Wacoal 2011 Pink Ribbon Campaign

Wacoal Let's Pink 

Breast cancer is a major killer of women in Malaysia. Since its establishment in 2003, Wacoal Malaysia has been promoting the Pink Ribbon Campaign in the month of October through various channels all over the country. Wacoal 2011 Pink Ribbon Campaign was launched at Ground Floor Highstreet Main Entrance, 1 Utama on 1st Oct 2011.

To kick off the event, Executive Director of Wacoal Malaysia, Mr.Hisau Sudiyama and its Director/General manager, Mr.Vincent Leong, accompanied by the two celebrities, officially launched the Wacoal 2011 Pink Ribbon Campaign, which was then followed by Wacoal fashion show. Wacoal engaged two celebrities, Elaine Daly and Debbie Goh for its Pink Ribbon Campaign launch this year.

Elaine Daly and Debbie Goh

Wacoal fashion show

These 2 days exhibition was to generate maximum awareness on breast cancer. Apart from fun activities and exclusive Pink Ribbon giveaways, Wacoal’s experienced beauty consultants imparted knowledge on brassieres fitting. Complementing them were female doctors from Assunta Hospital who provided personal consultations and breast screening on a complimentary basis.

Wacoal is giving away 100 mammogram packages to its lady customer. Wacoal’s Remamma Bra & Prosthesis, special brassieres dedicated to assist post breast cancer operative women are also available, making it one of the best Pink Ribbon initiatives of the year.

Early Detection is the Best Protection & Save Lives
Ladies, please don’t forget to go for your breast examination on this pink October month. To the Beautiful Fighters out there be strong and stay fit, you are not alone. 
Together we can spread the awareness and fight against Breast Cancer.

Mother and young daughter Supporters

Some Fun and Informative Activities 


  1. It is made beautifully with quality. The underwire is very cushion and is very comfortable. I need a just my size sports bra that has a lot of room under the arm and this one fits the need. When I can afford another one since it is on the pricey side, I will order a larger size, since it fits a little snugger than my other bras, but the cup fits me better than most. The straps fit the shoulders nice and the bra looks very feminine.

    1. hi Cathy,

      great. agree w you

      Sunshine Kelly


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