears at the tip.

2. For first timer, click and practice on your hand to get the feel and momentum. Twist once and apply, try to draw different types of lines, from ultra-thin to thick and bold.

3. Slowly guide the AccuFlex™ tip along your lash line start from the inner corner of your lash line towards the outer corner.

4. Angle the AccuFlex™ tip from the corner of the eye, up toward the end of your and press to create your own wing. Fill in the wing with one or 2 strokes.

5. If you need to clean certain part of the liner, use a cotton swab dab on the they're Real remover and gently stroke and wipe off the undesirable.

My Liner Look: Day - Slim & Natural

Here you go my day and night Liner Look #MyRealLiner. I usually like simple and light makeup like Korean makeup style, I’m not those smokey eyes or heavily makeup girl.

My Liner Look: Swoop Up & Away

Swoop Up & Away
Lline along your upper lashline from the inner corner out. “Wing” the liner straight out past the outer corner…this creates the illusion of bigger, sexier eyes.

My Liner Look: Below & behold

Below & Behold
Stroke they’re real! push-up liner along your lower lashline for dramatic party eyes in seconds.

My Liner Look: Retro Double Wing

Retro Double Wing
Line upper and lower lashlines from the inner corner out. Extend liner just past the outer corner for an easy retro glam look.

My Liner Looks #MyRealLine

Visit Benefit Cosmetics Boutiques & Counters to try out they’re Real Push-Up Liner and have fun create your own wings. Benefit Boutique is available in 1 Utama (03-7733 3930); Sephora Starhill (03-2148 5592); Mid Valley (03-2282 9266); Alamanda (03-8893 5033). Benefit Counter is in Parkson, Sunway Pyramid (with brow bar): 03-5631 6300; Parkson, KLCC (with brow bar): 03- 21642187; Parkson, Pavilion (with brow bar) 03-21414601; Parkson, Gurney (with row bar) 04-2293702; C&F  KLIA 03-87873785; Sephora KLCC (with brow bar) 03-2164 9688; Sephora Paradigm Mall 03-7886 8319; Sephora Starhill 03-2141 6688 and Sephora Sunway 03- 5633 7099.

For more information about Benefit they’re Real Push-Up Liner, please Benefit Cosmetics Malaysia
Instagram: @benefitcosmeticsmy


  1. Wow...the eyeliner is magical! :XD Now become a witch oredy..hihihi

    1. Ai Leen, try it then you can become a witch too

  2. ohhh would love to try this one but hmmm i hate waterproof ">.<


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