Don’t Sweat It with Rexona

Let me ask you a personal question, do have body odour eww…

Research by Rexona showed that
1. Six out of ten Malaysians do not use deodorant
2. 65% of Malaysians often joke about their friends’ body odour but the brutal truth is that they are actually serious about it
3. 60% of people would hold their breath rather than confronting one’s unpleasant smell
4. The five causes of sweat (light movement, heat, stress, humidity and emotions) are inevitable in people’s daily routines and have a silent effect without them realizing it

Rexona the world's largest and number one deodorant brand took the lead to improve Malaysians’ understanding on sweat and its consequences through an experiential platform. “Don’t Sweat It with Rexona” event was organized to unearth the five causes of sweat and to break the twisted myths of body odour.

Sweat itself is odourless. However, it triggers body odour when it comes in contact with the bacteria that naturally live on human skin. These bacteria break down sweat and body odour is the by-product of this process. A small amount of perspiration is all it takes to expose individuals to the risk of body odour.

“Research has shown that a person is unable to detect one’s own odour. Worse, your friends are embarrassed to tell you about it. Body odour is undesirable. It brings upon social embarrassment and negatively impacts one’s confidence. Hence, it is imperative for everyone to take preventive measures to fight against it,” said Chin Chern Yen, Brand Manager for Rexona at Unilever (M) Holdings Sdn. Bhd.

“Through this experiential discovery, we hope to inspire more people into reconsidering their daily personal care practices. Being 100% odour-free is the key to unbeatable confidence to handle their daily challenges and achieve their wildest endeavours,” Chin concluded.  

Don’t Sweat It with Rexona was geared to offer guests an experiential platform to uncover the five causes of sweat. Five stations were customised to signify light movement, heat, stress, humidity and emotions.

There are 5 experimental stations
1. Light Movement - Kinect games station
2. Heat – Polaroid shots station with stimulated sun (spot light)
3. Stress – Punching inflated doll station
4. Humidity – Hand massage station with towel steamer nearby
5. Emotions – Movie Dream House

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