Movie Review: Justin Bieber Never Say Never 3D Premier Screening

I won 3D Justin Bieber Never Say Never movie screening. Thanks to Advertlets and Tune Talk. This is a very inspiring. 

Never Say Never to our dream. After this movie I get to know more about Justin Bieber songs, not only he is cute looking, he is also talented. Never Say Never movie is more like Justin Bieber biography movie. Start from his childhood time until he became successful and held his concert in Madison Square Green. Remarkable for a singer at his age, 16 years old only. Plus social media has help Justin Bieber in building his singing career. Its was a great movie with lots if song and singing, its like watching concert and biograhy movie. Special features Miley Cyrus, Jayden Smith, Jay Z, Usher, Snoop Dog and many big stars... In order to achieve our goals and be successful we need be persistence, put in a lot of hard work and commitment like Justin Bieber.


With friends and blogger at Never Say Never premier screening

Looking forward for Justin Bieber: My World Tour Concert on 21st April in Stadium Merdeka...


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