FreshKon Alluring Eyes Contact Lense

Brilliantly conceptualized, beautifully designed Alluring Eyes cosmetic contact lenses are the easiest route to bigger and brighter eyes in an instant. Besides that, Freshkon Alluring Eyes has large optical zone and 55% water content. A monthly disposable lens that is surprisingly comfortable to wear.

Natural Look
• Natural shades
• Defined outline for alluring effect
Superior Comfort
• Hydrophilic surface for comfortable wear
• Easy to fit, no curling lens problem
Excellent vision
• Large optical zone for clear vision
• Wide power range from -0.00D to -10.00D

Available Colors: FreshKon Alluring Eyes now available in 4 enchanting colors: Winsome Brown, Mystical Black, Mesmeric Black (new) and Magnetic Grey (new)

Reviews: I am wearing FreshKon Alluring Eyes, Magnetic Grey. Although I have perfect eye sight (plano), I still wear cosmetics contact lenses sometimes, especially during special functions and photo taking sessions. Well, this cosmetics contact lenses does makes my eyes bigger and brighter, plus I look more awake. Blink! Blink! It is easy to wear it and I feel comfortable, not drying. I tried wearing it almost 6 hours plus and it feels comfortable.


Power: -0.00D (Plano)

Color: Magnetic Grey


1. Full circle print for Bigger and Brighter eyes
2. 55% water content for Better Comfort
3. Larger Optical Zone for Clear Vision
4. Wide power range (up to –10.00D)
- Non-powered lenses also available
- Able to meet consumers’ need
5. Long hour wearing > 8 hours
6. Easy handling with No lens curling problem
7. Higher DK value (23) for Better ocular health

One box contains 2 pieces of lens
Base Curve : 8.6 (Median)
Diameter : 14.2mm
Water Content : 55%
Material : Filcon 1B
Modality : 1 month disposable
Power range: 0.00(Plano) to -10.00D
Recommended Wearing Hours: 5-8 hours
*Consult an eye care practitioner for suitability of wear*

FreshKon Alluring Eyes TVC

FreshKon Alluring Eyes Model Search Contest 
is on from 1st – 31st Oct 2011

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  1. hey hey... nice meeting yew weii kaki lang. Got wat event in Penang. Let's go together!!!

    1. hi Jing Jing, ka ki lang. ok when hv event in penang we go together


  2. They all look awesome! I'm sure girls who wear those would look prettier! I wonder if there are contact lenses that are specifically designed to improve the looks of men. LOL =)

    1. Hi Vincent, this contact lenses is suitable for gals and guys.

  3. hahah i want used a mystical so awsome

    1. Hi Nabau, the mystical black gives an intense look. i like it too :)


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