Shills Meet The Beauty Bloggers

Shills Meet The Beauty Bloggers at Shill’s flagship store in Berjaya Times Square. Everything was in pink… feel so sweet n feminine.

Cheerful MC gave introduction to us on Shills company overview and products

There were several mini quiz and games throughout the event

Shills Beauty Sdn Bhd has become the sole authorized distributor of Taiwan’s well-known skincare and cosmetic brand- Shills, Anosa & Dot Dot in Malaysia. With the coverage Shills received on TV Show –‘Ladies First’, the brand became popular and well known among Asians and especially in Malaysia.

Shills mission is to supply world class products to customer at an affordable price without compromising on quality and safety .At Shills Beauty Sdn Bhd , customer’s satisfaction is our best concern; we place our customer at top priority. We aim to satisfy every customer‘s need that is to make them feel confident and presentable at all time.
Ms. Eva, Shills Product Trainer introduced Shills, Anosa and Dot Dot 
best seller and new products 

Anosa Slim Patch
The Latest Slimming Way
Firms, tones and flattens targeted areas. (Specially designed for bed-time use). Newly developed sauna heating technology gives you a hot steam effect instantly.
Sauna Slimming: Maintains a deep heat temperature penetrating into the inner layers of the skin. Burning stubborn hoard fat and excessive cellulites. Water Base Gel Patch: Soothing and gentle to the skin. Less irritation & reduces skin sensitivity problems. Sealed high Permeability Film: Retains all active slimming ingredients within the gel film. Active ingredients is transported directly into the skin, none is lost. Super Elastic Stretch: Stretches and holds well even on the waist. There is no pain nor skin bites when removing.

Shills Miracle-Lift Body Contour Control
Shills Miracle-Lift Body Contour Control is enriched with micro-red crystallized molecule. Its high penetration level helps absorb excessive fat accumulation in area of concern. Shills combine of various slimming technology to create a special micro red crystallized molecule can constantly fight against excessive fat accumulation, so that ultimate slimming effect can be achieved. It effectively shapes waist curve, slender legs, soothe cellulite, giving you the perfect body you desire.

Shills Black Charcoal Pore Clarifying Series
For deep cleansing, remove impurities, blackheads and whiteheads
Shills Black Gel Deep Sebum Softener
Shills Purifying Peel Off mask
Shills Pore Minimizer Clarifying Toner
Shills Black Mask

Ms. Eva also did a demonstration on Shills Bio-Active Stem Cell Combat Series

Shills Bio-Active Stem Cell Combat Essence
Helps you turn back the clock with its unique apple stem cell extract & DNA whitening essence, that work in synergy to slow down skin ageing by reawakening skin cells for increased metabolism, which is the key to youthful skin. Added Hyaluronic acid hydrates skin & locks in moisture for added benefit.

Shills Bio-Active Stem Cell Combat Eye Treatment
Give eyes the same effective, anti-ageing protection with this eye treatment to improve the skin texture around the eyes. Fine lines no longer pose an issue while eyes look fresher and brighter. Forget sagging skin; instead get fi rm skin around the eyes so you never have to look a day older.

Shills Bio-Active Stem Cell Combat Recovery Cream
Backed by Shills's exclusive Peter Pan Apple technology, skin can now look its best. Prevent  and reduce wrinkles, sagging skin as well as other signs of ageing so only youthful skin shows through. Just what you need for radiant and youthful-looking skin.

Shills Bio-Active Stem Cell Combat BB Cream SPF50 PA+++
Innovative water-moist Shills Bio-Active Skin Vivo BB Dewy Cream SPF 30 PA++ allows you to literally feel water droplets on your skin as you spread this BB cream on your face with its hydrogel conversion technology, as it creates a protective moisture barrier that prevents dehydration through evaporation. Formulated with the revolutionary anti-aging ingredient, apple stem cell extract, this BB cream also slows down skin aging, repairs, firms & nourishes your skin, all while providing excellent coverage for large pores, redness, spots & uneven skin tone.

Shills Bio-Active Stem Cell Anti-UV Two-Way Cake SPF50 PA+++
SPF50 PA+++ with broad spectrum UVA+UVB prevents formation of freckles. Able to block out ultra violet ray effectively. Form a protective barrier for sensitive skin with light diffusing technology to brighten skin instantly, camouflage skin imperfection. A portable way for brighten skin in any angle.

Shills -5'C Ice Whitening Skin Renewal Spray
Moisturizing Formula. This product softens skin keratin, controls oil, conditions pores, and prevents acne and zits. A variety of plant extracts rich in vitamin C give the skin a fair, translucent look, while vitamins A, E and B6 effectively reduce dryness. This product is intended for those who need to be refreshed in hot summer weather and/or spend long hours in air-conditioned rooms, oily skin types with smudged make-up, dry or dehydrated skin types and acne-prone skin. For 1. Oily and acne-prone skin. 2. Skin refreshment in hot summer weather. 3. Instant moisture relief in air-conditioned rooms.

Shills Bubble Body Scrub
Shills Bubble Body Scrub is of a ultra-soft body moisturizing bubble mousse that effectively removes dead skin cells and dull looking skin. A 1- 3 minutes quick clean regime, using massage motion, dissolve old skin cells and surface them for easy removal. It also adds whitening ingredients, to further enhance the brightening effect on skin. It promotes clear skin, refined skin texture, smooth skin just like a newborn. Usage: Shake well and apply on areas where necessary (underarms, elbows, knee & heel).Apply a thick layer on dry skin and gently massage for 3 minutes or until dead skin cells dissolve and form grayish matter on skin surface.

Shills Whitening Acne Care Body Spray
Shills Whitening Acne Care Body Spray conditioning and softens skin cells, improves oil-prone skin, prevents acne formation and allows skin to appear smoother. Its unique acne-control essence reduces blackheads and acne, its antibacterial properties prevents acne from harming your skin further. It also enhance metabolism for whiter skin with minimized pores. It quickly restores skin's smoothness and brightness without leaving marks. Usage: Shake well before use. Hold 10cm away from area to be sprayed. Spray directly on back, chest or underarms and especially on area with imperfections or excessive sebum. Can use as frequently as desired.

Group Photos with all the Beauty Bloggers

Thanks to Shills for organizing this great event and meet up

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